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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday Spirit(s)

As you all probably remember, five mornings a week we take our walk at the Mall.  When the weather is nice, we walk outside at the mall.
Over the years we have found lots of coins and paper money.
Several credit cards and even a passport.
However, this past week we found something quite unexpected.
4 bottles of spirits by a car. They all had their tops intact.

I don't keep my phone turn took about a minute for it to come on.
Still no person in sight.  I took my picture then on with our walk in the parking lot.  Another 2 or 3 minutes passed.  Still no one.  We went back by after our walk.  There was a man
getting two more huge bottles out of the car.  Kinda surprised he left them unattended as long as he did.

2 champagnes and 2 wines.  The one with the red foil was quite fat.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Nature and Feline Friday:Kat and Pup Reminder Final Friction Friday

This might be a tad of a stretch for Nature Friday; however, it is Natur(al)e to take a bath 
and Pup is outside and there is a leaf on the deck
Hosted by LLB Gang

Feline Friday..there is a Feline hiding indoors!
Hosted by Comedy Plus

Dearest Aunty HiC
Poor, pitiful Pup!
He got a bath today.
Mom hooked up hose to basement sink (warm water) and bathed him on the deck.

She bathed Pup in Oatmeal shampoo which smelled delightful
Pup said he only liked his oatmeal in a bowl with butter and sugar?!

That’s one sad looking doggo! 😹
Pup I'm sorry water and Kats mix about as well as oil and vinegar!!
I'm fine here
I watched from the safety of the porch.  
Maybe he won’t make fun of me for grooming all the time. Ha!
Mom asked if I wanted to be next?
Not funny, Mom! 😼
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Oh No look like a WET dog....but at LEAST you smell most divine I love oatmeal and OMDs is it good for your skin.  I use only Aveeno on my most sensitive skin...and that has oatmeal in it.  Kat...for sure Pup might start following your lead with the grooming. MOL MOL. 
I've only bathed one cat in my life...Milky-way.
When we adopted him from the Wake Co SPCA, he had fleas but he was too young (6 weeks) for flea med so we had to use some very gentle shampoo. He was pretty tiny so his human Sis and I did it quickly as a team.  Thankfully all the fleas abandoned ship lickety split no more.
Lovingly your Aunty HiC

Breaking NEWS:
Kat's mom has been frantically searching for her glasses for
several days.  SHE THOUGHT she might have dropped then when 
walking Pup.  GUESS what she found them in the bathroom trash can!!
I suspect they were on the counter...Kat decided they were 
invading his space.  

REMINDER of the NEW Final Fiction Friday 

Friday October 25th is!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Today's inspiration

By TOGM (the old gray mare)

I've never been camping....

I hear glamping is quite the rage.
This chick is too old.

Lovely accommodations
Ants would find me
Mosquitoes too
Probably chiggers and ticks
Insects see me as a buffet 
Never want to sleep in the out of doors 
Gracious me I wish I was bold

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wordless (ha ha) Wednesday Pumpkins

Last week we made our annual pilgrimage to Cedar Creek Gallery
in Creedmoor, NC (about 20 miles from home) to attend their glass/and pottery Pumpkin exhibit.

Inside and out they always delight us with critters
and art

I wish I had a place for these two lamps
and the one in the middle of the collage below

Of course we both always pick out one to add to our collection.
Top of collage the 2 orange are from last year
the Green (husband's) and Amber (mine) are this year's jewels.
I went back and forth on my decision between the Amber blown glass and a solid red.
AMBER won.😁
Fall paw painting is by Mr. Q the famous feline artist at Colehaus Cats

  The blue is for 👼Madi's favorite human SIS and BIL!
we are all about pumpkin STEMS in this house.

Last Friday we went to the NC Farmer's Market to buy our pumpkins for the porch.
Later than usual, I might add, because of the hot weather...

It was a sea of technicolor mums and pumpkins of all sizes and shapes.

We secured our selection in the cargo net
Daddy pumpkin tried to escape when we open the cargo door..
The net hook on his side came loose...probably due to his girth.
When he rolled toward the door, the door stopped opening

Everybuddy is home and in place

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Happy Tuesday KAT Tail...

Hosted by Comedy Plus

Dearest Aunty HiC
Mom says we’re going to practice camping tonight, and sleep in RV. Guess I’ll have use the litter box. 🙀
Mom says if I misbehave 😹 I’ll have go in the house by myself.  

Pup said he’ll help me be good. 😻

Dearest Nephew
That isa an excellent idea!!

 Wednesday, October 9th: First night in the RV update from Mom of Kat

Kat was fine until lights out...
Couldn’t settle down, so he slept in house...Pup and I slept well.
Kat has been all over Pup this morning, trying to find out what we did without him, ha!

Breaking news Aunty:
Mom says we're going to try again Thursday, October 10th.

Dearest Nephew
Practices makes purrfect

Thursday, October 10th, Second night in RV update from Mom of Kat

We all slept well in RV last night. Kat decided to share Pup’s bed.

Email from Kat

I DID IT!!! I spent the night in RV. 😺
Pup and Mom watched TV while I decided where I wanted to

I wasn’t interested in my carrier, again. 😹

I wasn’t interested in my carrier, again. 😹

I finally settled in with Pup. I know he slept better with me there. ❤️

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Pup and Kat are ready to hit the road.

Kat can you hear me Clapping? 
 Aunty HiC and Uncle B are so very very
x 1,000,000 of you!!!

Breaking Breaking news, night 3 of camping at home
Kat used his litter box in the RV!! 
I predict they will be on a road trip soon.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Awww and Monday Mews

Dearest Aunty HiC

My 2nd Frisco soft-sided carrier arrived today. Mom originally ordered medium, and I didn’t like it, so she ordered large.
Much to Mom’s surprise and delight, I went right in and got comfy. 

Pup was skeptical, and suggested we practice in RV.
So, we took carrier out to RV.

Pup tried his best to encourage me to get in, but I wanted nothing to do with it!

I told Pup he should stay in his own lane, ha!

Dearest Nephew...
Surely there is no difference in sitting in that fine PTU, (which by the way is named after my
grandcat Frisco the Ginger), in the house or in the Wheelie house!
I do wish you'd give us a Meow as to what the BIG DEAL is?
Are you just trying to prove that you are boss of both houses and all who reside in the houses?
I predict there will soon be and Awww moment that will set off a light bulb in your kitty KAT brain
Lovingly your Aunty HiC

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Spectacular Sunday Post: long time coming

Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, replacing Sacred Heart Cathedral.
The cathedral accommodates more than 2,000 worshipers and serves as the site for major liturgical celebrations, pilgrimages, and events for the Catholic community of eastern North Carolina. The existing Sacred Heart Cathedral will be retained and honored as the first church designated to be the Cathedral for the Diocese of Raleigh but will be renamed Sacred Heart Church.
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral was designed by the architecture firm of O'Brien & Keane, based in Arlington, Virginia, and built by Clancy & Theys Construction Company of Raleigh, North Carolina. It is the fifth-largest cathedral in the United States.[1] 
Cost 46 million

 This beautiful Cathedral is very close to N C State University.
Ground breaking was shortly before I retired in 2011...
The first service was in 2017.  Landscaping was recently completed and parking lot needed some touch ups after all the construction vehicles came and went for 6 years time for pictures.

It is huge and we have heard the organ is breathtaking.

when the huge copper dome was lowered in place by a crane it was a show stopper.

a few close ups the brick and carved stone work 
bell tower