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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Caturday Chores

I'm a buzzzzzzy(body) kitty

Friday, May 19, 2017

Flower Friday and Family Fotos

Our hosts are Angel Dory and her Mama

 My dad is king of designing potted flowers.
Our houses faces north it is great for sun puddles; however,
 flowers in the ground not so much.  They love being in pots.
Below left just 3 Petunias on May 6...same pot May 13
it is full of purrfect purple petunias
On the bottom right we have no clue what it is but we like it.

This pot started out in front of our back lamp post
But Dad moved it to the deck stairs where there is more direct sun

Sissy sent mom some photos of  Team Cuteness, aka Frisco and Mia this week... I must admit they are purrty darn CUTE!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Today's post is brought to you by the letter


Each week Mom attempts to write poetic words
No matter the effort the words are audio swords.
Week after week I scratch my head while wondering
Where in the world mom's mind will wander.
Will she ponder why, where and when 
 or blunder yet again.
Will she fail or will she prevail
Will it be thumbs up or down

With Woeful Wails 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

7:45 AM
The peeps are taking an unauthorized day trip today.  As long as they are
home by my din-din, (between 3 and 4 pm) there will be no demerits or traipsing  on bladders during the night

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday 2 cat tale.....

Memories of Ursula and Gudrun

When my human uncle lived in NY,  he adopted 2 sister kitties. While Uncle was away at work one day, the kitties( ~ about 9 months old) decided it would be fun make swing out of the hanging potted plant. All Uncle could figured was they took turns jumping up to the tassel grabbing it with their claws and swinging. Eventually the hook came out of the ceiling the pot landed on the carpet...dirt was everywhere when he got home...........but amazingly the kitties were fast a sleep BUT they forgot to clean their paws. Mom would have loved seeing Uncle's face when he got home.  All we had was a picture of the aftermath.  This was way back in the mid 80's.Those girls were a hand full. Not long after that,  my peeps and sis went to Syracuse to visit Uncle and the kitties.  It was actually mom's very first time being with cats.  Ursula and Gudrun were curious about their company and OMCs mom says my sis fell in love instantly with them.  My peeps were fast asleep on the sofa bed when all of a sudden mom was awakened by what she thought was dad touching her head as he rolled over.  Mom scooted over a bit but it happened again.  Lo and behold Ursula was on the back of the couch playing swat with mom hair.

After Uncle moved back to Raleigh, Mom used to cat sit for him when he went on trips. On her first sitting experience she arrived to find NO food anywhere. She finally found a note telling her where the food was stored.  He said he could not leave it on the counter because they knew how to open a new bag of kibble.  All he could figure was one would stand on the bag while the other gnawed and clawed at the top.They would eventually get the bag open. He learned this the hard way while in NY.  He left the bag on the counter after a quick trip to the grocery store. Came home to find an entire bag of kibble all over the counter, floor and in the sink. Mom thinks they were rebelling because of the names he gave them.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Madi Mews

My sweet human sissy calls my peeps every Sunday either via
Facetime or their landline.  
YES we still have a landline and yes mom still has a flip fone!
Stop laughing....
Their landline is 11 years old...last week while talking to sis via landline
the crazy thing started beeping battery low, it is supposed to have a 12 hour battery.  Now granted sis and mom can talk the ears of a corn stalk and an Eskimo into buying and air conditioner but they had not been talking very long.
So mom says to Dad it is time we bought a new phone.  Her reasoning was valid it needed replacing 
'cause obviously it was OLD.  However, when you see what she came home with you might decide there was another more impawtant reason.

What do you REALLY think mom was thinking when she bought the AT&T new phone?
I purrsonally don't think it had 1 thing to do with the battery!!!!!!
Picture taken on Friday May 12, it was dreary, 55 degrees I was not interested in the photo shot!!

What do you think?

This picture speaks volumes
oh and speaking of volumes it is a wee bit 
louder too!!!
It does have a few new functions that will
require some time.  TOGM does have the 
time and date set and voice mail set. AND the quiet button is her new favorite feature.  You can press that at night or anytime you don't want to be bothered with answering the phone or hearing annoying voice mail from Telemarketers!!! The phone acts as normal just QUIET(ly).  Also it announces the number calling
and IRONICALLY it was less expensive than the old Panasonic

In other breaking news...
Evidently my water fountain did something to offend me.
I have used a fresh flow fountain since my first day here at Madi Manor. However, I, Madi(son) D Cat, will no longer use it.  No clue why!! The filter was changed monthly, water was often changed twice a day due to Moi drinking from it with a mouth full of food.
But alas NO More sipping fresh flowing water!  
I am currently a card carrying member of BDA
Bowl Drinkers Anonymous.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mom, Mom's Mom and Sissy

To all moms of 2 and 4 leggers!!

Madi is letting me aka Mom post today.

Below is a photo that was taken  in 1998 during my daughter's wedding portrait sitting.  
Thank goodness we had a very wise and experienced photographer.
It was his custom to take a snap shot of moms, daughters and grandmothers if all were present.
This is a treasured snap shot....

I am on the left, my daughter in the center and my Mama aka Mom on the right.

My mama loved this photo.
Mother's Day about 15 years ago a friend helped me copy this photo onto fabric.
Then I made the pillow below and added the photo to it.  Mama kept this
pillow on her bed and she told me every night she kissed her girls
good night. Mothers do things like that.

Not everyone is called Mom, Mother or Grandmother:  
My mother always wanted me to call her Mother...I called her Mama
My daughter calls me Ma
Before my daughter was born, Mama said I hope this baby will call me something unusual.
Evidently my daughter heard that request.  From the day she could speak
she called my Mama,  Loula.  
Mama's given name was Lou...just Lou not Louise. Her middle name was Daniel.
Mama was the baby of 7, 5 of them girls, 1 boy.  Mama was born when her *Mother was in her mid 40's.  Maybe they were hoping for another boy.
I'm sure my daughter heard my Dad call Mama, Lou.  Thus the Lou part, as for the la, no clue.
After my daughter was born, nearly everyone who knew my Mama started calling her Loula
even at work.  I even called her Loula more than Mama and my husband called her Loula.
I called my *maternal grandmother, Annie Ma.
This name came from the oldest granddaughter, Becky.  I'm told Becky could not
pronounce "G's".   She was trying to say Grandma..somehow it came out
Annie Ma and it stuck.  My paternal Grandmother...was Grandmother...nothing else.

I love names and how they came about.  What do you call your Mom or Grandmother?