Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt special guest

Today's word is light:gives illumination
My guy Raz sent Flat Raz to accompany me to the B.A.R.
He arrived on Wednesday.

When mom took him out of his travel bag I gave him a 
smooch right on his kitty nose.

Raz for sure illuminates my world.
We do lots of stuff together at Cat Scouts.
Now he is going to travel with all the Flats to
the the B.A.R.

 and OMCS......essence of Raz had me sniffin' all over and even showing my toofers.
Raz you light of my life and put a sparkle in my eyes...
OMCs I think our eyes are the same shade of green too!
Hugs from  Real Madi!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Flower Friday with Dory and a Story

I am joining my long time gal pal Dory in Blog hops

Dory than you for hosting such lovely events

Dory darlin' we don't have lots of blooming flowers around our homestead due to
the house facing north..But I have a few for you and some of Dad's creative potting arrangements

 We have lots of pots full of shade tolerant plants
ivy, hosta, Dwarf Alberta spruce
with ajuga around the pot.
 I especially love this pot...when you put a plant in it the pot lady gets hair
 This is on our deck

and last but not least........this is a local plant only grown in and around our house...
Blooming Rose of Hedgemoor

Mom is the one with the thumbs.  When she insist on writing something sweet about me...
of course, I let her.  There are no real photos just a slight reenactment.  
Take it away Mom:
This is pretty much how  I sit on the love seat to watch TV.  The love seat reclines but for some reason my crazy back/sciatica doesn't like it when I use the foot rest.  The angle of the TV from the love seat is kinda sideways and yes we've moved the TV.  I put a a back pillow behind me and sit almost exactly like this.  It gives me straight view of the TV.  So here comes the gooey sweet part.  Every night for about the last year at about 9:30 ish Madi comes into the family room to see what is up.  Most times I don't see/hear her because a) I am dozing, b) she creeps in like fog on little cat paws,(from Mr. Carl Sandburg's poem: Fog) When she gets right at my  left side, she stands on her hind feet,  reaches up with her, sweet as sugar and soft as a baby's bottom front paws. She touches me gently on my shoulder while quietly doing a chirp/meowing/purr.

Madi's Dad has never seen her do it because at night he is upstairs on the 'puter, It only last about 15 seconds so no photos.
It melts my heart!!

Madi here: the old gray mare is not now, nor has she ever been  a red head.   But she would like to be. MOL

Thursday, May 26, 2016

REMINDER #1: Pawlympics

I Madi(son) D Cat will be the hostess with the mostest for
1.  SunPuddle N A P P I N G!!
on August 9th

2. Free style napping on August 19
Hailey will be hostess with the mostest for this


HAVE A PhD in SunPuddle Napping

The DEAD Lion to sign up to host an event is June 21st.

The DEAD Lion for PAWtheletes to SIGN Up is July 15th****

For further information or any questions regarding  the Pawlympics, please contact our Mayoral Candy Dates:   
Arty at Dory's Backyard
Christmas at Paw Province and

 1. Rule:  Dead Lion is FIRM***

July 15 all photos need to be in my paws.

All I need from you is

1. picture of you napping anywhere, any time with or

without a furiend or human.

2. Please send to candb214ATattDOTnet in subject 

line of email put NAPPING Photo, please put your 

name on the Photo.

THAT is it Mom will categorize them for the event depending on the pictures.
Below is a collage of just a few of my favorite napping spots or positions
Napping is defined as short SunPuddle napping is a short sleep in the sun
Sometimes I just sit quietly sometimes I close my eyes

As you can see from my SunPuddle Napping Collage...
this event is easy peasy.  You can do it anywhere, no heavy 
equipment fact you don't even need any energy.
All you need is the Sun and a good GPS so that you can follow 
it around your house.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Coat Tale

In the middle of April, Dad decided it was time to by a new windbreaker (coat) and Topsider casual shoes..  
This is a big DEAL.
Dad HATES to shop for himself. 
 Mom was elated. They walk at the mall every day so after their walk they only had to wait a few minutes for the stores to open at 10 a.m.  When Dad shops, he likes one stop shopping at Belk men's store.  At 10:25 (really) a.m. they were walking out of the store with this new coat and a pair of shoes. No photo of the shoes because this is a coat tale. Dad's old coat was navy and the fabric of the coat was weird it stole my furs right out of the air.  This one is is water resistant, the fabric does not steal my furs.  
Win Win

Fast forward a few was chilly, dreary and raining.   Mom was in the kitchen pouring their coffee. Dad came into the kitchen said to mom:
I think I'll wear my new coat today.
 Mom turned to look at him and said

Dad looked down to see that he did, in fact, have on Mom's coat
 which (on her) is an ankle length rain coat.  By this time mom 
was falling on the floor LOLing she laughed so hard her sides hurt and her face muscles hurt
 Dad was NOT doing any of this.

Mom's coat sleeves were too was too tight in the chest  Unfortunately I missed the entire event.  But I am  told it looked so funny on Dad.  Dad is 5'11" Mom is 5' 4" on a good hair day.
Mom was asking all kinds of questions and saying all kinds of stuff like thank goodness I was home you would have worn that outside.  Didn't it feel too was laughing so hard she had tears rolling down her face and her nose started running 
OMCs  she was a WET MESS.    Mom told dad next time he did something like that to give her some notice because the look on his face was P R I C E L E SS when he realized it was her coat!!
We wanted to share this hilarious story earlier but every time mom thought about it she started to cackle.  Mom said she would never in all her years be able to UN SEE Dad in her coat.
Then it got even funnier when Dad admitted that he was wondering why it was so small feeling..Mom asked if he didn't wonder about the length?

Mom LOL'd so much it was contagious then Dad started LOLing at Mom.   To this day when they think about the sight they LOL!!
She has been trying to get him to put her coat back on so he could see how funny he looked but he WON'T.  

This is the coat closet.  The coat on the left is mom's old coat
(same color and fabric) the coat on the right is Dad's new coat.)
This photo is a slight reenactment taken on 5/23. 

Mom isn't sure if they were beside each other on the Misfit day!
Their coats could be twinS!!
As I said it was dark and dreary and evidently dad did not
turn on the foyer light when he got the coat out of the closet 
for now mom has moved her coat to another closet.  

One day we might have a do over...AND I sure hope I see it!!
Thanks Dad for making mom LOL.
I bet she looked as weird doing all that snorting of Squirrel $not,  gasping for breath and holding her tummy as you did in the coat!!