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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt: Tea

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is....

The dining room table is where a lot of my photo shots take place.
Any time mom puts something on the table and calls my name I'm up there in 2 shakes of a cat's tail.
 Girls and Boys I was in for a surprise last night (and so was mom).  All week she meant to get a photo of me with a glass of sweet iced tea..she finally remember.  Last night.

Well if I'm not a monkey's aunt lookie here what I saw over at mom's place Bratwurst, peppers and onions.  I don't do veggies but 
I think I could easily learn to like peppers served with 
Bratwurst.  This is a new recipe and I heard the peeps say it was a keeper.  Mom recently bought Southern Living's Fall recipes magazine.  You can click here  if you want to try it.

Mom tricked me off the table by putting some delicious cranberry and salmon treats in my bowl.  Dang it!! 
My peeps drink sweet iced tea with lime 365 days a year for supper!! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Seeing Beautiful is Happiness and Flowers.

Today is 2nd Friday and that means 
with Sugar.

Yesterday my good buddy Easy Rider tagged me with a 
Happiness Challenge...and I accept!! 

Now I would like to share 5 things that are Beautiful and make me

1. Fresh flowing water. I have loved water my entire life.
When I came to live here, this Fresh Flow 
water fountain was here.  I was intrigued with the water ripples
and the hum. This is a more recent picture of me with it
I could often be found sitting staring at it and every so often
I'd rest my chin on it.
It lasted for 14 years.   This past spring it quit working.  Mom was worried I would not accept a new one BUT I did....after I...

2.  My cat tree.  It is said cats are either bush dwellers
(like low places) or tree dwellers (say that 3 times fast)
I am both.  

3. Boxes!!!!!!!!!  I have never, ever, no never met a box I
didn't love to bits!! A box can provide hours and days and months of entertainment

4. Sunpuddles: If you have never napped in one, 
what are you waiting for...DO IT!

The #5 thing that makes me happy and the 
most important....IS

Today we join Dory's .....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Today's poem is brought to you by the letter 

Madi and Mom
Are two M's in a pod!
They share a blog.
You can't say one without the other tagging along.
When they are separated, the odds are
there will be trouble. 
One is like a stalker with the horrible
flashy beast.
When hunger strikes, one acts a tad feisty!
Mom knows how to calm Madi's inner beast 
with just the pop of a top. 
Madi comes running only to stop just inches
from her feast!!
(did we hear a collective sigh and appaws)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tea for two and thank you Easy

Christmas and his Mom are hosting a Tea Pawty today
Mom set out this lovely Chinese tea pot and cups she received as a retirement gift from Professor Lu.   
I put on my purrty purple pawty hat 
click here to Sashay (the proper way to make a tea pawty entrance)

Remember proper tea pawty etiquette is pinkies up when sipping your tea
Sincerely Lady Diva Madi(son) D Cat

Speaking of Etiquette,  I have a thank you to deliver!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Buttie Pillars Tale

Good morning you can see my nap was interrupted so I could pawticipate in this tale.
As you may recall, TOGM and Dad are older than dirt. I'm told way back in the olden days
early 1970's wooden purses were very chic.  My mom admired them in the store windows.
Dad said a light bulb went off in his head...yep he was gonna make one for my mom.
A little known fact is my Dad is very artistic and cre8tive!  He bought the wooden
purse and hardware at a craft shop.  Then he hand drew and painted all the 
buttie pillars!!  The little brown 1/2 moon drawings around the top and bottom
were made by tracing pennies.

Here is a collage.  All of the buttie pillars have little tiny sparkles too.
Dad made this 46 years ago in August 1970

I would like to thank my gal pal Princess Leah for teaching all of Blogville this most adorable term
Buttie Pillars!! 

PL this is for you and the lovely ladies in your life.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day: Madi's Miscellaneous Mews

Mom has been eating something that smells mighty good....

The other day she had something on her left wrist..OMCs it nearly drove me insane licking it and sending it to my  *Jacobson organ trying to identify it.  Evidently Jacobson needs
a software update!!  All my search data came back 'cannot identify'!!

* For those who don't know.....Cats are equipped with a very special piece of equipment 

known as the Jacobson's organ 

or vomeronasal organ. Located in the roof of the mouth, it contains ducts that lead to 

the mouth and to the nose. This is essentially a scent analyzer

You cannot see my mouth but this is what I was doing and I close my eyes about 1/2 too

If you ever see a feline friend with his/her mouth slightly opened like this and possibly drooling a tad,
they are sending something to Jacobson.

That is it for today' edition of Madi's Miscellneous Mews

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Easy Sunday and Plates

Happy Easy Plate Sunday from the freshly painted and decorated bedroom of my SIS and BIL.
I am sitting on top of the sheet that mom uses so my lovely furs do not get on the new bedspread and shams.... 
Also I should probably tell you if mom leaves a sheet cover on too long and there are 
too many lush lovely furs of Madi...I boycott the sheet.  Divas don't like sitting 
in old dead skin cells furs!!
 The walls are painted Honeydew (kinda greenish) this is what is under the sheet!!
 My blog office  used to be the only green room in our house.  Now we have four green rooms.
Mom and Dad's room is Dewy, their bath room WaterScape and the blog office is a pale green
Our painter made the comment many times that we liked color. MOL
FYI we have a RED ROOM too.  It is where my favorite sunpuddle  lives in the winter.


First up from our guest plate spotter Terri in Kansas

1. MOZJEEP, Moe's Jeep
2. 2L8B8S, Too late Bates
3. MIKENME Mike and Me
4. MENMINE, Me and mine
5. MMBACON, Mmmmmm Bacon 
6. KATMNDO, Katmandu, Terri says to think about 
Bob Seger)
7. N2CAKES, Into Cakes
8. MIMIPOO, Miniature poodle
9. BULZA8, Bull's eye this is quite clever
10. NEELIX, German Singer's recording name
11. PUGLUVR, Pug Lover
I know lots of Pugs who'd like this plate
12. R8R N8N, Raider Nation (football)

Second guest spotter Frankie and Ernie
14. ICEMDN, Ice Maiden
15. BEVZBUG, Bev's bug
16. CATV587
17. BARN MRS, Maybe a farmer's wife

Now from my lists...and FYI she has many many stored up
18. MI3SONZ, My 3 sons
19. LSU BELLE, Louisana State U lady fan
20.4GOODAIR, For good air
21.PUGWORLD, Ohhhh pug friend are every where
22. A!R, Air
This one was on a Scuba Diver plate. Organizations and clubs  in 
NC can have their own plates designed if they have X number of 
members to request one.
23. MKTGMAN, Marketing man
24.FROGTOES, Frog toes...ummm sounds tasty
26. TREBLCLEF, Treble Clef a music lover
27. RON'S Z4
29. WHTVOLVO, On a white Volvo
31. DGIT, Dig it or digit
36. CHRI$TIE, Christie 
37. YNG4LIFE, Young for life
38. ALBOUTME , All about me
39. CGULL, Sea Gull
40. CRZYRUNNR, Crazy Runner
um Mayorz Murp and Stan's peeps need this plate

to be continued