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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Flowers and Teapots

More tea pots from Cedar Creek Gallery

Thank you to all who visited and left lovely comments on Mom's purrsonal blog,
My Mind's Eye.
It is a work in progress. Mom has not created a blog since June 2009.
She forgot a lot of stuff but she also has learned a lot since 2009.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Teddy and Angel Sammy

Today's poem is brought to us by the letter

This cat's meow 
is revvved up a notch by YeoWWW!
WHAT ????your meow is just now
hearing of YeoWWW?
YeoWWW comes in all shapes
 A cigar, a carrot, a 'nanner and a sardine my mates.
My favorite is not the cigar
it is a tin of sardines by far. 
Yes a tin I did say,
The organic nip tickles my nose, 
it gives my eyes a scary glare.
As it reaches my brain,
into a trance I will remain.
Often I'm asked, "Madi what is your heart's desire",
My reply without a thought is a loud and a proud
YeoWWW! please sir/ma'am with it I am 'down'!!.

As if my mom isn't busy enough keeping up with my blog
(and sometimes she does a poor job of that) she has started her very own
purrsonal blog, My Mind's Eye.  As you all know, she has a crazy wild party in her head.  This blog will be an outlet for that.  No telling what she'll put
on that blog and it won't be every day.  Mainly it will be this and that and bits and pieces.   You can visit it by clicking on the "My Mind's Eye" tab under my header photo or clicking HERE

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wordy Wednesday and 2 Bdays

To err is be purrfect is Feline-ish
~~Madison D. Cat

*Cedar Creek Gallery 

Two Mayoral Birthdays today!!!

Today we'd like to say happy happy birthday to our current Mayor Arty
He looks very handsome in his bowtie

Frankie the very first blogville Mayor Frankie 

Mom says she is thrilled to say she has met both for these

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday Time tale and teapots

Every Tuesday my Dad winds our Grandfather clock.
This clock was here BM (before Madi)  and I have been here
15 years.  BUT this is the very very very very first time
I have ever been inside.  Timing (pun intended) is everything
you see I was passing by just in nick of Time.
Pardon the blur but mom was upstairs when Dad bellowed
quietly said bring the camera Madi is in the clock.

In case you didn't know, I get my sense of humor from Dad.
Dad said to mom, 'well now Madi has truly been all over the clock'.On top* and now inside.  You may or may not have heard about the on top part.  Mom wrote about it in 2009 we had only been blogging 2 months. WE have it pasted below

Flashback August 2009:

I was not blogging on Madi's 7th b-day (March 11, 2009). Today and tomorrow 
I'll post two stories about Madi's first year with us to celebrate how
lucky she was she is still here and how VERY LUCKY we are she chose to STAY!!!
Madi Climbs: Mount Grandfather Clock: Part 1

Madi was angelic when we brought her home at 2 months of age and weighing 2.5 lbs. During the 
first 4 months of cuteness she was really sizing up her peeps, deciding best how to rule her domain.
She cast her cuteness net over us, reeling us in hook, line and sinker. At 6 mos. and maybe 5 lbs, her 
true colors came out she was a really mountain goat in a kitty body.
This picture is our the left of it our Grandfather clock. The gap between the stairs 
and clock is about a foot. One afternoon Madi's Dad heard a faint meow (aka 'look at me Dad'). 
He looks to his left to find Madi on top of the Grandfather Clock. Somehow, Madi was able to 
jump between the banisters upwards to the top of the clock. As if this wasn't bad enough 
(cat claws on fine wood), she decided to carve her 'name' on the wood. Yes, she had gnawed on 
the top. THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED Dad says!!! Now that she had discovered the trick 
there was not keeping her or her teeth off. We covered the clock with a sheet hoping to spook her, 
NOT!!! Her launch point was where the wicker mag. rack now sits. I was at my wits end trying 
to keep her off the clock. Finally, I remembered seeing a stair step magazine rack in a magazine. 
I bought the last one they had at Linens and Things. Here 7 years later it still sits there...
to the best of our knowledge she never went up there again.

Teapots and other art from Cedar Creek Gallery 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day and Mom mania

Happy Memorial Day

******************************          ******************************

Sometimes we two seniors just get the is one of them
When mom saw my beds on each other, this came to her head.
Of course she made me meow it out loud. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Easy Sunday and Plates

First up 1 and 2 from our guest spotters Frankie and Ernie
1. 4DROO
2. WAKE4ST, 
you know FnE are not in NC but their mom and my mom think the person who was driving this car possibly graduated from Wake Forest University here in NC
3. 4LUNA+1, 
Maybe their last name is Moon?
4. BUCKIOSU, Buckeye is the nickname for
Ohio State University
5. TOTO POS, no clue
6. HMSGRUVY, HMS Groovy on a Mini Cooper
7. BLKPONY on a Nissan Titan truck
8. KTYS, Kitties
on an SPCA vanity plate
9. NONCENTS, nonsense
10. DENZO, no clue
12. ART3, Arts
13. 4ST8FANS, For NC State U fans
14. IFEELYOU, I feel you
15. C2C Sea to Sea 
Maybe they came from west coast to east coast
17. ENTROPY, statistical mechanics term
18. SHUIRMET, no clue
19. VODKA, why would you have that on a plate?
20. DABYRD, The Bird
21. HUMMEL either referring to the figurines or it
is a last name
22. USAFNAV, US Air Force and Navy
23. CMPBROWN, Camp Brown?
24. GA$$ $AVR, Gas Saver on a Prius
25. 6AMECOCK, 
Game Cock is nick name for U of S. Carolina
26. WVSOUL, West Virginia Soul
on a Kia, Soul 
27. DRDANKS, Dr. Danks
28. CRZYRNNR, Crazy runner
29. L-DOGG
30. ITISWE, It is we