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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is....

When Mom invited me to popup on the ottoman,
I said thank you ma'am I think I will

Friday, October 21, 2016

Flower Friday w Dory and Thank You Nellie

Today we are happy to join Dory for 

On Friday October 7, 2016 our neighbor's clothes dryer went over the dryer rainbow bridge.
She asked mom is she could use our dryer for a few loads.
Mom said  A B S O L U T E L Y!!
Mrs. J brought mom this lovely bouquet of flowers to say thank you!!

I like Mrs. J she is quiet and nice. 
She is the realtor who helped my peeps sale my Grandma's house in 2014.
It was a pleasure to have her in the house.  I haven't smelled her since 2014.
She is the first non family member in here since all the worker bees.
We rarely have fresh flowers in the house because someone is nosy and likes to smell them
Exhibit A!!!!

Mom sat them on the table for a photo session.
Now  they are on display here.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday: S

Today's post is brought to you by the letter S

Before I wow you with my poetic skills,  I'd like to 
pay tribute to the inventor of this wonderful event

Sammy K
Sensational friend to all
Admired by everybuddy
Manly mancat in touch with his sensitive side, girls like that!

Mama's boy and that is  A ok with us!!
Young at heart

Sometimes I stare into out of space

Sometimes I stare into your face

Sometimes I stare just to give you a scare

Sometimes when I stare it is without care.
When all is said and done, a stare is just a stare it is not that rare

and most times there is nothing there!


Dental Bridge Update from yesterday's post from Mom

I got home at 1:15 yesterday .  I was in the chair from 9:50am until 12:50 pm...minus a short potty break.  Thank goodness I went ahead and did not tarry on the appt. After a nice shot of Novocaine... The removal of the bridge was a piece of cake...took about 15 min.  The prep on the anchor teeth and the yanking and tugging and stretching of my small mouth (stop laughing it is small but works good) was rough.  They have to pack string around the anchor teeth to keep the gum off when making the impression.  I could feel that a bit had a choice of getting another shot in the roof of my mouth too but I was told it would sting worse than a bee bite so I decide to (not) grin and bear it.  I cannot chew on the left side (Madi might indeed have to chew my food) AT all until I have the perm bridge and it was suggested to have a soft diet for 2 weeks nothing like steak or pork chops. If you chew on the temp it is liable to pop up!!  Good thing I like macNcheese and veggies and bake spuds. Next appt. 11/ will be easy peasy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Archaeological** Dig

Recently I heard the peeps talking about digging/sawing/blasting and excavating a Bridge.
This girly diva loves an adventure.  After some thorough reseach, I found out all about a Bridge....It is full of steel, and concrete and wires
Exhibit A.

Cat Scouts are always prepared for the unexpected.  I assembled all things I thought would be
necessary and told mom I was ready, set...lets GO DIG!!

girly hard hat, safety goggles, bandanna , proper signage, camera for documentation,
band aid, DYnaMITE, clock, binoculars and a wrench (??).

Well imagine my surprise when Mom said even though we are a pair, I could not pawticipate.  Evidently I had misunderstood.  Mom said 9/26/16 during a routine dental visit...Dr. B 
found an itty bitty teeny tiny cavity UNDER a 25** older than a dinosaur thus archaeological year old dental bridge.  I think mom is right I'm not going near that bridge she is on her own!!
Good Luck Mom!! So all this being said, Mom has to be at Dr. B's at 10 am today.
The archaeological dig of the 25 year old bridge will take 2 1/2 hours.

We will probably be checking in with you all before the DIGGING and BLASTING and who knows what all.  After all this mom will have a temporary bridge and will probably need me to chew all her food for her. MOL!!  I wish.  The permanent Bridge will take about 
2 or 3 weeks to construct.  Here is hoping it will be as strong as the steel and concreted example
We'll let you know how it goes.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Take two Tuesday

Originally mom took a photo of my feets....crossed
then she had a hair brained idea that a split photo of me would be fun!!
No kitty was hurt in the making of this collage!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Marvelous Madi Mews

No matter your numerical age....the true age is all in how you feel and how you handle yourself.
This is our 'attic storage'.  Our house is called a 1 1/2 stories so technically we don't have an attic.  
This room behind my blog office.  As you can see, there is a plethora (*$10.00 word of the week) of fun to be had in here.  All kinds of jumpin' and sniffin' and such. 
I was enjoying the view while mom did some filing.  Luckily the flashy beast was near by to 
document this most PAWSOME dismount.  I am literally standing on 2 front paws and one back left paw with my right paw in the air and my tail balancing me!!
For a 14 year and 7 month old senior kitty I'd say that is purrty good.
I might have mom send this to my Vet!!

Photo take 10/14/16...
Proud to be me...sincerely 
Madi(son) D Amazing CAT