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My Mind's Eye
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Silent Sunday...

Some of my favorite pictures from the past
Absolutely no editing.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Silly Saturday

Saturday my intention is to post funny cartoons/articles about Felines.
Over the years I've seen 87 million.  Hopefully I will see more now that I need them.
Here is today's.  It was sent to me by my good friend Ms. Kit

This is so very true and what makes cats so endearing!!!
They march to their own drum beat.

Friday, September 21, 2018

PSA: Come Laugh with Us/Flower Friday

Angel Madi's Guy Raz is hosting a fun event in her honor on Wednesday 9/26/18

Madi and Raz dressed to the 9's and Raz always had red in his wardrobe

here is the info below.  We don't mean to toot our own horn but we would be truly be honored if
you have time to join in the fun event.  Madi and I were all about fun!!

Please join us on Wednesday, September 26 when we host a special Blog Hop for Madi Come Laugh With Us.  Post anything you want to do with a Box...such as stand up comedy, a joke or pun,
Recite a poem...karaoke, just a picture with a box, etc...anything goes no rules except RED!

There will be a link set up at Living Laughing and Barking in our Backyard
 (The Blog Hop is set up HERE if you would like to pre-post)

Welcome to Flower Friday hosted by Living Laughing and Barking: 
aka Rosy SassyPants, Mayor Arty and Jakey.

Also HEADS up Angel Diva Madi will make guest appearances off and on... some she is silent some not and others she is hiding in plain sight.  Today is an easy one!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's photo prompt
We thank Mom Pam for all the effort she puts into finding 
these lovely photos for us.

Well friends this is my first attempt at poetry from OTRB.
As they say, you can't keep a Southern girl quiet for long.

Nite light 
Angel Diva Madi

Even though over my loo, there hung the moon,
For the last year there was a (nite) light
shining bright by my litter box.
Mom put it there to help show me the way
so I would not stray.  
I never missed my box
It was all was her way.
I'm back at Manor Madi now....well not me I flew away 
on the wings of angels.  My ashes are back.  This is a first for 
the peeps.  They didn't have a clue what to expect.  Nor were they given any they expected I would return in an not my style.
Good Buddies I'm here to tell you NOT ME...  OMCs everybuddy sit down...
I came home in a beautiful mahogany BOX..........yes B O about flying high who knew.  
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be able to enjoy BOXES throughout my life and for 
And to top that off...yes there is more...
My BOX came in a RED velvet drawstring bag....

I, Madi(son) D Cat loved being high....but as I aged I lost the ability to
jump to these most coveted locations...
On the Mantel aka Cat Walk entire event capture on Camera 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Rest of the   Celebrating and loving life one adventure at a time.

Today we pick up where we left off...with Madi proclaiming she has been 
unjustly accused...
If you missed that proclamation please here.
During Madi's first year with us she climbed on anything that did not run
 from her.Her favorite place was to jump from this chair to the mantel, 
walk across it to the top
of the secretary.  I was never able to get photos of the adventure...
but I witnessed it many times.
It appears the cortisone shot and all the yummy sardines(she loves sardines),
tuna and regular cat food Miss Piggy is eating she has found the fountain of
While I was cleaning up after supper Saturday evening 8/12/17, 
I saw this....what happened next was transpired in about 1 minute.
Thankfully my camera was handy

Mom Here:
Pictures speak volumes. I do apologize for the blurry photos.
Just before I started clicking I was washing an electric skillet.  
I still had on my rubber gloves.

Note in above her back feet are farther back...she recalculates placement of feet for #2 
PURRFECT paw placement 

UP I go
I was not quick enough to catch the spring up

I would have made it to the top of the secretary but Dad caught me.  
As you can see in the
above photo, that leap was another ~1' up.  The dang blue bird statute is 
about 8" high was in the way.
I needed to be about where it was to make my jump without deading the bird.
I coulda made it from here but the blue bird would have been history
Also in the past when I made it to the top of the secretary which is 8' high 
it was alleged I chewed on the finial and Dad had to get the step stool out.

As the saying goes, it is not about the destination but about the journey
and FRIENDS the journey was fabulous!!!!

Or on the Grandfather clock  re-enactment of

Epic grandfather clock story HERE

Click here to join 

We have so much to be Thankful for today:
#1  That 16 1/2 years ago Madi chose us to be her staff.  Which in turn
lead us to blogging in 2009 and meeting YOU ALL!!
We thank you for all your lovely, lovely heart felt emails, blog comments
cards, poems and most of all

We have received some lovely pictures of  Madi from friends...
and we thank them all click on Cards for Diva Madi on my menu bar.

From Madi and Mom to each of you........

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

And now there is just Me....

Happy Wednesday my friends....
Thank you for all your lovely kind and heart felt words about Madi, who was 
my inspiration. She will continue to pawticipate in Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursdays
and be my silent partner.  Well silent as long as she approves of what is being said.

 I'm sure I have some mish mash hiding deep down that is working 
its way to the surface.  I'll be sure to share it with you as it comes up.

My intention was to blog from my personal blog My Mind's Eye but I found I cannot comment from that blog so I deleted it because it would always go back to Madi and Mom: Down home In NC
Which is still our blog address so we'll give it a go from there.
As you can see from our new header, 
Down Home In NC:
My Mind's Eye
 is our new title 
If we figure out something different, we'll be sure to keep you

In the meant time here are a few.

Top two photos:
There is a new bakery at the mall what beautiful cakes they have.
Krispy Kreme Donuts have a free standing kiosk at the mall
Don't you just love the open box with the shelves of donuts

Bottom Left:
Who in their right mind would pay $14.00 to have their sheets washed at a Dry Cleaners professionally?
I haven't been to a laundry mat in years but surely you could wash and dry several loads of laundry for $14.00.
Bottom right:
Water fountain at Logan's Trading Post.  I've been working on capturing water
dripping for years...quite proud of this one.  Here is a close up.

For anyone who didn't know Madi passed on 9/13/18 click