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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Shadows

Above is a picture of me and my shadow sitting our red room pictured below.
This room has the best sun spots and shadows.

I love to watch the sun as it moves across our home.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flashback with Milky-Way 1991

Milky-Way loved sitting at one of the side windows of the bay window in our kitchen.
Often I would find him sitting on his window perch dreaming of being a big game hunter or...

at the other side window on the stero speakers....grooving to whatever
beat was playing. No matter what MW was doing he was always having a good time
and very close to one of his humans, his favorite human was his human sister.
He loved sitting in her lap while she did her homework. I was thrilled to find that I had dated both of these pictures. He was probably 8 years old in this one.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I would never ......

Bite .......
the hand that feeds me....
I'm just giving mom a wonderful lick from my kitty tongue..she loves it and just between you all and me she giggles sometimes when I do it. What a kooky Mom I have.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My world was rocked and NOT in a good way!!!!!

For those of you who might not have yet figured it out....I AM A CAT....
Cats like routine (or as Mom says)we like what we like, when we like it and not before.
Well as you might remember the Mom recently went through an 'out with the old, in with the new' phase. Included in the out, was their very, very soft (not cat claw friendly) and OLD and stringy (Mom's words) comforter. She wanted a new one that would withstand 'claws'!
She found 'the perfect one, made of all cotton', in the 'perfect shade of burgundy to match the existing curtains (Dad was happy about this as he doesn't like to put new holes in the wall).
The next series of pictures will show you exactly what I thought of the new purchase.
First (and not pictured) is me being put on the bed under duress after I had been sniffing and whining (mom's words) walking around the bed for at least 100 hours.
I immediately notice it is different.
Again not pictured is the number of attempts it took me to actually stand on it.
I had to sniff it and paw it it several times to be sure it would not swallow me whole.

For all the Feline readers, you are probably very familiar with this next bit of paw action
you know the one...pat, pat, patpat, patpatpat, then slap it silly with one swipe....
Ok I don't know what it is but it appears harmless so I'll take a walk on the wild side but I'm keeping my eyes on it.....
So far so good I made it up to the pillows still no sign of life
Mom here...I'll spare the the remaining 100 pictures of Madi slowly walking down the other side of the bed sniffing and patpatpat...on to the last picture of her deciding it is acceptable. After all that hard C(at)S(lueth)I(nvestigator)work, she needs a nap so she heads on down to her towel.
Mom here: I wish you all could have seen the 'big deal' Madi made out of this new comforter. Whining and meowing and sniffing and every time I tried to pick her up to put her on it she tucked her tail and ran to the family room. She is such a DRAMA Queen!!! I we love her to bits!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Apologies, Kool Sr. Kitty Klub and what am I doing

First of all Mom and I want to apologize if we did not get to your blog this weekend.
We have had thunderstorms off and on all day every day and at night since Friday.
When it is storming like that we turn off the 'puter!!! WE had 7" of rain from Friday night until just before dark on Sunday and lots of t-storms and lightning. We are fine and no damage.

Also Sammy and Andy's mom at Meowsville asked us to be a charter member of her
Kool Seniors Kitty Klub. You might have noticed our official badge on our sidebar.
Please drop by to say hi to Sammy and Andy. They are two very handsome mancats. You may also find out how you can join the KSKK.
Now what am I doing you ask.....
I'm guarding the food box I answer...

A gal has to be very, very cautious and carefully watch where her food is stored.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Steeple Sunday: First Presbyterian

What a lovely steeple/bell tower. It reminds me of a castle.
First Presbyterian was organized on Sunday January 21, 1816. The service was held in
the old NC State House on the Capitol Square. There were 40 adults and children present
The congregation erected a brick meeting house on the corner of Salisbury and Morgan Streets
across the street from the State Capitol Building in 1818. This structure was used for 80 years. It was razed to make room for the present sanctuary which was completed in 1900.
In 1956 the sanctuary was remodeled to its present style and remains in its original location.
In 1958, Dr. Albert Edwards, a native of Scotland, began his ministry. During his 28 year
pastorate he introduced a mid-week service and a television ministry. The mid-week service included light lunch and a short sermon and was attended by several hundred folks a week.
from the surrounding state government buildings and other businesses in Raleigh.

The church entrance faces the Capitol Square, the sides of the church run about one half a block down two streets. It has a very active congregation is is the only Presbyterian Church in the heart of downtown.