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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shadows of Sun(day)

Back off Mom....Diva Sleeping

Nope I don't see you

Ok this is your one shot make it good!!!

Madi double dog dares you to play this game

Mom is thrilled to report that she too avoided all the Malls yesterday!!She read some of the newspaper to me this said folks were waiting in lines allnight long in the rain and cold.....Today we have a little challenge for you. Mom's sister-in-law sent this to her.

As for me, I got so frustrated when I tried to play this game. At the end I was rolling on the floor with my tongue hanging out...

I hope you do better than I did.

click on this link to start the insanity
We'll tell you up front we haven't succeeded yet!!!
Enjoy Madi and Mom

Friday, November 27, 2009

Madi says Thank you for the Awards

Thanks for stopping by today. I bet many of you will be shopping til you drop today.
Remember to pace yourselves...naps and food are important
I hope you found some excellent deals.
I recently received to very nice awards I'd like to show you.

The Circle of Friends Award is from Buddy, Sassy and Zack as Dog Daze and Olive .
Ms. K at Dog Daze, was the first blog we ever read. Thank you for being our
mentor and cheerleader as we ventured into the blog world.

Olive is a very cute puppy who is about to have her very first birthday.
Madi is so excited...she drew Olive's name in Jazzi's gift exchange!!
Happy Birthday Girl Friend and keep an eye out for the mail.

The rules to this award go as follows:
1. Publish it on your blog and reference the friend who gave it to you.
2. Share 5 things you like to do
3. Pass it along to keep the circle growing.

Five things I like to do are:
1. take power naps/and eat
2. follow the sun around my house

3. sit by my Mom while she crochets...
(this is a new for me, when I was a kitty I would not sit still...gosh Mom the yarn ball was fascinating)
4.Watch the birds at our bird feeders
AND last but NOT least
5. play with my new found Kong Wubba toy

I would like to pass the award onto any of my Friends who don't have it.

You are all in my new Circle of Friends. Until Mom and I
started blogging I didn't really have any 'friends'. Now I have all of you.


Best blog award is from Dory, an adorable white fluff ball who IS in charge no matter what Bilbo thinks.
The only rules to this award are to pass it onto 13-15 friends...very odd numbers...we think
maybe Bilbo had something to do with this?! :-)!!!

Madi and I think ALL of your blogs deserve 'BEST BLOG AWARD'. We know how very hard it was for us to get our blog up and running, and MADI knows
how hard she has to work to keep herself always looking like a Diva for the flashy box...
For this reason, we would like to give this award to the first 15 people who read our blog today.

You all have beautiful blogs and most of all

Madi and Mom

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Hi friends...we celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday night here at my house.
Mom spent all day Wednesday cooking and everyone enjoyed their meal.
There will be no cooking at the house today just leftovers.
My Sis and her hubby just left to go to see his parents for Thanksgiving lunch.
We hope you all will soon be enjoying a wonderful meal soon.
Mom and Dad thought you'd enjoy this story.
This is Madi's human sister's former room. In fact, we used to call the upstairs
her suite. It now belongs to Madi. As I've mentioned in the past, Madi will
pick a spot to sleep on and it will be THE spot for days and days.
Madi seems to sense when Sis and her hubby are coming home.
Maybe it is becasue I change the linens and give the room a thorough cleaning.
Madi decided Tuesday (the day before sis and her hubby arrived) was THE
day to start sleeping on this bed again.
Madi's Dad took these shots of her Tuesday afternoon.
Thankfully I remembered to cover the bedspread with a sheet to keep the
long white diva hairs off the spread

(please click to enlarge for full effect of laser eyes)

As you can see she has made herself at home in true Diva fashion.
She even has the laser eyes ready to stare down her sis when she arrives.
Needless to say there was a battle of the Divas
and as Madi's sis tells her...this was my suite before it
was yours. Madi and her Sis have agreed to disagree.
The issue they have is her sis has a Cornish Rex Cat, Harley.
Harley gets carsick so he stays home with his sitter, Miss Carmen. Harley's scent
always manages to make the trip. I believe Madi thinks her
sis is one big cat!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you all a day filled with family, friends, food and fun.
Our company is sleeping upstairs near where the computer is so Mom says
we'll have to be sure not to disturb them in the wee hours of the morning.
We'll be checking in each day but it will be odd times.
We are very thankful for each and everyone of you who visit us each day.
Madi and Mom

Monday, November 23, 2009

Madi got a surprise....

It makes a crackle sound which I love and is full of CATNIP

Until we met Sadie we had not heard of Wubbas nor
did we know they made them for cats

Can you BELIEVE Mom did not go look for it immediately because
when we found out about them she had just been to the pet store to stock up on
my Nature's Choice.......AND......she did not want to go again until I
needed more food. When you see the below video of me
playing with my Wubba you will all say


Since the cat Wubba comes with a string on it Mom could not let me play with it alone.
After making the below video, Mom cut the string off. Wubba and I have
been snuggling and struggling ever since. I play a little then I rest.
THANKS again Sadie. Madi has been playing with it every waking hour and she even took several naps with her head resting on it.
(I do not know why my camera makes the clicking noise when I shot a video).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Madi and Mom: Hands and Paws of LOVE

This is Mom's always smells delightful

and feels so good when she gently pets me

or lets me rub my cheeks all over her hands.
Mom says my coat is like velvet

but her favorite things about me are my soft as silk
paws. I carefully touch her hands
ever so gently holding them as she rubs me.

Mom and I are thankful for each other's loving touch.