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Friday, May 5, 2017

Flower Friday

Jakey at Da Boyz Backyard  is  our host today

Photos taken on my back porch

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thankful, Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today we join

We are thankful for random acts of kindness...that we experience
here in Blogville each and every day.
 -A lovely comment on our blog,  
-Postcards from your vacations and snail mail for no reason
-Cre8tive furiends who are always there to lend a paw.
-A surprise gifts, works of art in the mail...just because.
-Several years ago right out of the blue we rec'd the gorgeous header (above) 
from Nellie and her Mom.  We love it and every so often we
post it again.  Of course it is full of red our favorite color and
a humming bird.
We are thankful for each of these random acts.  They let us know we are in
your thoughts and that makes us smile


Today's post is brought to you by the letter

Uh Oh it is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday 
Since there are no parts of my body that start with a U,
Our minds were askew and we knew not what to do
We discussed Umbrellas but that was a no go
 'cause rain makes Maiden Madi an unhappy Diva

We found ourselves in quite a dilemma.
Ahhh haaa I know Ussie
Or perhaps  something on  U tube? 
Unique we are not, 
For sure our poetry is messier than $quirrel $not
So Angel Sammy and Teddy we failed at the letter U 
But dear friends this tune I am playing on the ukulele 

truly comes straight from my heart to U!!

THE END!!!!!!
aPAWs, aPAWs
Thank U

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Farewell Flynn

Eric and Flynn. the dynamic duo, were 2 of our first kitty blogging friends way back in 2009.
You could not say one name without the other. Eric made his trip OTRB in 2013.
Flynn solidered on without his best friend and brother.  How he must have missed Eric they were
always together and always on an adventure.  
Flynn joined his brother OTRB on May 1, 2017.  Flynn would have been 17 in August
When I was Mayor of this grand city, Flynn and Eric served in my cabinet
as Perimeter Patrollers.

In September of 2013 Flynn pawticipated in my Date Card Event hosted by Sarge.
All applicants had to send in a photo and a reason why they wanted to be on my Date Card.

Below is the flirty photo Flynn sent and his reasons for wanting to be on my date card.
Flynn this is how we will always, fondly, remember you.  We thank you for all your
visits over the years and for all the fun we had.

Top of the morning to you Madi!! My reason for wanting to be on your 
Date Day simple...I've known you for a very long time
and thought it was time we met in the furs and what a fun day to do it!
Nose taps to you 
Madi my Matey

Fine feline friend
oved by all
ard patrol
ear Eric again
ever ever forgotten

Hugs and kitty kisses and may there be many mouses over the rainbow bridge
Madi and mom

Tuesday: A Dog's Tale

On Friday, April 28, my good buddy Mad Snapper posted some beautiful 
photos she took at the Riverwalk where she met

 Reb and Suzy, gorgeous Great Danes

The photos reminded me of a wonderful Dane I met earlier this year.
Sorry not photos except from the Google.

Back in February during our April like weather. I was walking around an out door mall.  I noticed in the very far distance a majestic K9.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a black and white Dane. aka as a Harlequin..   Her name was Sophie, she was 10 months old, 125 lbs, her head was level at my chest, I am 5'4" (on a good hair day).  I was given permission to pet her...but the owner warned, "she is a leaner"!  I must have looked puzzled...she said you'll see.  As I began to pet Sophie, she gradually started leaning into my body.  Thankfully I had a wall behind me.  Then the most amazing thing happened. Sophie's gaze changed, she was looking behind me.  I turned to see  a child, probably 3 years old, was approaching.  You could see the child was amazed Sophie, not afraid.
As the child got closer, Sophie gradually began to lower her body into a 
bow,  her tush was about 1/4 off the ground.  Her head was at the child's petting  level. I asked the owners how long it took to train Sophie to do that.  They said they didn't train her, she did it instinctively the first time she saw a small child.  Talk about stunned.. Wow.
I don't know who was more gleeful at the meeting the child or Sophie.
Sophie remained in this position until the child walked away.
Thank you, MS, for the photos and reminding me about this encounter.
click here to read all about the Harlequin

In 2000, I read a love story, Amazing Gracie, A Dog's Tale.
by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff, the co-founders of
Three Dog Bakery
The book jacket starts off, "it was love at first sight"!
Dan went to see a house full of Dane Pups...Gracie was the runt of the litter so to speak.
She had so many digestive issues she was not thriving.
She struggled to get up to go to Dan.  He said he could just tell she was saying
"you know I'm the one, now get me outta here"! 
Gracie's digestive issues were the motivation for ,Three Dog Bakery.
If you have not read this love story, I highly recommend it.
There are 248 pages full of love and devotion.

WE thank Mad Snapper for these Great....Great Dane funnies

I, Madi, totally agree with this one.  Mom tried to hide pills
in ham, butter and yogurt and even worse IN MY Stinky goodness.
I'm too smart to fall for that one!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Birds: The rest of the story

Good morning it is I, Madi, here briefly then I'll hand it over to Mom.

Look just a wee bit to my right and you can see our shepherd's shaft that holds
4 birdfeeders.  Mom calls this my wild life enrichment center. We have all kinds of lovely birds visiting the feeders.
I'll be quite honest, next to the humans in her life and me...birds are mom's passion.....EXCEPT for
Mom said she had always heard they were smart...BUT as you read on you will
see they are now public enemy

This is a very sturdy birdbath and has been here for as long as I can remember.
First rule for getting birds to your yard is water...CHECK!!

Now for the rest of the story

Mom will take over now: 
Last weekend at the garden store I was looking for something to replace my bird bath.  When I mentioned to the 'bird lady' the crows were using it to wash (yes who knew they washed) road kill. The her first words were take the birdbath away...that is horrid  I change the water in the birdbath daily, however,  when I went out to move the bath,  the smell about knocked me over. I even put on some gloves before I touched the rim of the thing to move it. I kept looking til I found the perfect set up.  We already had the metal pot stand. I paid 2.59 for a plastic dish that fits in it perfectly.   
The little black tray has been there for years. It is for smaller birds like chickadees and Carolina Wrens. Glory be one year we had a flock (at least 87) Cedar Wax wings stop by  our watering hole. They only pass through in the very early spring.  It is such an honor to have them too. 

The old birdbath has been moved.  
A pot of of flowers has been placed where the birdbath was located. 
A few days after I made the change,  

I was eating breakfast and nearly spit my cheerios out when I saw...... a crow come flying in expecting to land in the bird bath. It was hilarious!!
I could just imagine him squawking
 abort abort abort

I'm happy to report no more nasty disgusting crows in the yard!! 
For now I won the battle of the birds.

True story:
Crows have always reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's 
My friend Sally and I went to see it in the mid '60's.
If you seen it, you know it is a rather INTENSE movie.
During the scene, when the man is nailing boards over all the windows to keep the crazy, lunatic  birds from flying into his house, the audio at the theater malfunctioned. About
10 seconds passed when someone in the theater started
saying, bang, bang bang as the hammer hit the nail.
It kind of released the tension everyone chuckled.  UNTIL all of a sudden the audio returned so loud with all the squawking and turmoil Sally and I were about to break each other's hands.  


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easy Sunday

I don't like sharing my SUN PUDDLE!! 
Photo shot was held before mom pulled the sun screen over my sky light
P E R I O D!!