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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Photo hunt: Flip over a Flat

Today's word is 

FLIP: turn over with sudden movement
I will use it in a sentence:
I did a Flip when Flat Bertie and Flat Gail arrived at my house!!

I am so excited to have so many Flats at my house.  They are gonna
have so much fun at the BAR.   Remember Flat friends what happens at 
the B.A.R. stays at the B.A.R.

Click here for a list of Photo Hunt words

Click here for details on how to prepare you Flat self
You can mail your Flat Self to us.
Send us an email at candb214ATattDotnet.  We'll tell
you where to mail it

Friday, May 20, 2016

Coloring Sugar and Flowers for Dory

Several months ago Sugar's sweet Mom posted a picture of
Sugar for anyone to download.  She was having kind of a contest.
Mom knew she would never finish in time but she wanted to 
color it.  I like sitting by her when she colors my friend 
Mom received her first adult coloring book at Christmas....
she has a lot of pictures partially colored...Sugar's has inspired her the most 
probably because we know Sugar.   Mom smiles the entire time she is coloring it.
We'll post the completed picture down the road. Never fear I'll be sure she finishes it.

Dory the flowers on Sugar's picture are my contribution today's 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flat Amber and Max arrived

 OHHHHH  WAS I EXCITED WHEN the dynamic Dachshund duo Amber and Max emailed us to ask if they  could attend the B.A.R. with my peeps and Flat Madi and Flat Charlie.  I replied, Absolutely get yourselves all gussied up and head on up I95...I'll be waiting.

Not Earl*, our mail man was very kind the box was packed with stuffs, so he walked Da Weenies all the way up our drive, carefully placing them on our porch.

Amber and Max never fear my peeps and Flat Madi will be sure you have the best time ever up in Indiana!!  There are gonna be a lot of Flats at the B.A.R.
Hugs your BFFF

*Our mail man story:  Not Earl has been our mailman for nearly 30 years. Until about 10 years ago, my peeps thought our his name was Earl.
One week Not Earl was gone for some time. Dad finally asked the substitute mailman if Earl was sick?  He said, do you mean Tony?  Dad said, Oh, His name is "Not Earl"?
The substitute said no it is Not Earl, it is Tony.
From that day forward the peeps still call him (not to his face) "Not Earl"!
My peeps don't think he looks like a Tony.
Every time mom tells this story I ask her what a Tony looks like.
I never get an answer.

click here for details on how to prepare you Flat self  and you can mail it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eyeless and Noseless Wednesday



May 23 is

All you (all species are invitied to join and males and females) have to do is either put on your favorite out fit or have your
peeps photo shop you in a favorite outfit.  On Monday May 23 there will be a bloghop
hosted by Dory in memory of our friend Angel Whitley.
She was one well Dressed itty bitty white pup.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crikey Flat Charlie arrived...

 OHHHHH  WAS I EXCITED WHEN MY BCFF, Best Crikey Friend Furever, Charlie
emailed to ask if he could send Flat Charlie to me so he could attend the B.A.R. with my peeps and Flat Madi.  I replied Matey send Flat Charlie on up, over and around to us here in N.C.

 We were so excited mom opened the envelope
My matey Charlie wrote me a letter...The stationery had RED ROSES on it..

Well Flat Charlie landed safely in my mailbox.
I kept saying let me let me see and finally she put Flat Charlie on the 
 then later we had a better photo session on the bed.
Real Charlie sent me two photos one to go to the B.A.R. and one
just for his first feline friend!! ME.   There was a wee essences of real Charlie on the back of this photo....
Charlie I will treasure this photo and never fear Matey my peeps and Flat Madi will
be sure you have the best time ever up in Indiana!!
Hugs your BFFF




Monday, May 16, 2016

Pawlympics Event 2 kinds of Napping!!

I Madi(son) D Cat will be the hostess with the mostest for
1.  SunPuddle N A P P I N G!!
on August 9th

2. Free style napping on August 19
Hailey will be hostess with the mostest for this


HAVE A PhD in SunPuddle Napping

The DEAD Lion to sign up to host an event is June 21st.

The DEAD Lion for PAWtheletes to SIGN Up is July 15th****

For further information or any questions regarding  the Pawlympics, please contact our Mayoral Candy Dates:   
Arty at Dory's Backyard
Christmas at Paw Province and

 1. Rule:  Dead Lion is FIRM***

July 15 all photos need to be in my paws.

All I need from you is
1. picture of you napping anywhere, any time with or without a furiend or human.
2. Please send to candb214ATattDOTnet in subject line of
email put NAPPING Photo, please put your name on the Photo.
THAT is it Mom will categorize them for the event depending on the pictures.
Below is a collage of just a few of my favorite napping spots or positions
Napping is defined as short SunPuddle napping is a short sleep in the sun
Sometimes I just sit quietly sometimes I close my eyes

As you can see from my SunPuddle Napping Collage...
this event is easy peasy.  You can do it anywhere, no heavy 
equipment fact you don't even need any energy.
All you need is the Sun and a good GPS so that you can follow 
it around your house.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Selfie with Cat on my Head

Today we are joining Mau, Allie's, future hubby, for Cat on my Head Selfies

This is a very complicated selfie.  We've  posted before but it is still fun
Mom is outside on the deck.  I'm inside looking out the back door
she aimed that flashy beast at me and lo and behold look what she got!!

 Selfie with Mom's left paw

Ok Mau now mom has wised up Kitties Blue and Cat on my Head are all the same...
If mom didn't work for free, I'd fire her.
Hugs madi your bfff