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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Art and Louis' Comedy and Bacon

Welcome to  Caturday art hosted by Athena
See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

Done in Pizap using square collage I selected 5 pictures, and drop shadow function
then I used the larger photo as a background. 
The etched edging is in the simple frame selection.

Today we are pawticipating in Louis Dog who is our Director of Arts and Entertainment, 
Today he has a Comedy Film Festival
click here to head over the the fun event

Here is my video

Angel Sammy and Teddy over at Two Spoiled Cats are
Harvesting Bacon too. Run quick before the eat it all
Click here

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Fact:1 AND Fill ins

****Right out of the starting gate we want to thank our friends 
for teaching us this term.  That is what they called their devoted staff of 1.  In this particular case it surely applies to mom!!  
Thanks Dai$y and Tuna!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

 Today we join
Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy
at Sammy's Poetry Corner

Today's poetry is brought to you by the letter

Oh no, not O
Oh me, Oh my 
what ever will I do?
Maybe try Opera, tra la la la!
Perhaps I'll get an injury.
Holler Ouchie so loud
I'll be sent Outside.
O makes me hungry just thinking
Of all foods shaped like O
cherriOs, doughnuts, and other treats that I can't eat.
Oh me, Oh my my 
I hope I don't cry!
Ho Ho Ho the letter O is 



Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Words to my Sun puddle

I know you see a gazillion photos of me here; however, I must tell you each
one you see is a new one.  Today's was taken early March before DST.
Any day my puddle visits I am an excellent hostess I sit with it and we chat.

Dear Sun puddle
Let me count the ways I love thee!!!

1. You light up my world
2. You are reliable
3. You come in some many shapes and forms
4. You are entertaining when you  rest in fun places
5. You challenge my itty bitty kitty brain by making me figure out how to absorb your rays
6. You move about the room like the fog on little kitty feets

7. Your warmth goes all the way to my heart and warms my soul
8. You give me vitamins that keep me fit
9. You make shadows that are quite unique
10. I especially love they extra ears and body you sometimes give me...
I just wish mom would feed me extra.

Alas I must report the time has come for mom to pull down the
blind over my skylight.  There will be no more sunpuddles here until
the gets too hot up stairs with the blind up.

I have had to resort to squeezing my lush tush in this sun puddle which is
right beside my loo!!

Dear Sun puddle thank you for visiting you are always welcomed
Hugs Madi

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Tale from the Bowl

we had no idea the funny comments we'd get. 
Since Mom had been very long winded on during her Tuesday post on 3/7/17, we
just posted the photo.  However, your comments reminded mom of another 
Tale from the past.

When my human sis was about six Uncle G (Dad's brother) was visiting.
At the time he lived in Syracuse, NY so needless to say they were all excited to have him visiting.
It was summer time they were all sitting on the patio. As mom told the story,  sis was 
on her swing set.  She was having a grand time showing Uncle G all the 
tricks she could do.  
As all  little kids often do, at the  last minute sis realized she had to scurry to her 'litter box'.  Mom told me sis ran in the patio door lickety split  to the hall bathroom.  There was an open window in there.  Sis did not turn on any lights.  All of a sudden there was SciFi scream 😠 from the bath room that probably broke the supersonic sound barrier.  Sis was hollering for mom to come help her.
See Uncle G had just been in there,  Not only had he left the toilet lid up he left the seat up.
Sis was only 6 so she was small.  She had fallen into the bowl cold water and all of the toilet.   She was hanging on for dear life to the edges.  Alternately bellowing for mom and scolding Uncle G
for leaving the lid and seat up.   Mom was pretty sure all the neighbors heard it too.   Thankfully sis did not drown.  But boy did she give Uncle G a stern talking too about proper toilet etiquette when you live with girls. Uncle G was a confirmed bachelor until his mid 50's.  
Hopefully Uncle G remembered this etiquette lesson when he met and married Aunt K.  

The end of this tale from the toilet bowl.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I get no respect.....

If she did, I might bite her ankles or jump on her bladder in the dark of night!