Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom
Down Home in NC

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My first Word(less) Wednesday

My (1st) Wordless Wednesday

July 14,  2009

Thank goodness over the last 8 years Mom has learned how to take  photos of this
Diva...and she follows me everywhere. It is rare that she is wordless too.  

July 25, 2017 resting on Dad's shoe box!!

Also on July 25, 2017
Mom is fascinated with J Crew windows

According to what is on the window this is their 'back to school' window.
Normally they paint the walls before a new window display.  Not this time
so Mom thinks this might be one of many back to school window displays.
The giant whirligigs* are interesting too. At first mom thought palm trees Dad set 

*A whirligig is an object that spins or whirls, or has at least one part that spins or whirls. 
Whirligigs are also known as pinwheels, buzzers, comic weathervanes, gee-haws, 
spinners, whirlygigs, whirlijig, whirlyjig, whirlybird, or plain whirly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday Tale about cat tails

My Tail 
I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano

If my tail is curved then I'm at ease
If it is tucked then do what you please

If it twitches then get out of my sight
(I'm watching a squirrel on my deck)
If it is to one side then I'm free for the night
(if you can wake me up)
If it is fluffed then I simply can't deal

If it swishes (and my fangs are showing) then it is about to get real
If it is erect then for you I give thanks

It there is no tail then I'm a Manx

My vet told mom to check in with him yesterday to let him know how my my subqs and how my appetite was over the weekend.  She told him Miss Piggy I was eating like there was no tomorrow.  WooHoo for the next two weeks 
Pokemo(m)n only has to do Subqs every other day.  Needless to say
everyone is thrilled.  I go back to the vet in 2 weeks to have my blood stolen to check my kidney levels.  

Yesterday my good budz the Doodz left this comment
Madi, tell your mom that she is as tall as measuring from the tip to tip of her middle fingers when arms are outstretched.

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Dearest Doodz, mom ran lickety split out to get Stanley, the tape measure.  Dad measured Mom's outstretched arms from tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger. It is 5'1". 'Course Dad knew she had short arms 'cause she can't reach anything. Then Dad measured mom's height....lucky she has not shrunk she is still 5' 3 1/2"

Breaking New 3

Yesterday Bently and Pierre left this comment
Are most cat's legs and tails the same length? I know humans are built weird like that. Our foot is the same length as our elbow to wrist. MOL!

Dearest Bently and Pierre
We are not sure if most cat's legs and tails are the same length.  Summer said her tail was longer...
But good news moms feets are the same length, 9", as the distance between her elbow and wrist..WooHoo

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017


.......on my noggin' makes me Happy!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

What I did last week

Just to catch you up you might have missed this post about my crazy acting
kidney now fast forward to our absence from Tuesday until Friday morn.
Mom and Dad had A N O T H E R trip planned but just for 3 days; however, I 
could not miss my SubQ treatments for 3 days so I, Madison D. Cat, age 15 and  4 months
had to stay with my Vet at his Kennel.  I have never been kenneled in my entire life so
needless to say this was T R A U M A T I C for mom , Me.
Mom and Dad took  me and all my 'stuff' to the Vet Clinic Tuesday morning bright an early.
Then they took a road trip to see mom's life long friend Miss Sally (they met when they were 12 years old) and her hubby Mr. Gary.  They live about 2 1/2 hours from us.  Mom knew it was the best thing for me to be at the Vet's but she was kinda upset to leave me...but she told her self,
"Self...this is not about you, it is about what is best for Madi".
She checked on me Wednesday morning bright an early.  The vet Tech told her I had my breakfast and had done my 'business'.  So mom was happy.  

Fast forward to Friday 7/21/17
Mom and Dad picked sprung me out of the slammer at 11:30.  My Vet told mom I was a wee bit stressed on Tuesday afternoon (no surprise there since I was totally out of my comfort zone) and would not eat so he gave me an anti anxiety shot and appetite stimulant.  After that, I was
feeling much more relaxed and loving all the attention I got.   Needless to say we 3 
seniors are all back under the same roof and everyone is Chill Axing...well it is hard to chill in this heat but we are trying.

NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW for a bit on what they did!!


Charlie is a stray that wander up Sally and Gary' house last summer.  I'm happy to report Charlie is now their cat.  Last fall he was neutered and got all his shots.
And he is living the life of luxury!! He is a most handsome black guy with gorgeous eyes of gold.

Ohhhh look at the pretty antique truck they saw...
While they were visiting with Charlie and his peeps somebuddy's granddaddy  came a callin'
 They spent one night in Abingdon, Va to attend a most hilarious
play, Savannah Sipping Society click here to hopefully see a YouTube 
Mom told me all 4 of them laughed so hard at this play their sides were hurting.
If you live near Abingdon she highly recommends you try to see it at the Barter Theater II.
They also visited the Abingdon was in a lovely setting. A creek
ran thru the front yard.
They saw some funny wine signs....
and more signs....
There was one she missed taking a photo of a door welcome mat that read
"If my cat doesn't like you, chances are  I won't either"!~

So anyway...all in all Mom was pleased with how I did at the vets and she knows 100%
it was the best decision.
Hugs and we missed you all but
WE ARE BACK and there are not more vacations planned
Madi and Mom