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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Symmetry Saturday

Fire Station 6

Original station opened in 1949.  

New station opened 2021

We watched the demo of the 73 year old station and watched the new one being built.  They had to do a lot of changes to infrastructure due to building codes.  It took about 3 years. State of the Art facility now!!

Houses - Engine 6, 

Ladder 6


Friday, June 14, 2024

Nature, Feline and Fill in Friday

 Nature Friday host LLB Gang   Click here Hostess Miss Mimi 

Thank you for hosting!

No clue the ID of this bug.

Madi flashback 2014
NO BUGS, Just Birds

Saturday mom passed through the FOYER several times
each time she found me looking up...Looking up is contagious.  In a matter of seconds mom looked up too.  Once she determined there were no BUGS she squeals like a little girl when she sees bugs up there, she took 87 pictures of me looking up.  BUT we are only showing you three

I stared at the door for about 5 minutes.
 never moving or blinking.  Finally Mom 
decided to see if there was something outside
 She found all kinds of twigs and grass and debris on the

 Lo and behold Mrs. Brown headed Nuthatch was trying to make a nest on the 2" ledge above the door.  Mom and I love Bird TV but there are many reasons we cannot have a bird nest over our front door.

1.Mom and Dad come in and out of that door a gazillion times a day 2.Mom said what if an itty bitty birdie egg falls on my head 
3.Even worse what if it poops on my head.

She swept the debris off the ledge 3 times.
She nearly used up all the ram on her hard drive trying to 
think of a way to convince Tweety Pie that this real estate
is off limits

You know they say Necessity is the Mother of Invention
You'll never believe the Invention my Mother came up with
Sunday afternoon Mom hung several curly ribbons on the ledge.  She said when the wind blows the motion of the ribbon would keep the birds away. 
The picture below was taken Monday morning. 
Now the birdbrain is trying to make a nest in both corners.

Mom came up with another solution covering the entire
transom window and ledge with a plastic bag.
We will let you know if this works. 
In the meantime Mom says visitors are going
to get a chuckle out of this.

In order to be close to the action, I've been sitting in the foyer.
I can hear you all saying 
ANSWER:  I like the box there.

Today June 14, 2024
I don't remember exactly the outcome of the Bird caper 10 years ago but I do know we have never had a bird try to next there since 2014.

Thank you to Ellen  came up with first two and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs  came up with last two Thanks Ellen and Lorianne these were fun.  

1.Gift of Gab  is a quality of mine that I am proud of.
2. My finger nails are a quality of mine I would like to change,they break easily.
3. Though I am not easily boredcooking really interests me.
4. Believe it or not, I deal with a neighbor's dog barking at me for no reason even when he is inside his house.  He barks when I just pass the house, on a regular basis. I recently discovered several of the other dogs on the cul-de-sac don't like to be around him because he is loud and in their face. 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thoroughly Thankful and Poetic Thursday #169

 Thankful Thursday hosted by 


Rocky, Kat, Mom and Dad arrived home in Georgia on June 8th

They are all very thankful for a fun and safe trip to/from Colorado and they thank you all for taking the trek with them.

Dear Rocky and Kat Auntie HiC was expecting to see you two sleeping separately now that you have lots of room but look at you two snuggling. 

 Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

Here is our challenge for today

There was a spring sale

Everyone in town raced to the mall

 When I suggested, maybe we can squeeze into A spot,

 My friend  said good idea I can do that!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Wordless Wednesday from UTAH and NC


Thank you to our Hostess

Sandee at Comedy Plus   

Murphy and Stanley's Staff  had a wonderful sighting

My EMW on May 31 was quite breezy...I thought you'd enjoy this 
itty bitty short video.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Happy Tuesday


Thank you to our 

Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus   

Happy Accident on Happy Tuesday

Now for another HAPPY that I experienced on a recent EMW

We have a neighbors 2 blocks from us.  Since I’ve known them, they have owned three beautiful **plush German shepherds,Sasha and Layne and now (I'm not sure how to spell her name) it is either Keiko or Kukio.  I'll call her Princess K.  I see Mom and Princess K every day I walk. Princess K's Mom always moves to the side to let me by.  I always speak softly to Princess K .  Yesterday Princess K walked up to me FIRST TIME EVER.  She licked my hand and wrist then looked at me. I was too stunned to move.  I ask Mom Karen if it was ok for me to pet Princess K . She said yes that is what she wants.  Then Princess K laid down at my feet, another first!!  She looked up at me with a Smile and big brown eyes.  I gave her a good head rub.  It almost made me cry to receive this acceptance and welcome.  It was truly an honor of a lifetime.  No clue why she did this  👏🏻👏🏻‼️  Princess K is the first of their GS’s to let me touch her.  She is 3. I did not get a photo but one thing for certain My Mind's Eye will always remember.

This is a photo of Layne from a post
in 2011.  Layne was their 2nd Plush G.S. 

**What is a plush German Shepherd?
A "Plush Coat" is considered very desirable for Conformation. The Plush Coat German Shepherds have a much longer length of hair compared to the standard coated dogs and a much fuller undercoat as well. Their hair is thicker, fuller and just longer overall than a Stock Coat

Monday, June 10, 2024

Awww Monday and Sparks

We thank our Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus 

Photos snapped on EMW and at Logan's

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Easy Sunday

Seen on an EMW
I was tempted to sit a spell