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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Open your Umbrella indoors Day

Today, March 13, is
National Open your Umbrella Indoors Day...
Mom has flipped her lid. I told her it is bad luck
but did she listen I gave up trying to change her mind
I fell on the floor and threw my paws in the air...

Yep she did it she went to the car for her 2 umbrellas,
brought them in the house and popped them both open

She calls the kitty umbrella her drizzle ' isn't sturdy at all but it is pretty.
The one she uses during a good old fashion NC rain storm is the black one with lots of colorful
dots on it. Oh me I'm keeping my distance from her just in case she starts having lots of bad luck.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Happy Friday,

Mom and I are composing this post here on my birthday night.
You will never in a million years guess what Mom made for supper tonight ...
salmon cakes which also means I get some salmon right out of the can before she adds the other stuff to just when I think my birthday could not GET any better, I get a
package from my girlfriend Miss Cindi Lou Who and her mom. If you don't know Cindi Lou and her Mom, please drop by their most creative blog. Cindi Lou's Mom is one fantastic photographer. She finds beauty everywhere she goes and captures it with her camera.
So anyway Mom finishes cooking supper and cleans up the kitchen then we get to open the box
First of all I had to read some cat-mail that Miss Cindi Lou left on the box.
She was telling me the easiest way to open it was right there

Oh my stars look what is int this package...I'm standing in front of a package of Greenies for Felines...after reading the label I see there is more salmon in my future.
Look at this cute little stuffed gray sugar glider...FULL of cat nip
and boy does it smell good or maybe that is the sugar I'm smelling

Ooops don't tell got his feet in the picture
My new favorite color is HOT PINK because it has come to my
attention the all the best toys are HOT PINK.
This is a Kong toy (the best pet toys in the world).
It is a Moppy with feathers and catnip!!! Oh doggies hold me back
I also must point out that Cindi Lou sent me a very appropriate card
with a cat wearing a crown....obviously there is a card company making
only cards for Diva princesses!!!!

Thank you Cindi Lou for the lovely card...gosh you can print too.
You are one smart Cookie for sure

You all might think I am spoiled, but I must tell you I have never in my entire
life had kitty treats until my birthday rolled around. Of course if it is food
I like it and these Greenies are yummy. They look like green goldfish....

Now as per usual this week Mom is ending this post with a video of
me playing with my Moppy with Feathers. Once again she is running her mouth
all through the movie...but you will hear lots of joyful MEOWS from me.

Mom and I want to express our sincere appreciation to
Miss Cindi Lou and her Mom for their friendship and thoughtfullness and for making my 8th birthday so very special. This is the first b-da I have with so many purrfect friends to share it with.

Hugs from Madi

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom: Happy 8th Birthday to Madi

Today March 11, 2010 is Madi's 8th Birthday....

Please celebrate with us!!!!

Lucky Chinese Eminent Eight Game
In January, Mom and I were tagged by Kareltje, a very handsome man-cat and his Mom, Anya from The Netherlands to participate in this game. If you have not met them please drop by to say HI. They have a fantastic Blog and Anya prepares very creative posts and writes lovely poetry.
At the time Mom was tagged, she had been trying to think of something interesting to do in celebration of my 8th birthday, March 11, 2010. Whala what great timing, this tag is perfect.
We wrote to Kareltje and his mom telling them we would like to postpone our participation until today March 11, 2010....
Magnificent Madi's Most Memorable Diva Day

This will probably be a long post but since it is my B-day we know you will understand.

8 TV shows we watch:
Animal Planet, The Amazing Race, Mom's Digital Picture Frame, News...I like to stay informed
The Amazing Race, Bones, NCSI, NCSI: LA, HGTV, CSI: NY
8 Favorite Places to eat:
Mom's Kitchen where my kibble bowl is located and where my Fancy Feast is served
Cafe Carolina, Seaboard Cafe, Roly Poly, McCalister's Deli, (for lunches)
The Peddler, Tuscan Brio, Glenwood Grill, (for nice dinners)
8 Things I look forward to:
FOOD, Daily brushings, Mom's return home each evening, following the sun around the house, bird watching
Weekends spent with my hubby and Madi, reading a good book, Hummingbirds each spring,
walks outside in nice weather.
8 Things that happened yesterday:
Madi: Helped mom eat breakfast, helped Dad read the paper, TOOK a very long nap
Mom: Tried to eat my breakfast w/ Madi's help, tried to entertain Madi so her Dad could read the paper, took advantage of Madi's long nap to clean out the litter box.
8 Things I love about Winter:
Madi: When the sun shines in all my windows!!
Mom: When it is over for good, where's spring?
8 Things I'm passionate about:
Madi: Sleep, eating x 4
Mom: my family (humans and furkid) enjoying each day for what it offers,
feeding the birds, each day treating others as I would like to be treated
8words/phrases I often use:
Meow, M E O W, MEE OO WW, MEEEEEE OOOOOO WWWWW (when I really mean it)
Oh my word, lo and behold, you've got to be kidding, oh my stars, by the way, REALLY
8 things I learned from past:
Madi: not to jump on top of the Grandfather clock...even though I can and while up there
not to chew on the wood....(yes I did this shortly after my arrival).
Mom: Let go of the just weights one down in the future.
8 Things we are thankful for: (we added this one)
Thankful to be be living with my PEEPS (8 words here)
Good health, loving family, good friends, to have been blessed with 3 loving pets over the years.
Happy Birthday baby girl and thank you for the joy, fun, adventure and love you give us.
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remington (you) STEAL my heart.....xoxo Madi

Oh my word I have a birthday present from
my tall, dark, handsome friend Remington and his Mom.
If you have not found their blog yet, you need to run right over there now.
Rem is the most handsome Newfie we've ever met and most of all he knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Rem wears 'several professional hats' and looks very dashing in each one.
I cannot tell you how exciting my 8th b-day has been thus far.
This is my first birthday with 'friends'. Mom and I are just speechless (nearly).

Not only is Rem handsome he is smart he can print.....

and he knows how to select just the right card to make a gal feel like a
Princess for a day......

This is my favorite present....there is a video of me playing with it a the end.
It is by Kong, of course, and called a Moppy Kickeroo, and the packaging
calls it a 'wrestling catnip toy' and guess what it has a crinkling noise in it.

Here is a grouping of the presents. I also have two catnip tote toys there on the bottom left....
Rem's mom is a very talented Fiber Artist...and Mom says on top of being the BEST Mom to Remington she can do just about anything else too. Look at the lovely heart shaped homemade
soap she sent to my Mom. Mom has been sniffing it so much I'm wondering if it per chance has 'mom'nip in it.

Since Rem could not be here in person, (he has a curfew and I live too far away)
he sent me a package of Salmon flavored Whiska Lickins and they are whisker lickin good.

Last but certainly not least is the vidoe of me playing like crazy with my Moppy Kickeroo
If you listen carefully you'll hear 2 meows and see one set of high 4's!!!
I'd say it was a big HIT!!!!
Rem and Mom...
We thank you so very much for the wonderful presents in honor of my 8th b-day!!!
Madi and Mom

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Madi in multiples.............

Mom says....there are never too many pictures of me...

Monday, March 8, 2010


When Mom returned for her 'walk' on Saturday afternoon,
she came into the house bellowing 'MADI where are you'? I meowed back, 'Mom good grief why all the bellowing I'm napping on your bed'. She said oh my word, what a surprise you have a package....we were thriled to also learn about shopping at
Greater Good Network. When shopping with them, you may click to donate to special causes close to your heart, animals, breast cancer, children's health and many more
let's see who it is from...
Since I'm not allowed to use scissors, Mom opened the box for me.
Lo and behold look what we found in it from Olive and her Mom for my birthday....
1. a lavendar Kong wubba on a stick
2. Two Kong Natural mice....
3. Two silicone purple paw mini muffin cups. **
**Oh let me tell you my Mom makes the best cornbread in the world...usually I get the crumbs from the corn bread. She said as a very special treat, the
next time she makes cornbread she will make me some cornbread muffins.
I could hardly contain my glee while she was taking this picture.
Finally she bellows (what is it with all the bellowing) for Dad to come
hold the Wubba on a string while she takes pictures.
You know what that crazy Dad said about the picture below....
"Look I caught a catfish". I love my Dad he is very funny.

My natural mices are small...I can tote them in my mouth and HIDE them.
I guarantee one will be missing very soon. Mom put the other one away.
I love the box too.
And last but not least here is a video of Madi
playing with her Wubba before I took it out of the packaging.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Steeple

Recently while riding around town running errands, I noticed how many
lovely church steeples there are in Raleigh. I'll be featuring them on Sundays.

Steeple @ White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Raleigh, NC (you may enlarge for a more detailed look)

Church Entrance below the steeple
White Memorial Presbyterian was founded in 1946 by a group of members from First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. It is one of the largest (if not the largest) Presbyterian Churches in Raleigh.
It's campus covers over a two block area and then some.