Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom
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Monday, June 19, 2017

4 for the price of 1 day

1. Happy International Box Day
However I celebrate boxes 365 days of the year.

2.  Thank you Angel was my honor to
attend you birthday party


#3. Thoroughly Poetic Thursday on Monday
Since they will be away on Thursday, we are posting our B poem today
Angel Sammy has suggested one of these words:
banana, bath, brave, balloon
Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Teddy and Angel Sammy

Mom and Dad are  *flying away
I know not where nor do I care. 
This kitty is fearless and brave she will be.
Miss K will be here, to spread cheer.
Food will flow freely. There will
be no bath for me. 
I will miss watching bananas floating in mom's morning
bowl of little O's. 
Balloons are full of hot air and are seen at the fair.
The outside has static 
which makes my furs frantic.
*4. PSA: *House Pawty come one come all
OMCs you will never believe it my devoted peeps are abandoning me tomorrow.  I'm not upset. Why you ask? Well because I have a most wonderful pet sitter.  She is not stingy with food and she is great company!!  

Mom says maybe this photo might give you some hints as to their 
destination and what they will be doing....

That's all folks...we packed this post full!!

I hope you enjoyed this it...'cause it will be up for a a while.  Feel free to visit us again.
Hugs Madi your bfff 

*ps house pawty starts at 7am tomorrow shhhhh  it is a secret*

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Dad's Day...and a ? for Raz?

I'm teaching Dad how to take it Easy today!!


Dearest Raz...I would be very very very 
honored if you would attend Christmas'

with me!!!
You don't need to do anything except say

Hugs Madi your Gal

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Caturday Art and Crotchety Cougar Hat Art

Caturday Art

LunaPic Kalidescoper Animation

Original photo

It is with great glee and gusto I announce that I am a

The group was founded by
Kali from Canadian Cats and
Phoebe at 15 and meowing

If you are a senior kitty and would like to join click on Kali's link above for all the details on her post of June 15, 2017.  Phoebe's talented mom Miss Ellen is crocheting these beautiful hats!!
OMCs I even let mom put it on my and and I left it there. As you can see, in the collage below it is
also a very versatile hat..........

Thank you Kali and Phoebe I am honored to be a charter member and will wear
my hat with proud and display my membership card on my sidebar
Hugs Madi

Friday, June 16, 2017

Flower Friday Dedicated to two Angels

Today's post is dedicated to our dear friends Angel Dory who was our Friday Flower Host and
Angel Bilbo, her silent but strong sidekick. We met them in 2009.
We will miss them furever but the memories they left with us will last for an eternity.
Love and Hugs Madi and Mom

Beautiful soul
Life lived full of love
Boy did he love pumpkin crunchies
Oh so very much missed by us all

Flower Friday 

Fox Family with a few flowers.
Mom's good buddy Janice and her hubby have a family of foxes living 
in their yard.  There are 2 little kits too.  She shared these adorable photos with us.
Look at that little critter drinking water from the bird bath?!
Thanks for sharing with us Ms. Janice 
Hugs Madi

UPDATE as of Thursday:
Family outing my friends counted 6 little fox (kits) and 2 adults!  Look at those adorable faces. My friend says they kits like to roll in her bed of

Also we'd like to let everyone know the Rainbow Friends for May has posted.
Ann has not been able to send out her normal mailing due to a hiccup with google email
You may visit by clicking below.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Teddy and Angel Sammy

This will be our 3rd attempt at poetry from A-Z
Angel Sammy and Teddy are changing it up a bit.
They are giving us a choice of words to use.  Mom
jumped the gun last week by writing her poem early so she 
is using her own word.  She promises to be less of a rebel 
from now on!


Apes like grapes this I know to be true
Apes are hairy, they never need capes , 
Apes are 'pickers' of this I'm sure. 
For this there is no cure.
Apes use their thumbs not for hitching
but for holding the grapes, 
picking at nits and finding pits.
However, they cannot knit!

Sincerely Madi and mom