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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Archaeological** Dig

Recently I heard the peeps talking about digging/sawing/blasting and excavating a Bridge.
This girly diva loves an adventure.  After some thorough reseach, I found out all about a Bridge....It is full of steel, and concrete and wires
Exhibit A.

Cat Scouts are always prepared for the unexpected.  I assembled all things I thought would be
necessary and told mom I was ready, set...lets GO DIG!!

girly hard hat, safety goggles, bandanna , proper signage, camera for documentation,
band aid, DYnaMITE, clock, binoculars and a wrench (??).

Well imagine my surprise when Mom said even though we are a pair, I could not pawticipate.  Evidently I had misunderstood.  Mom said 9/26/16 during a routine dental visit...Dr. B 
found an itty bitty teeny tiny cavity UNDER a 25** older than a dinosaur thus archaeological year old dental bridge.  I think mom is right I'm not going near that bridge she is on her own!!
Good Luck Mom!! So all this being said, Mom has to be at Dr. B's at 10 am today.
The archaeological dig of the 25 year old bridge will take 2 1/2 hours.

We will probably be checking in with you all before the DIGGING and BLASTING and who knows what all.  After all this mom will have a temporary bridge and will probably need me to chew all her food for her. MOL!!  I wish.  The permanent Bridge will take about 
2 or 3 weeks to construct.  Here is hoping it will be as strong as the steel and concreted example
We'll let you know how it goes.  


  1. That kind of bridge work is no fun! Purrs to your human!

  2. Hari OM
    Yikes, that's the sort of bridge I would not be keen to add to the Fudge's collection! be ready to offer tea and comfort Madi. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Sympathies to Mom. SHE had a root canal redone last year and the worst part was keeping HER mouth open for all that time. Good luck!

  4. Our paws are crossed for your mom for everything to go A-OK!

  5. Well that doesn't sound like fun at all. Sure hope it all goes well. Madi, you had better get ready to take care of the Mom when gets home from that torture. Sending lots of purrs.

  6. UHOH.....My Mom has been through this - plenty of dy-no-mite involved and when the Mom gets home she is liable to be a little bit cranky Madi so BE PURRRPARED!

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. Hope your mom's dental dig goes well. Doesn't sound like much fun at all! Love your pink hard hat. You are always fashionable!

  8. Good luck to your mom!!! we hope it will be the jubilee bridge and not the bridge over troubled water :o) my dad has his bridge day tomorrow... it probably will be the golden gate bridge when the cost forecast is true :o)

  9. I so sympathize with your Mom. The digging and blasting of the bridge is not so bad but the jaw from being open so long can feel a little sore! Fingers crossed for your Mom!

  10. Cats and dynamite...not a good combination! :D

  11. We are sending all our support, love and hugs to your mum today! Hope everything goes well, the worst part is always in your mind - I am always wondering afterwards why I was so nervous.
    Madi, love all your assembled equipment for the dig, so funny.
    Hugs, Elliot, Cricket and Lynne x

  12. when I saw your preparations I thought Wow.. Madi if going on an ADventure.. I can tell you I would rather go with you and do your bridge research than go with mom for hers.. OUCH in mouth and pocket book. you can tell I am older than mom because I said Pocket Book.

  13. That is very sweet of you to chew her food. I am sure she will appreciate it! Prayers for an easy dig!

  14. I HATE THE DENTIST! After the horrible front tooth implant of 8 months.......I shiver thinking about them.

    Hope all goes well and glad it won't take 8 months to get it done.

  15. I hope all goes well for your mum's big dig today.

  16. How sweet of you to want to paw-ticipate in that bridge dig, Madi! Your girly hardhat is adorbs! Wishing your momma well; 2-1/2 hours in the dentist chair is way not fun.

  17. They're probably still going to need some dynamite! Good luck to your momma!

  18. Oh, we sure hope your mom does OK and is no worse for wear! We love your working photo Madi. We are sure you are a great Cat Scout cuz you are prepared!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. I sure hope that dentist is NOT using dynamite!!

    Feel better soon Madi's Mom.

    Mara from Norway

  20. OH, Madi, we hope your Mom was able to cross that bridge work without any trouble. Not a fun task at all. Please give her some snooter smoochies from us.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  21. hugs for yur mom Madi. OUr mom has to go to the dentist next week on Friday. They want to replace an old crown and she has to decide if she wants to do that
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  22. Yikes! Dental work! Ghostwriter had a root canal dug and a got a crown recently. Good luck with your bridge building project!

    Our Grampa Bill, whom I've never met, was a mining engineer. He used to bring home empty dynamite boxes to use for storage because they were nice and sturdy. Now Dad has these boxes in the garage and the shed. They're still in good shape.

  23. Looks like you need your nurse outfit instead of the construction gear.Although you look adorable s a construction worked. I hope all goes well for your Mom.

  24. Make sure to give your Mama extra snuggles from us, Madi!! We hope everything goes well!!

  25. Tell your Mom maybe she needs to join a bridge club pretty Madi!

  26. fishez two yur mom at that place wear peepulz cry out in pain, wood rather eat cat litter than sit in "de chair" N come home lookin like de cod father N feelin noe pain til de nova cane wearz off ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  27. Oh, that doesn't sound fun AT ALL for your mama! We hope it all goes well!

  28. What? that's a long time. Special hugs to your mom (and to you too Madi). Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  29. Oohhh that just sounds awful. Good luck with all that.

  30. Oh your poor mom. We hope everything went well for her today.

  31. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK!!!!! Ma just gots the willy's thinkin' abouts it!!!!!! She does NOT likes the dentist, and does whatevers she can to NOT have something like this happen to her pie hole! Butts, no matter how hard we work at keepin' things in check, things like this eventually happen, and it is Ma's worst nightmare!!! OMD, she has had 5 crowns, and she freaked out on each and every one! They have to gives her the gases and everythings!
    Oh, man, I hopes your Moms is okay...if she needs some margaritas, lets me know, and I'll drive the truck overs there!!!! crap...nows Ma is gonna have nightmares.....
    Ruby ♥


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