Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One word Wednesday: Accounting

Sometimes Dad needs extra digits for counting I lend him mine....

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday: Another 'NOT' tale

Last Monday when the demo started our builder told my peeps he had a
fellow who would be coming on Tuesday to take care of some odds and ends 
chores: i.e. hang new doors, repair some sheet rock.  Our builder called him his
'punch list' guy.  We were told he was a retired cabinet maker and all around handy man so we were excited.  When he arrived Tuesday, he introduced himself to Mom.  Later she told Dad his name was Pete.  So the day went on and the peeps talked to Pete a lot.  He was very friendly and had lived in the NC mountains working as a facilities manager for a very popular craft school.  My peeps love the mountains so you know they loved his stories.  As he was leaving for the day, Mom asked him his last name.  He said repeated Pete Williams.  You know what is coming next don't you?   He replied, "my name is NOT Pete".  My name is Feet, you know like what is at the end of your legs, Feet.  
Mom thought surely he was pulling her leg telling her his name was Feet so she said seriously your name is Feet?  He told mom he given the  nickname when he was about 9 and has been called that all his life.  That it is even on his checks.  Each worker who comes in the house takes off their shoes at the door.  Mom had noticed that he had really big shoes compared to the other worker's shoes.  Mom didn't ask how he got the name but she figures it is because he has big feet.

So now we have a growing list of 
Not Earl
Not Carol
Not Beth
Not Pete!!
Wonder who will join the Not club next?

No matter what his name is or is NOT he is a most talented handy man and has worked some miracles around here. 
Especially in our laundry area.  Since mom got her stackable 
washer and dryer, the louvered doors would not close. 
Not Pete, built a little recessed cubby for the cables and cords.
Then he was able to push the machines back enough now the doors close.  Small things make a big difference

Monday, June 27, 2016

Musical Mews and Nap for Bailey

I have a new theme song that describes how I feel about being sequestered...
TOGM took the pics in this collage on Friday.  

I was meowing to Dad...
and it reminded TOGM of the Song 
TITLE: LET ME IN except I'm saying OUT
The Sensations (a/k/a Yvonne and the Sensations) 
Words and Music by Yvonne Baker 
Topped out at # 4 in 1962 

Here is the first chorus!! It truly describes me

Let me out whee-ooh (whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoop-whee-ooh) 
(Whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoo-ooh-oop-whee-ooh, whee-ooh) 

I can see the dancin' (let me out
The silhouettes on the shade 
I hear the music (music), all the lovers on parade 
Open up (let me out), I wanna come out again 
I thought you were my friend 
Pitter patter of those fee-ee-ee-ee-eet 
Movin' and a-groovin' with that be-eat 
Jumpin' and stompin on the flo-o-o-o-oor 
(Lemme out) Let me out
(Open up) Open up! 
Why don't you open up that door? (let me out

I-uh (open up) hear music let me out (music) 
I wanna come in again 
Let me out (let me out), a-well I heard it just then 
I thought you were my friend 

(Whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoop-whee-ooh) 
(Whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoo-ooh-oop-whee-ooh, whee-ooh) 

If you click on this link you can hear this crazy song from Mom's youth

Today  Chris(tmas) asked everyone to pawticipating in

Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge recently

Everybuddy is supposed to post a photo of us is mine

Sometimes when Madi naps with her nose covered by her  paw I worry shell will
suffocate...Madi says mom you are so silly

Sunday, June 26, 2016

JOIN update on Upside down Rainbow

It has been a long, loud, dusty week

Our good buddy Kathy aka Molly the Golden's Mom sent us the following:

I have an answer to the "Upside Down Rainbow" :
There must have been lots of moisture in those clouds. When the sun's light went through it making a prism or rainbow. Often you can see the whole 'circle rainbow' around the sun. In your photo only part of it was visible making it look like an upside down rainbow.  The full circle would have been called a Sun Dog. Don't know where the term came from! If you see the same thing around the Moon it's a Moon Dog.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is


On June 19, Mom went out to the bird feeders to attach a tray that had fallen off.  When she looked up to hang the feeder back, she saw this rainbow.  She and Dad thought it was most unusual.  I was  not curved downward like most rainbows and it had not rained...very 
Human sis sent us this photo of Mia.  Sis was putting on her makeup
Mia was sitting on the counter by Sis.  All of a sudden Mia launched herself into the 
air landing on the top of the door....Sis thought she'd have to help her down.
Nope Mia got down the same way she got up