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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I heard the title of today's post was Birds and I was heading to my feeding station expecting an extra meal.....then I found out I was wrong. We have some delicious looking beautiful  birds from our backyard and some more whacky license plates.

Here this week's crazy license plates:
183-B-Avenue, no clue
2. ADVNTURR, Adventurer
3. BLAKNIGT, Black knight
4.READ !
 Male adult Eastern Bluebird

7. 1NAWBOY, 1 New Orleans Boy
8. WEBSQ2, Web square two
9.WAVE HI!, (Mom liked this one)
11.EIEIO, (funny)
Adult Male Gold Finch
13.I B 27
14. WLDMOM, Wild Mom
15. IMGOINUP, I'm going up,???
16. WOOWIS, No Clue
17. RED V

 (L) Juvenile Eastern Bluebird, (R) Adult Male Easter Bluebird
19. RU-B-SLPR, Ruby Slipper (very clever)
20. 302, no clue
21.CALIFGRL, California Girl
22. MIAMIGRL, Miami Girl
 Adult Male Cardinal
25. I SURF
(L) Adult Male Eastern Bluebird, (R) Adult Female Eastern Bluebird

Friday, June 10, 2011



Mom: Madi.....Madi I'm talking to you.  I know you are awake
I see your ear moving.

 Madi:  Well I'm awake now...
Mom:  Why is my spread wrinkled?
Madi: I was trying to get under the spread.
Mom: Why aren't you sleeping on the 'special floral' mat I made for you?
Madi:Oh you mean the one you want me to sleep on to keep my lovely furs off the spread?
Mom: Yes that one.
Madi:  I repeat I was trying to get under the spread.
Mom: It is too hot to be under the spread. 
Madi: I KNOW but remember you don't want my furs on the spread.
 Madi:  AND....I don't like that mat you made and besides.... are letting my stuffed bunny clone, Spring, sleep on the
spread, and if she can sit on it so can I!!
Mom:  Madi sometimes you can be a very, very opinionated feline.
Madi: YAWNING!! Opinionated and feline are one in the same...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Theme Song: Up on the Roof for Billy

Today's post is in memory of Billy at Hoods Happening.
After several months of declining health, Billy crossed the rainbow bridge on June 8, 2011.  We will miss seeing his precious face each morning and the little twinkle in his eye. We met Billy and his mom in 2006 on an Alaskan website set up for all who love Alaska.  Billy and his Mom and Mom and I started our blogs at the same time. 

Run Free Sweet William this is for you. 'May you always have Florida sand between your toes and remember don't piddle on the flowers'.  You made us smile every single day for the last 2 years.
Hugs Madi and Mom
Since it is beach season we'll be featuring Beach Music over the next few weeks.  Beach Music's roots are planted very deep in the costal sands of North and South Carolina.  It is so popular
there is even a Beach Music dance. We expect our friends across the Pond will be quaking in the booties when the read the name of it
The Shag....really and truly it is a Dance!!

We hope you enjoy today's selection of "Up on the Roof" by the one and only Drifters.

When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face

I climb all the way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space

(This picture was taken on our back staircase...which is in Dad's
train is a treat when I get to go in there)
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
And the world below can't bother me,
Let me tell you now

(This is the top of the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) in our city)

When I come home feelin' tired and beat
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet (up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd And all that rat-race noise down in the street (up on the roof)

(This is my roof. I've never been on it, but I do sit in sun puddles that come in the sky light)
On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let's go up on the roof (up on the roof)
At night the stars put on a show for free

And, Darling you can share it all with me (up on the roof)
I keep a-tellin' you
Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (up on the roof)

(This beautiful tile roof is on a house in our city. It is one of Mom's favorite roofs
she says it is so gorgeous she could live on it. MOL)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Up on the roo-oo-oof, up on the roof.
If you have never heard this very smooth song, we hope you will click on the play button and let it take you to the beach, sand and sea

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Welcome to Mom has too much spare time
Wacky Wednesday with Mom
Exhibit 1.  She is outside on the porch taking a picture
through my door. I'm actually inside on the rug but it looks like I'm on a magic carpet outside
 Exhibit 2:  I'm meowing to her telling her she looks foolish
 Exhibit 3:  I finally get up to tell her to come in before the neighbors see her.
Exhibit 4: There are other things she could be doing.
 Mom just because you are retired does not mean you
can let my door get spotted...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Attention all kitties and puppies ...I just discovered something new and amazing and I want to share it with you it is called


This term has me slightly confused because you actually bring it home. Here at the Diva residence the only food I've ever smelled is
Mom's cooking.  She and Dad go OUT to EAT several times a week
but they have never brought anything back with them.  Friday afternoon Mom said she was going to get take out at Neomonde, their favorite Mediterranean Cafe.
I didn't have a clue what was about to happen....
 Oh happy days, never in any of my 9 cat years have I ever smelled such lovely aromas come out of brown bags.  I asked Mom why she had never brought take out food home in brown bags before.
She is still trying to think of a satisfactory answer.
Mom here:  I wish you all could have seen Madi's little pink nose sniffing.  It was absolutely adorable, she was using her very best table manners but every so often she would ever so slightly inch towards a container to get a better sniff.  If you are ever in Raleigh, NC and you like Mediterranean food, I highly recommend Neomonde.  We have been eating there for more years than I care to remember.  It is ALWAYS good.  Their hummus is exceptional and they make their own bakery products.  Click here to see their menu.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Who do I resemble...

Over the weekend, Mom caught me sitting like this.
She asked me what I was doing?  I thought it was obvious.....
My reply was....
 I'm doing my best Puddles imitation
FYI:  There was absolutely NOTHING on my porch or my deck.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steeple Sunday #33:North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene

Happy Sunday to you all.  We hope these yellow posies
brighten your day.

In 1972, six families began to meet discuss the growth in North Raleigh and the need for a new church.  They received the blessings from the NC District to form North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene, which would be the first of its kind in the city. In 1973, a three acre farm on Millbrook Road was purchased.  The church began construction of a multipurpose building moving in 1974.

In the 1990's the church's attendance was approaching 300 and a need for a larger facility became a priority. A large piece of land was purchased and in 1993 the contruction began.  They
relocated to their new building on Strickland Road in April 1997.

 North Raleigh Church has been the catalyst for the starting of other congregations in the Triangle area.  The front and sides have lots of shruberry making it hard to get other views.
Thank you for stopping by today.
Madi and Mom