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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Saturday Symmetry

 Heck-Andrews Home is now the home to the NC Association of Realtors

This is one of my favorite renovated  homes in Downtown Raleigh
Pardon the tree on the left.  Roof line is the same on both sides of the house. 

The Heck-Andrews House was finished in 1870 and was one of the first houses in RaleighWake County, North Carolina to be constructed after the American Civil War. It is located at 309 North Blount Street. It was created by G.S.H. Appleget for Mrs. Mattie Heck, the wife of Colonel Jonathan McGee Heck. It is on the National Register of Raleigh Historic Property. The house has a dramatic central tower capped with a convex mansard roof with a balustrade. The central part of the 2+12-story, Second Empire style frame dwelling is enclosed with a concave mansard roof with patterned slate.[2]

The house was owned by the Heck family until 1916 and was sold to A.B. Andrews. In 1948, Andrews heir sold the house to Julia Russell. The North Carolina government bought the house in 1987 planning to refurbish the structure. The exterior refurbishment was completed, however the State sold the house to the North Carolina Association of Realtors in January 2016 who plan on using it as an office building.[2]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.[1]

Friday, August 25, 2023

Feline, Final Feature and Nature Friday

  Nature Friday host LLB Gang   Click here Hostess Miss Mimi 


In August of each year, my neighbor sends me this most beautiful view of  Nature down by the Sound in Shallotte, NC.  I am acting as their plant nanny and mail gather while they are on vacation. 

This year's arrived on Friday, August, 18, 2023. My mind's eye knew it would be used for Nature Friday.  This is their view from the screened in porch. 


For Feline and Final Fiction Friday.  You all know My Mind's Eye has a Mind of its own.  I have written a story from the eyes of  Felines living their best lives.

Final Feature Friday
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Now for my Final Feature Friday by the Felines 
The title is
Down by the SEA

This is where a Kitty should be 
No need to ever WANDER away from the SEA
I could sit under a the tree serenading the birdies.
I could play ball in the shade the tree shaped by the breezes of the Sea
I could take just a few steps to fish for fresh fish for supper.  Maybe I'll catch a catfish. 
After my supper, I'll take a nap on the deck to dream about all that the SEA has for ME.
And most impawtantly, look at 

Life is good down by the sea for all to roam free.
The Cat

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #133

Kat would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on Awww Monday.
This is a photo of him listening to his Mom read them.


 Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

Here is today's photo. 

My mind's eye is creative
Somehow it never reaches my fingers
I am very good at coloring .....
Outside the lines.
Creativity comes in many forms.
Drawing, painting, 
or interior decorating.
When Sassy Singer (sewing machine)
My creativity shines

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Wordless Wednesday For Ramona


Thank you to our Hostess

Sandee at Comedy Plus 

Ramona is one cool chick and loves Chickens
These chickens reminded me B.B. and  Gray Baby


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Happy Tasty Tuesday and Reminder FFF

Thank you to our 

 Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus  

Recently, we met my G, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, K,
Our orders were taken.  You an either have soup or salad as an appetizer.  
We all selected salad.
Then Chef Nelson appeared with is cart full of ingredients to make us a delicious lunch
It was prepared at a cook top with diners sitting around the cook top
I ordered chicken hibachi, my husband steak and shrimp hibachi,
G ordered steak hibachi, K ordered veggie hibachi.

Shortly after the veggies were added to the cook top Chef Nelson said
now here comes the FIRE!!  The entire meal is about delicious food prepared with a lot of HAPPY entertainment.. I intended to take more photos, however, the Dining area directly behind him quickly filled up too.  
I thought it best not to take photos then.  
He had a funny fire extinguisher, he called Japanese fireman, who instantly peepee'd water on the fire. 

Mad Snapper this is for you.  I know how much you love 'fire'!

Chef Nelson did so many things to entertain...the rice was quickly made into a heart shape, he used soy sauce to make a happy face.  The balanced a egg on 2 spatulas, moving the egg from one to another w/o dropping.  Then he used a spatula to perfectly crack to mix with the rice.

This photo from WW last week was taken at Kanai

 Click here to read about the restoration.

Final Feature Friday is August 25.
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Monday, August 21, 2023

Awww Monday and Sparks

 Thank you to our   

Host Comedy Plus  

Dearest Auntie HiC

It is I, Kat, your tabby Nephew, here to share PSA: 

I want to remind everyone to breathe. That might sound peculiar, however,  breathing is involuntary, and we often forget to breathe with purpose. 
Take a moment, watch my video, (volume up),  and be aware of your breathing. If possible, position phone or device on your chest, as it’s not necessary to watch video, just listen. 
Share how you felt afterwards. 

We hope you are relaxed.

Lovingly your nephew
❤️ Kat

OMCs, KAT, your purr sounds like a finely tuned Jaguar with the smoothest running engine on the planet. 
Should you tire of being a pampered pet you could surely get a job as a one man(cat) healing machine. AUNTIE loves this.

Lovingly Auntie HiC 

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Serene Sunday

Logan's Sea Blue Pottery