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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Caturday Art

Mom loves sunrises and sunsets.  Recently she was looking through some
older photos.
  We're using an one today
Mom calls this Dusk over Kingsmill
Taken from our back porch

This is the same picture used above.  Mom enhanced it using 
PicMonkey's  Radiance feature.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

There is today's photo prompt

By Madi
There once was a lady named Mom
In the mountains she did truly belong.
If she needed refreshin', 
it was the west she was headin'!
She takes deep clear breaths into her chest for a few days
Then home to her kitty she would scurry!!
The End

By Mom
This is a place where my mind's eye escapes
to join my heart in it's wildest desires.
A mountain girl I was meant to be
Alas here I am in the middle of NC.
The mountains call my name from day to day.
I heed their call as often as need be.
To sit there with such a view would surely bring me joy.
Each breath of fresh air filling my lungs and clearing my head
makes me appreciate each visit to the hills I've had over the years.
Years ago we spent four days just about exactly like this photo.
It was called The Swag Country Inn, Waynesville, NC. It was extremely extravagant but worth every dollar.  The price included three huge gourmet meals a day, homemade cookies and coffee or tea available all day. And the most gracious hostess and staff ever. After leaving the main highway, you drove up a winding mountain road, 1 to 2 miles, it seemed like the road to no where you thought then a clearing you saw the most beautiful Inn ever.  Each morning after a huge breakfast we took a cup of coffee out to the back garden where there were chairs set up just like this.
Very early morning, before the sun rose,  all you could see was floating clouds.

The view was breathtaking.  

Speaking of Teddy, Angel Sammy and their mom...look what we won yesterday 

Madi and Mom Down Home In NC!

For Madi and Mom for their GUEST TEASER photo of June 5, 2018! Thank you!
We sent them this photo of the Governor's Mansion in Juneau, Alaska
Speedy the Rabbit and Clowie were the first two to guess where this picture was taken.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Every Diva needs

A hanging swing

 A TeePee or is it a buttie pillar tent...they all flew out when I jumped in.
 or the hottest in out of doors free standing lounger

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Tale: Twofer and health update

I've been spending many many hours on this bed lately.  
Because it is comfy and it has a great view and when the pillow shams aren't here 
I can get up close and purrsonal to my Sissy.  
It makes mom smile to see her two girls this close together.
 Mom's peeps aka Loula and Papa gave this PASTEL portrait of
Sissy to my peeps for a present in 1980...sissy was about 9. It was done from a photo
they really like it too.

Last Friday I was exhibiting some of the early signs of a bout with IBD. Since it was Friday, mom called my vet.
I had an unplanned trip to the vet and there was NO PRIOR APPROVAL from me either.
Mom wanted to stay way ahead of the issues when the 'tossing of cookies' are part of my malady.
 It had been 4 weeks and 3 days since my last magical cocktail from my vet.  You know the one that usually keeps me ticking along like a trusty Timex.   Normally it increases my appetite and makes me frisky within about 12 hours.  I'm not acting like I'm starved but I am eating and that is imPAWtant since my meds are in my food.
While we were at the vet Mom told the vet about a problem with my nails.

I'm the oldest pet the peeps have ever had so  we thought we'd share this

The staff always give me  mani-pedi about once a month. When they did it in late May, mom noticed my two end nails on my back paws were very very thick.  Not long, it looked as if the length had turned in to thickness.  She had a time clipping the daggers and Dad had a time holding me still. The two toes in the middle are not thick at all.  While we were at the vet on Friday, she mentioned it to Dr. S.  He said ahhhhhh yes the nails of geriatric cat ($5.00 word for OLD)  tend to thicken like this and become hard to cut.  So mom asked Dr. S if the Vet Tech could trim those for her.
She did and it was my first every mani-pedi by a Professional. Mom noticed the vet tech used a different style nail clipper called side my side.  Mom will be investing in one of those lickety split.   

That is it for now, livin' and lovin' one day at at time.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday Sparks on Sewing

Today we are pawticipating in 
McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks blog hop
This hop is all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

Mom and I will be pawticipating in this Monday fun spreading pet cheer and positive vibes.

I should probably tell you I don't chew on my pillow...I lick it.  This kitty has potent spit(ty)

Also I want to tell mom she does very purrty stitches...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Easy Like Sunday and Plates


in the study

on one of the beds...if I can't see you then you can't see me

and it was just Eas(ier) to pose than to hide
Mom likes my green eyes

OMCs we have plate spotters all over.
Here are a few from Pennsylvania
1. A JITATR, a jitter
2. LVLKERI, Love Lake Erie
3. IMBRUTUS, I am Brutus...mol I hope that is a toy poddle's name.
Now some from NC:
4. 4EVYOUNG, forever young
5. 4GOMEDIA, Forgo media...
that was a surprise as a young whippersnapper was driving the car
7. FURRSALE, maybe a realtor who wears her pets fur with pride
8. NANAVII, Grandmother to 7
9. SGCOFFEE, Sugar coffee
10. O2B@HB, Oh to be...not sure about HB
12. DRUM
13. SOLATIDO, maybe small sun
14. NAPLESBD, no clue
15. MC69V, No Clue
16. TRIDENTE, on a Maserati Tridente is their symbol/logo
18. SCHORLE, no clue
19. S8GJ1, on N. C. State university vanity plate, maybe State Grad June 1?