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Saturday, February 13, 2016



PET: domestic animal; favorite; caress

Click here for a list of fun Photo hunt words


We caress her a lot!!


Have you heard about the..........
If not, click on Shasta and Shiloh's link below to read all about it

All you have to do is write a Fairy Tale
Shasta and Shiloh even gave us a link to refresh our memories of what makes a  Fairy Tale click here 


Friday, February 12, 2016

This Moment, See Beatiful

Today we join sweet Sugar our Golden friend for...

Today we are seeing beautiful in several different ways.

Sugar we are pleased as punch to celebrate This Moment with you and are so Happy to 

See Beautiful in your eyes after your recent surgery.
Since February is the month of love we want to celebrate our friends 2 and 4 leggers!!
Each time we visit you or you visit us you make our hearts sings, we laugh often,
we purr for you when you are feeling poorly.  We thank you for your sweet comments, your kindness
and for sharing your lives: the good, the bad, the messy and the funny with us.
Zoolarty made this beautiful button for her list serve. She invited us to use it.
If we had to chose one word to describe each of you,it would be


Kindness is the greatest wisdom.
~author unknown
Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness

Meeting new friends is often hard but remember what the famous Winnie the Pooh said,

You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you.  You have
to go to them sometimes.

Who hath a better friend than their beloved pet.
~William Hardwin

Happy 46th Anniversary to my mom and dad.
February 14, 1970.

Due to the kindness of the US Marine Corps my peeps were married on Valentine's Day.
YEP it is true.
When they became engaged on August 9, 1969, Dad was in the Marine Reserves.  He asked his commanding officer what weekend in February 1970 the weekend drill would be held.
Well they didn't know that far in advance so my peeps selected 2 PM, February 7, 1970.
They reserved the **church, caterer, baker, florist, organist, photographer, vocalist and church reception hall.  Remember this is 1969, no cell phones, no emails, no World Wide Web.  
Just Ma Bell and the good old US Postal Service.
In early December 1969, mom was about to send the wedding invitations to the printer.
She received a call from DAD saying....hold your horses don't mail them.  My reserve meeting is going to be February 7 and 8.  They decided on the next weekend which was February 14, 1970.  They had to do some hustling to see if the ** were available on 2/14/70 at 2 pm.  Everybody was ok with  2/14/70 but not 2 pm.  There was another wedding at 2pm but that reception was not
at the church.  So they changed the time to 4 pm.  And as they like to say the

Thank you for joining us to celebrate several special moments that are and always have been beautiful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Sunday 2/7/16 it was cloudy and cold all day.  Just about time for sunset
the sun appeared in time to set beautifully

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cat Tales

What is gray and white and RE(a)D all over?

Photos were taken 2/6/16 w Mom's trusty iPad
Sometimes I have to help mom read the $5.00 words in the newspaper 
Sometimes she reads me the riot act
'cause I like to recline where she is trying to read.  
She says I have a 6th Sense yep I'm talented that way

We haven't shared any photos of my niece and nephew, Mia and Frisco lately so here goes

Synchronized Grooming
 Queen Mia snoopervising my human Sis's morning grooming
My human sis calls them 

'cause they are for sure a team and they are always cute.  They are two
lucky rescue kitties!!
Sis thanks for the recent pics keep them coming
Hugs Madi your favorite only sister

Monday, February 8, 2016

MONDAY MEWS: Moisture is not your friend

I hear you all saying oh no not another photo of Madi
in her red room sun puddle; however, dear ones these next two photos are very impawtant...they were taken on Friday, February 5.
It was the first time my red room sun puddle had been out in
3 days.  It started raining here on Wednesday, February 3
and it was windy and it rained continuously and hard until
Friday morning.  
 The sun came out about 9 am.and boy were my peeps happy.

 because just before bed time Dad discovered....
Dad could tell by the location that it was probably the flashing around the chimney.  Thursday morning at 7 am Mom sent an email to, Matt, the builder who does all the work around our house.
She asked him if he could send his roofers over as soon as it quit raining.  Matt said absolutely and  hoped to do Thursday but it kept raining.  Thankfully no water got in the house but the ceiling is a mess.  The roofers were here bright an early on Friday for sure it was the flashing.  The roof is 15 years old and still in excellent condition but the flashing needed new caulking around it and some of the roofing nails on the flashing had rusted so bad the flashing was not secure.
So friends I'm happy to say the leak is gone but alas there is work to be done on the
ceiling.  And it will be messy for sure and the wall will have to be repaired cause it got bubbles in it.
You know what that means..........
Smelly introoders in my house, and once 
again I'll be sequestered in my blog office for
at least furever.  There is sure to be photos
of the repairs...but probably not until March or so because it has to dry really good and the peeps are going have some painting done then too.  


The Broncos bucked the Panthers right out of the stadium.  Dad was torn he really really likes Peyton Manning but felt like he needed to support the home team.  So in reality we would have been happy with either team winning.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Ohh are we happy happy happy NC's NFL team Carolina Panthers
are in the Super Bowl today.
Whatever the final score, we know the Panthers will have fun 'cause their mascot, 

 is a Feline... Here are some stats on 
Sir Purr 

 In last Sunday's paper there was a paper cut out of Sir Purr!
Dad and I were holding our breaths that mom would not cut off his head or feets
with the scissors.  We normally keep sharp instruments out of her reach.
Lo and behold mom was able to cut him out and  follow the directions to fold him.

After she finished folding him, she sat him on MY table...
ps the green you see in the top is a cup mom sat in him so I wouldn't knock him over

 Sir Purr we felines to band together to help our Panthers
throw lots of passes over the heads of the Broncos.

If you are starving and your Superbowl snack is not ready, DO NOT look at the photos below!!
Mom made a crockpot full of Chili on Friday....leftovers will be warmed up for tonight.
FYI:  it was her first time making the Mexican Cornbread it is out of this world good

Click HERE for the cornbread recipe