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Saturday, October 16, 2010

NC STATE Fair pictures......Part I

In the above picture, Mom is trying to make up with me for leaving me home alone by give my noggin' a nice scratch. She and Dad left bright and early for 
THE 140th
 The first thing they did was to look for a ham biscuit for Dad but lo and behold look what they found
Jack's Dad's missing RIBLETS...those of you who know Jack, will remember his Dad broke a few ribs
recently...Jack was frantically looking for his Dad's riblets...
Well Jack we found them they are for sale at the FAIR....
you better high tail it on over before they sale all of them.
Mom told me she nearly cracked up when she saw what they are serving with the riblets.
 Mom regained her composure on they went in search of the elusive ham biscuit only to find
a stand selling Krispy Kreme Burgers and Funnel Cakes.  The one and only Ms J and Miss Cindi Lou
told us they liked Funnel Cakes.  Here is a twofer,  Ms. J and Miss Cindi Lou
You two are already pretty darn sweet so eat carefully!!!
 Well they finally found the ham biscuit across the way from the Doghouse. They didn't see any dogs in the house but they did find
some hushpuppies at the House of Autry booth.  Oh my stars the folks at the booth could hardly
make the hushpuppies fast enough...everyone including Mom and Dad were being piggies.
Mom has lots of friends who are always asking just what is a hushpuppy!! We took this picture especially for
Gizzy's Mom and Raider's Mom.  Remember that funny emails you two sent to Mom and Ms. Kit  asking your 'Southern Belles' to explain a hushpuppy?
Gizzy's mom described them as looking like 'fat fingers' on her plate!!
 After they had their fill of those cute little puppies, they went on to see the prize winning
fruits, veggies and other produce.....such as this blue ribbon watermelon weighing in at 211 lbs.
 Thank goodness they did not bring this gigormous grasshopper home.
It is made primarily out of garden hoses but also many other garden tools....
 Who knew there was a NC Gourd Society?  Certainly not Mom
 But she did so love this carved gourd with painted fall leaves on it.
 These are the prize winning pumpkins the Mother lode weighed in at 824 lbs....
 OMC a sweet 'tater weighing 9.05 lbs....wonder how long it takes to cook?
 There was no 'ugliest sweet 'tater' contest BUTT Mom said these guys would have won!!!
 Mom said she hoped and prayed no one on this ride ate a Krispy Kreme Burger, or chitlins and collards before they got on this ride!!!
Well to say Mom and Dad had a fine time would be an understatement.  The weather was purrfect, they arrived early and were leaving as the crowds were arriving.  MOM took 120 pictures so YES there will be more to see.  Rest easy she does not intend to share all of them.
over the next week while the Fair is in town.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pot Luck Friday # 7: We live in the State of...

North Carolina aka The State of the 3 H's, hot, hazy, humid........
We only get to open our windows about 5 days a year.
 Saturday, October 9th, was one of the 5 purrfect days!!!
I LOVE TO SIT on my perch in the peeps room.
You might think I'm chillin' but I'm not....

There is a mysterious being K9 outside
MY window (the gray blob is my most ample and beautiful tush). 
I'm chittering and chattering at it but white and black thing won't even give me
the time of day. So I told  Casey, the stuck up Border Collie, next door,
I had hundreds of K9 friends already and I didn't need one who kept her nose in the air...
I told her she could just buzz off....and to stop barking at Mom every time she goes in the back yard.

I guess I told her!!??!!
Note From Madi:  Our State Fair Opens today...Mom and Dad left very early this morning to
attend. I expect Dad is eating a ham biscuit right about now!! BUTT mom promised me she WOULD NOT eat a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Hamburger (revolting).  YES they are really selling hamburgers two Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in place of the standard hamburger rolls. Mom will catch up with everyone's blogs when the return this afternoon.
To quote a line from the wonderful Musical Oklahoma: OK (this one is for you Mayzie's Mom)
Our State Fair is a Great State Fair, don't miss it, don't even be late!!!  la la la la!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theme Song Thursday: Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere,
Any table

Any Chair,
On top of the piano, window ledge,

in the middle (of the bed)

on the edge,

In an open drawer, empty shoe,
anybody's lap will do
Fitted in a cardboard box
or in your cupboards, or with your frocks
Anywhere!!! They don't care

Cats sleep anywhere

Madi and I thank Hootin' Anni for sponsoring Theme song Thursday.
Mom found this song on

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Math with Madi

Life + a cat = an incalculable sum

This profound statement was made by Rainer Maria Rilke in
Chicken soup for the Soul: Lovin' our Cats
Madi makes me smile every single day....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm so lonesome I could cry......

 The peeps left me home alone yesterday.  They said the were going to a Fall Festival. They didn't want me to go I would not enjoy it...First fib...I would have liked the hay ride
They saw a giant ice cream cone...Second fib.  I never met an ice cream cone I didn't like!!!
I'm actually amazed there isn't a picutre of Mom licking it...she is an ice cream freakoid...
 The saw children jumping in a monster train.
Third Fib...I'm an expert mumbled something about my claws...still a FIB
 Mom must have gotten bored...she was watching water drip...
Fourth Fib: I love to play with water!!!
and drip 
 After watching all the water, she must have gotten a chill she found a fire place with fishes on it.
Fifth Fib:  I love fishes and LOVE LOVE LOVE being warm....
Just between you all, I'm kind of glad they left me...I beleive Mom had a serious case of
A.D.D...she was flitting about here and yonder.  
BUTT there will be demerits for all the FIBBING...bad Mom