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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Triple S-day

  Symmetry Siesta Saturday

This Cocina is located in the same shopping center as
JoAnn's Fabrics...aka my 2nd home. 

Friday, July 28, 2023

Final Feature, Nature, Feline,

  Nature Friday host LLB Gang   Click here Hostess Miss Mimi 

Final Feature Friday
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I wrote this in poem form 

imagine when I was six I thought my life could get no better. 
I was queen of the house which is all that matter.
Mom had a friend (Kit, mom to my furry nephews)
who told her she was a blogger
to which mom replied a W H A Ter?
She gave mom her addy, into the WWW she did roam.
She wondered if here we could find a home.  
She looked and she read and she ponder each blog. 
She even became a stalker of one or two
She said Madi ...this I think we can do
After a few icky attempts, with all the kinks ironed out
Just a few months after I was seven
late in the evening she pressed publish.
Live we went on the WWW and hoped what we said was not rubbish.
Mom declared for all to hear I am an idiot 
I should have tried this eons ago!
We never looked back new friends we found.
Here we are eight years later, two senior ladies full of chatter
and mad as hatters.

Feline Friday

This is the first photo of Madi to appear on our blog, June 26, 2009

Sun bathing beauty

Mom....please rub a little SPF 30 on my pink nose....and adjust 
the bike seat...I'll need a little exercise after the sun moves....Thanks Madi 

 Nature Friday from Logan's

The koi ponds and water fall are always in Logan's garden.  However, these water birds were new.   I was surprised to find out they are lightweight not metal. They move every so gently in the wind.    The Male Cardinal is totally metal and mechanical. It's wings move randomly and  his head turns a bit.

And a most wonderful video of a zillion hummers from Kit,
mom of Kat and Rocky

And last but not least some Shark Jokes for Rosy and Sunny and especially Mom Beth 'cause I know how much she likes sharks the last one is for Dad Ed he is a computer Guy

  • Where do sharks go on vacation? –  Fin-land.
  • Why won’t sharks eat clowns? – They taste funny!
  • What do a shark and a computer have in common? – They both have megabites!

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #129

     Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

Here is today's inspiration    

Yo You
I might be tiny 
With my jaws of steel you are out matched.
How dare you try to bite my hinny?
Try that again and you'll need to be
 Dynamite is my name

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to our 

Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus  

From Logan's Garden shop 


Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Happy Tuesday at Cedar Creek Gallery

Thank you to our 

 Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus

Today is the last post about our trip to

 Cedar Creek Gallery to see the

Click here to read about the National Teapot Exhibit

Miscellaneous photos

So much art of all kinds to make any day of the week happy

They are most famous for their pottery which is displayed in all the crooks and crannies

Thank you for letting me share our trip with you.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Awww Monday with my Nephew Kat the Brave

 Thank you to our   

Host Comedy Plus  

Dearest Auntie HiC

 I was relaxing on the sofa, preparing for my 1:00 nap, when I  saw 🐻 casually walking on the deck!

Of course I immediately alerted Mom, as 🐻 was heading straight to the bird feeders.

(Pictures were taken from inside.)

Mom knows a fed 🐻 is a dead 🐻, so she shooed him off before he got into trouble. (Bird feeders are brought inside every night.)

I was so upset by the horrific experience, I had a difficult time falling asleep. Somehow, I managed❣️

This was not same 🐻 as last week. This one appeared younger & much thinner. 😞
Enjoy the video:

❤️ Kat

PS Rocky was hiding under the bed, and still hasn’t emerged, 2 hours later). 
 Rocky finally came out. 😻 We hate that the bears are hot & hungry. 😞

Auntie HiC cannot πŸ™ˆor πŸ™Š!  If she had been there, she and Rocky would have been under the bed in the far, far dark corner.  He does look like a young bear maybe his mom told him it was time to put on his big bear pants and find his own food.
Your mom sure did have a very calm voice. 
I think a nap is a good idea…when you wake up it will seem like a dream
Hugs from two scaredy-cats Auntie HiC  and Rocky

Love to all

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Serene Sunday in Stepping stones

Many of our neighbors are slowly transitioning to
carefree landscapes.  I really like the welcoming path to their door