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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday Symmetry from Shelly Lake

We are taking trail walks each morning E A R L Y
Most are still very shady and we arrive before the 3H's arrive (hot, hazy and humid)

Friday, June 26, 2020

Final Fiction, Feline and Nature Friday

Thanks Comedy Plus for hosting

Thanks LLB Gang for hosting

As you all know Brian Crane's 
Pickles is one of our favorite cartoons.
This one aired on June 8, 2020.  I knew immediately it would 
be a perfect Final Fiction Friday Post.

The cat in the cartoon is Feline Friday

Pickles Comic Strip for June 08, 2020

Final Fiction Friday

Our daughter was 11 at the time and Toto the mighty mini Dachshund
was about 7.   Our new neighbors were excited to learn that our daughter was an animal lover and not at all intimidated by Toby's size.  They asked if she would pet sit for them.  It was July.  They were  eager to go on vacation but hated to leave Toby in the kennel.  
Our daughter went over to discuss the caring and tending of Toby.
Before she left she asked where his water bowl was. 
They said in the foyer 1/2 bath.  Be sure not to close that door it is the only place he will drink water.
She said ok not thinking anything about it.
So the next morning before his walk she filled up his kibble bowl.   Then went into the 1/2 bath to fill up his water bowl.  
Toby followed her and quickly begins to drink out of the toilet.
Needless to say she was stunned...but he was happy as a lark. From that day forward
she flushed the toilet every day to be sure Toby had fresh, cool water.
For the remainder of the summer she and Toby had many happy visits.
Being owned by a vertically challenged Dachshund it never crossed our mind the toilet
bowl was often a water bowl.  

I might add here Toto the mighty mini Dachshund and Toby the Giant 
golden had quite the relationship. I'm not sure Toby knew what Toto was..
Toto was always elated to see Toby running circles around him.  Toby just stood there as
Toto used Toby as an obstacle course.  Running between, in and out of Toby's legs.
As with most Dachshunds Toto was FEARLESS. If Toby would not play
with him,Toto would nip a the feathery golden fur on Toby's back legs.
Lucky for Toto, Toby was truly a Gentle Giant.

Nature Friday
These next two photos were taken just a few blocks from our house

I don't know what these are but I love every thing about them....

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #26

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration

This lovely lady reminded me of Celine Dion.
She always wears the most amazing gowns when in concert.
I was inspired to offer you two originals today.

She sings from her heart
Powerful and skilled vocals
To see her show would be a thrill

Las Vegas shows
Incredible voice
Naturally talented
Extraordinary Entertainer 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

A few weeks ago, in between Monsoons, we were antsy to get out.
Even on this outing, the skies were gray and the humidity was rising...
The NC Museum of Art is only about 4 miles from home.
Lo and behold we found another trial and some art...outstanding in the fields
Today I share one

 here is the marker below this
At first glance it reminds me of Jacks a game I played as a child.

If you aren't as old as dirt, and have no clue what Jacks is,  here is a photo of a set of Jacks
and ball.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Covered Bridges in Oregon: Happy Tuesday

hosted by Comedy Plus

While on their wheelie house trip to Oregon,Carol and Bob, the peeps of the Doodz,(Murphy and Stanley) planned to participate in a bike ride thru some of Covered Bridges in Oregon....
However, Mother Nature decided to rain on that Parade so it was cancelled.
Thankfully the Doodz and their peeps took a car ride to photo a few 
for us.

The information under each bridge picture was found online.

Yep those are huge Pacific Northwest raindrops
Dorena Bridge built in 1949
The Dorena Bridge is a covered bridge near Dorena in Lane County, Oregon in the United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 105-foot structure crosses the Row River near the upper end of Dorena Reservoir

Inside Dorena

 Lowell Bridge Built 1945 165' long
Lowell Bridge is a covered bridge in Lowell, Oregon, United States. The original bridge was built in 1907. The current bridge was built in 1945. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Steward Covered Bridge
Very sad to see the Graffiti 
Stewart Bridge is a Howe truss covered bridge built in 1930 near Walden, Oregon, United States, in Lane County. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It is 60 feet long and crosses Mosby Creek, a tributary of the Row River.

 Parvin  Bridge built in 1921
The Parvin Bridge is a covered bridge located in Lane County, Oregon, U.S. near Dexter. It was built in 1921 as a single-lane 75-foot bridge across Lost Creek, a tributary of the Middle Fork Willamette River.

 Unity Bridge Built 1936

Unity Covered Bridge. Crossing Big Fall Creek, this 90-foot (27 m) covered bridge offers spectacular creek views with one gigantic widow across its left side. Built in 1936, the bridge is still used by vehicular traffic. Close to Pengra and Lowell Covered Bridges, it is also a popular part of a cycling circuit.

Currin Covered bridge, Built 1925, 105' long

 as seen from the Road

The It is easy to identify because it is the only Lane County Covered Bridge which is painted red on the sides with white portals 

Inside Currin

Front of Currin

Located just three miles east of Cottage Grove, the Currin Covered Bridge was constructed in 1925 by county employees. Used for just over 50 years, it was replaced in 1979 by a concrete span which runs beside it. Luckily for us, the Currin Covered Bridge was rehabilitated in 1995 and it is open to pedestrians.The covered bridge we see now was built to replace a bridge originally constructed here in 1883. The name, Currin Bridge, comes from an early pioneering family which located in the area, and old editions of the local newspaper, the Bohemia Nugget, called it “Currin’s Bridge.” It crosses the Row River. 
Chambers Railroad Bridge

The Chambers Railroad Bridge is the only remaining covered railroad bridge in Oregon.  It is believed to be the only remaining covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi River.  The Chambers Bridge is a Howe Truss bridge (see explanation of a Howe truss below).  The bridge was constructed in 1925 by lumberman J.H. Chambers to transport logs across the Coast Fork Willamette River to his sawmill on the east side of the bridge.  The bridge was in operation from 1925 to 1951.  In the 1950's the railroad was sold for scrap and the bridge was no longer used.  The bridge was in private ownership until December 2006, when the City of Cottage Grove finally secured full ownership of the bridge.  The bridge is listed on the National Historic Register 

Lane County is home to 20 covered bridges dating back as early as 1920; many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fourteen are still open to vehicle traffic! With more remaining covered bridges than any other place on the West Coast, Oregon's landmark bridges offer history buffs, photographers and sightseers a look at a well-preserved past in the beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon's first covered bridges were constructed in the mid-1800s as pioneers settled the region. The bridges were built from wood as it was plentiful. To avoid hauling the lumber, it was often felled nearby and the boards hand-hewn on-site. Roofs helped delay weather's toll on the wooden supports and planks. The early bridges were often financed by tolls imposed by the bridge owners.  There are 54 covered bridges in Oregon.

Thank you Carol, Bob, Murphy and Stanley for sharing
2020 Wheelie House Adventure with us.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Awww Monday w/ my 3 Nephews

Dearest Aunty HiC

We received a surprise from you today! Thank you meowy much!

Rocky spent time on porch this morning while I walked with Dad.

Dad that whippersnapper Rocky is watching us..
He  hisssssed at me, I'm gonna have to teach him some manners.

He and Pup are getting to know each other.

Thank you again for the awesome mask!
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew