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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Silly Saturday Solicitation

I promised to keep blogging and show you how My Mind's Eye works as a solo blogger.
Yep you never know what you will find here but I hope it is always entertaining.

I believe today is a prime example


I'm an OVER gal myself because it is just a natural motion.
Most public loos have it under.  That literally drives me crazy especially 
when it is in an awkward plastic canister that is also mounted too low
on top of being installed in the UNDER position.

Angel Madi was never a tp gal...The diva had staff for that chore.
OMCs Angel Milky-Way had a Master's Degree in the science of  t.p. removal.  
My grandcat Frisco has a PhD, in t.p. removal and often takes his show to the road/foyer.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Feline and Nature Friday

About a month ago Kat wandering into my friend, Kit's, yard.
Kit loves all creatures great and small.   Kit patiently waited for Kat to come to her.
Kit left food and water out.  Kat was very appreciative he gradually started visiting longer.
Kit bought a PTU for Kat  and he went in it easily.
Kit took him inside for a few hours at a time.  Kat has now been to the vet had his shots and has an appointment to be neutered. The vet thinks Kat is about 3 very healthy but No mirochip.
Kat has now started spending the night inside and is using a litter box.  
Kat is gradually warming up the the resident K9's, Buddy and Dakota.

Hosted by Niece Rosy, Mayor Arty and Prof. Jakey

Thursday November 8, we took an unplanned (my camera battery died) trip about 15 minutes down the road  to .....
Click here for history and size of this park
 These first photos were taken with my Smart TracPhone
and they are really very good.

The name of this lake is Big Lake.  Park Rangers offer guided canoe trips around the lake
 (funny right, well there is another lake called Small Lake)
Umstead State Park is so very close to our home.  We rarely go out there but
we hope to visit it more often Spring 2019.   We took a short rugged trail down to Big Lake.
spill over for Big Lake at Umstead State Park

Next photos were taken with my camera before I was greeted with
'exhausted battery' on the screen.
We went in the welcome center for the park
I'm embarrassed to say it was built in 1998 and this was our first time inside

Parts of the old grist mill were displayed outside

 This beautiful River Birch tree is just to the right of the front door.

The bark on the River birch is so pretty

What a beautiful fireplace from inside and....

and outside beautifully crafted stone chimney
almost at the bottom left you can see 1998 engraved in a stone.

Taken from the deck

Coyote was on guard over the this lovely display of cups.
He must have heard I was in the building.  I have been known to be rather rough on

We bought two very unusual coffee mugs
love the graceful lips on both of the mugs
I selected the one on the left; however, I expect we'll take turns using them.
Coffee is better out of a pretty mug.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's inspiration

by Angel Madi
They told me no you can't
It will crush you dead
Why because I am an ant?

Don't sit in the grass

If you are prone to bites, 

where ticks,chiggers, fleas and ants reside
They  will make you scratch all nite, remember

Don't sit in the Grass

The  tiny critters find

their way in every crook and cranny 
including your shirts, shoes and
 panties all the way down to your *fanny.

Don't sit in the Grass

This is my last verse of  Don't Sit in the Grass.
A round of applause would be sweet as sassafras 
I made it all the way to the end without being sassy by
 rhyming *with grass!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wonder on the Gulf Coast

This gorgeous picture was sent to me by my dear friend Janice.  
Bless her heart she knows I need photos, (I have 87 million of Angle Madi). She has been very kind to share some of hers with me until I get some photos in reserve.    Below in bold italics is the photo description

This rainbow pic was sent to me by my niece the day my sister in Biloxi, (Mississippi)  sold her house.  They went to restaurant for dinner that overlooked the Gulf and looked out the window and saw a double rainbow.  She felt they had made the right decision to sell.  Just very faintly above the colorful rainbow is a second one about to fade away.

Footnote on the blizzard in the freezer from yesterday.
I could not let it melt on its own.   It would have sent
at least 2 cups of water down to an open vent behind the 2nd rack from the bottom of the freezer.
I don't know where that vent leads to but I certainly didn't want water going down there.
Getting it out in frozen form was the safest way.
I put down protection for the floor then chipped gently.  It caught most of the big chunks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday Tale: What's it?

 I was an inquisitive child, so much so, my uncle called me Nosy Rosy.
Truth be told I'm still inquisitive but thanks to Gigi Google and the WWW
I can answer my own questions.
My Daddy was an electrical contractor.  Sometimes on the weekends, 
when he was preparing estimates for new jobs, he would have to go to the job site to count receptacles.  Luckily he took me along to 'help' by counting behind him.
However I spent more time asking questions than counting. 
After 87 minutes of non stop Q&A, Daddy's reply was 
'it is a thingamajig. or a wiggling pin for a wagging pole".
That didn't answer my question but it made me laugh.
So today I ask you is this a thingamajig or a wiggling pin for a wagging pole

I think it is a  thingamajig. because My Mind's Eye sees a wiggling pin for a wagging pole
as very large.  So on with the story.  Monday, November 5, 2018, while using the ice maker
I heard a most unusual noise.  When I took the ice bin out of the freezer, I found this  
thingamajig on top of the ice.  And................... I also saw that there had been an ice blizzard in my freezer
 There was a sheet of ice all the way down the back of my freezer starting
behind the ice maker.

It was clear the thingamajig must have had something to do with water flow.
It must have popped loose sending the water cascading down the back of the freezer. I turned off the ice maker!!!
  BUT the big
I called GE service and was lucky to get a technician out on Tuesday, November 6.
Needless to say he was a tad surprised to see the state of the freezer and the  thingamajig.
Yep we were right it is made to guide water from water hose in back of the freezer to
the ice tray.  It goes ....... right here

We had a new ice maker installed on October 9, so there was no charge for the service call.
Next QUESTION was how did he suggest getting the ice out of  the entire freezer.
He suggest gently 'hammering" it but with something not too heavy and or sharp.
He suggested I turn the freezer off while doing it so it would not continue to freeze.
Well My Mind's Eye had the perfect tool.
What better to remove ice with than an


I removed all the racks, put a towel down to catch the ice.  I gently hammered away with the back side of the scoop from top to bottom for about 15 minutes.  All the ice fell to the bottom
I cleaned it up and took time to give the freezer a proper cleaning too

FYI:  Should I find something that I think might be a
wiggling pin for a wagging pole, you'll be the first to know.

Per Gigi Google here is the official definition.

thingamajig is: 1. noun relating to a nonspecific object. 2. noun referring to a specific object of which the user cannot immediately remember the name of.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Awww and Sparks Monday

Today I am pawticipating in

This is one precious Awww Picture.
Dakota belongs to my friend, Kit, in Georgia.
Several years ago, when Dakota's owner passed, Kit took Dakota home to
live with her two senior Labs,
Angel Sassy and Buddy the black Lab
Dakota is a very senior lady but found a new lease on life living and loving each senior moment.

They are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

Click here to be Awwwed!!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veteran's Day and S,S,S

Thank you to all Veterans who served, are serving and will serve in the future.  We are thankful🙏

Sweet Sunday Selfies

I receive a magazine for retired NC Teacher and State Employees.
It is called Renew.
I was shocked to see such a delicious recipe in the fall edition for seniors.

 recipe said one could use peanut butter in lieu of almond butter.
I like being able to use what I have on hand.  
The only ingredient I didn't have was Toll House dark chocolate chips
you don't have to use a cast iron skillet you can use a 
9"x9"  pan that might be used for brownies
just before it popped it in the oven
I cooked it 30 minutes
The aroma was enough to make Willy Wonka jealous

Cut and serve warm as is or

 with a dollop of vanilla Ice Cream...yes please

It is a very sweet all senses of the word SWEET.
Sweet as in easy
Sweet as in it makes my teeth hurt....oh so yummy.

LunaPic Selfies

1. Madi and Mom  LunaPic effect Beauty
Toto, age 2, and his human sissy age 5 LunaPic Fairy
3.  Milky-Way LunaPic Fairy

I really like the colors in Fairy.  Two totally different photos in 2 different houses but it picked up the same colors.