My Mind's Eye

My Mind's Eye
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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Happy Tuesday from Kat and Pup

Last weekend Kat, Pup and Staff left New Mexico 
for State #8

Dearest Aunty HiC

We’re at Homolovi State Park, in the AZ desert
Mom says the desert sunsets never disappoint. 

I must be in heaven it looks like a giant sandbox to me! Me-Wow!!!😹

Pup keeps a watchful eye out for gray foxes, badgers, prairie dogs, bobcats,  jackrabbits, rattlesnakes, and huge lizards. Oh my!

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew and Pup your K9 Nephew

Dearest Nephew Kat you are indeedy in litter box heaven and you don't even have to dig, you have a watch dog and OMCs that sunset can be seen from every angle of that giant litter box.  
It is for sure a is  1 million view... 
I send your staff and my two nephews tons of hugs 
Lovingly your Aunty HiC


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Monday, November 11, 2019

Veteran's Day, Awww Monday and Sparks

Here is today's Awww Monday
KAT is going to be guest blogger today
from his front row seat in New Mexico
Where he continues to see amazing new things!!
Take it away Kat 

Guess What Aunty
Yep, we’re still in New Mexico, ha!
the picture Kat sent me is not showing up so here is a recycled one
so you get a sweet imagine of my nephew in your mind's eye.

Guess what I saw today?
Can you see it? You might have to zoom in...
It’s a black-tailed prairie dog!

I said, “Meow-dy”, but I don’t think he understood. 😹
Anyway, it was great entertainment for this Georgia Kitty! 
Bundle up! I hear it’s going to get cold again back East. 

According to an article Mom read:
You know Mom was a teacher before she became mine and Pup's Mom.  She grabs
every moment as a teaching/learning experience.
Here is a tidbit of 
P'doggie info for the readers.
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Prairie dogs have the most complex language of any animal ever studied.  They have over 200 words and can form sentences. Bark, snitch, yap, chirp, yip, chatter, yelp, twitter, chip, squeak, chirrup and woo hoo are all prairie dog sounds that humans can identify.  

Here is today's Sparks Quote

Dearest Nephew 
Your cousin, aka favorite sissy of Angel Madi, feel in love the the Prairie Dogs and Bison while she was way out west in September.  She was contemplating a way to get the little Prairie Dogs in her carry on!! MOL MOL  I don't think my grandcats, Frisco or Mia would have been amused. 

I had no idea about the Prairie Speak being so complex.
Please thank Mom for teaching all of us something new and 
exciting today.
Loving your Aunty HiC

Road Update: Last Thursday Kat and his merry band of
travelers moved to Arizona

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Miscellaneous Fair photos and Plates

This is the door to the Exhibit Hall where all the quilts and crafts were on display.
I love the window above the door looking out on the children's Ferris wheel

This huge tree is in front of the children's rides.

* means I could not figure out the meaning

I thank 
 Katie Isabella's Mom  for #1.  She spotted this plate in East Tennessee
1. SHELPN, Schleping
2. ILUVPROD, I love produce
3. FNSIZE, *
4. Ms Val, A name
5. DA Byrd
6. SMOKIVOL Volunteer Firefighter
7. JEEPGUY, Yep it was on a Jeep
8.L!PBOSS, Lip Boss???  ! replaced the i in lip
9. MAGNOME, Magnum?
10. MV YOU!, Move you
11. LUVUSLICK, Love you slick
12. 6-26x2, Maybe something to do with a marathon
13. MAGIKUL, Magical
14. IBCNU, I be seeing you
16. BA-B-DOLL, Baby Doll
17. TIRE-PRO, Maybe sales tires
18. CME4KAY, Mary Kay Cosmetic Representative
19. S#MOO, State hashtag Moo, possibly an Agriculture Science Major
NC State University plate
20. MOUSEYOUT, Mousey Out?
21. LUPOLAO, *
22. ILUV, I love...but wonder who
23. RDYENG, Ready Engine
26. BOOMA819,*
27. 4-TIP, *
28. LAMOVER, it was on a Land Rover
30. GRAMMYROX, Grammy who is very hip I guess
34. SRFandSAND, Surf and Sand

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Smokey the Bear on Saturday

More NC State Fair Photos
We arrived about 8:30 am on 10/25.  No crowds and we 
were able to see some things we had not seen in the past.
The NC Department of Forestry had a wonderful 

We were greeted by none other than Smokey the Bear

I have never seen all the fire fighting equipment used to fight 
forest fires.

 This is the water 'bucket' that is used for aerial drops

This 1952 former Military  vehicle is part of the Forest Service.

Right next door was a working sawmill

 This steam engine was huffin' and puffin' away

Who would touch a Sawmill? 
Usually signs are UP because some did something stupid.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Nature and Feline Friday

Hosted by Comedy Plus

Two  creepy 8-legged Nature Friday stories

First from Kat and crew in New Mexico

You will NOT believe what happened on Monday! 
Mom and Pup went for a walk around the campground...

When suddenly Pup barked, “Stop!”

Mom was about to step on a beautiful, fuzzy tarantula!

Pup and Mom said he sure did have some fantastic camouflage
Aunty is giving you some pointers....

She would have been terribly upset if she had harmed the big, creepy crawly. Ha!

I’m happy to report I was inside, and out of harm’s way during the entire ordeal.  😹

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Dearest Nephews
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh if creepy crawlers aren’t enough ......they are hairy too. 
Pup you are a great Desert dog w a fine sniffer.  Mom owes you a gazillion belly rubs for keeping her safe! 
  P. S. Kat
Lovingly your Aunty HiC


Second from right down the street a few miles from our house
This beautiful work of art was spotted at the WRAL-TV
Azalea Gardens early October

Now after seeing these creepy, hair critters of nature..
How man of you are standing on top of a table?