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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Sunday Sculptures


Thank you to Ann for remembering our friends who got their wings in 2023

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Symmetry Saturday from the Coast of North Carolina

This is the building where favorite sissy (on the first floor) and brother-in-law (on the third floor) of Angel Madi work.
They both work for N. C. State University on the beautiful Crystal Coast.
The Center for Marine Sciences and Technology aka CMAST 

The Bogue Sound, below, is the  view from the back of their building
Shortly after they moved into this new building,
my daughter sent me an email: 
I can see dolphins from the lobby of CMAST

I was still working at NCSU in Raleigh.  
I replied:
I can see the Wolfline (NCSU campus bus) from the lobby of my office building.  You win the best view award!!!

Friday, December 29, 2023

Final Fiction, Feline and Nature Friday

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Final Feature Friday
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 Flash back February 2015

Mother of invention 
FYI this TRUE TALE is proof positive.
I promise it is the last post I'll show of snow
BUT trust me it is gonna tickle your funny bone.
Often when the peeps leave I take up my sentry post from the guest bed this window
 looks out onto the driveway.
 During the last few weeks of February we had sleet, snow,
ice and freezing temperatures all with in a few days of each other. All this made our 
driveway and front yard nearly impassable!!!
That is unless you are very clever...and my peeps are.
This picture shows very little white stuff but what you see is
ice and it is solid.  Mom and Dad needed to go to buy groceries...
they had to get to Gracie at the bottom of the driveway.
But they can't ice skate so they did the next best thing
they used their noggins to think of a safe way down
Dad had already fallen on the ice earlier.
They used a pitch fork and a golf umbrella as their anchors to walk down 
through the ice to the grass. Before they left
Mom thought to herself... how will we get the groceries back up to the

Easy peasy...they took to laundry baskets and two bungee cords
to the car when they left.  
 When they got back home with the groceries they loaded the
groceries in the baskets and pulled them up the hill with the 
bungee cords in one hand and the pitchfork and the golf umbrella in the 
other hand
Nobody fell...they got the groceries in the house

Awww Monday next week will be all about Mia
my oldest Grandkitty.   

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Thankful and Poetic Thursday #147 and FFF Reminder

 Thankful Thursday hosted by 


Kit, Mom to Kat and Rocky would like to say how THANKFUL she is to you all.

Please  thank our friends for not making me feel worse than I already do, regarding Katz escape posted HERE!
 I haven’t even ventured outside since Saturday.
When Kat first arrived, I put notes on every door. Over time, notes came down, and I didn’t replace.

Pls know I’ve replaced all the notes! As we get older, we need lots of reminders! πŸ˜‰



 Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

    Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

at Two Spoiled Cats

HE: Lean in my dear
I have a note of cheer
SHE:  In I will lean my dear
but my ears are sensitive
How about peck on my cheek 

Reminder Friday December 29 is

Final Feature Friday
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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Wordy Wednesday a Cat Tale from my nephews


Thank you to our Hostess

Sandee at Comedy Plus  

Dearest Auntie HiC

Don’t we look sweet & innocent?

Well, as you are aware, we were recently very naughty! 

We are including the text conversation between you & Mom:

I didn’t mention this before, too much going on, but cats escaped the house Sat. I accidentally left door leading to garage open, & D saw them dashing out! We had Kat back in house in about 10 minutes. Rocky never left the yard, but would not come to us for 4 HOURS
I was frantically calling him, crawling on all 4s, attempting to coax him w/ cat treats & his fav squeaky mouse, as he leisurely wandered all around the yard. He was outside from 4:00-8:20. We contained Kat in my room, opened all doors leading outside, & eventually, Rocky walked in the screened porch! I was honestly weak in the knees when we finally had him in house! πŸ˜ΉπŸ™€πŸ˜Ή

Auntie HiC:
Oh Kit I am weak in the knees reading this. 100% my worst fear  as a cat mom‼️‼️‼️ 
Rocky is a little demon.  Walking around like that.  I hope and pray he got that wild streak out of his system. I am so sorry you had such a terrible fright. 
Sending comforting hugs
Auntie HiC 

Every time he would head toward the woods, I used my teacher voice, & told him a coyote would get him! He was never out of my sight, but stayed just out of reach! 😹 When he finally came in, he just rolled over to be loved, & I smothered him in kitty kisses! His new name is Rascally Rocky❣️😻

Auntie HiC:
Teacher voice, MOL MOL that gave us much needed  comic relief and giggles.  When I read your first text to Bryan, he was sitting on the edge of the chair.  I guess Rocky's roll over was an apology⁉️⁉️‼️‼️😱
PS Rascally Rocky mom was not kidding about coyotes in the woods.  They are roaming neighborhoods in our county. Don’t scare mom like that again πŸ™Lovingly your auntie HiC 

Sanna πŸŽ…πŸΌsaid we were bad boys, so look what he brought Mom for Christmas! πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ More on that later. 

Sincerely your precious, sweet and obedient 

❤️ Kat & Rocky

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Happy Tuesday


  • feeling or showing pleasure or contentment:

Thank you to our 

 Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus

We received a delivery from the Carolina Company Cookie 


4 each of
Oatmeal Cranberry
Chunky Chocolate with walnuts
Macadamia and white chocolate\

Today I'm sharing some photos I don't think you have seen.

Next are photos taken in Beaufort, NC.

They don't have a mall there but they surely know how to make happy times for all with decorations and opportunities for fun photos.

Reindeer and Santa below have openings for humans to place their faces for photos

While visiting our daughter and son in law they took us to
Friendly Market and Nursery.
It is just like Logan's so many things to see and and eat.  No Seaboard CafΓ© there but tons of food including a kitchen where they make all the foods they sale. You can buy an entire meal.   Last Tuesday night for supper we bought a variety of salads, spreads, crackers and deSSerts from Friendly's for our supper.
Even the most delicious collards.  We just had to heat and eat.
Friendly's sales NC made products

This Happy Peacock.  There is no other store like this in Morehead City.  It was PACKED  snapped the next two photos

Favorite Dad and favorite sissy of Angel Madi examining variety of cheese straws

Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas on Awww Monday


 Thank you to our   

Host Comedy Plus    

Dearest Auntie HiC

Our PawSOME mom found an inexpensive, little tree at Walmart for the screened porch. Only unbreakable ornaments, just in case someone(s) decides to climb! 😹

We are both in Awww of it.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Symmetry and Artsy Saturday

December 12th,we took our friend to a medical appointment.  While waiting for him, we walked around the facility and OMDs/OMCs look what we saw symmetry and this beautiful metal sculpture.


Friday, December 22, 2023

Nature and Friday with Kat

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Hi Friends...I did so miss you these last few days.
We had a wonderful visit with the favorite Sissy and brother-in-law of Angel Madi and we had lots of kitty loving from our grandcats
Frisco da Ginger, Mia da Tortie and Harper the Princesses
Our daughter and SIL had a wonderful agenda planned for our visit.  Memories were made

I have a few (100) photos to sort thru


Today I have a fun video from Kat

 Dearest Auntie HiC

Mom was looking through some of our old TikTok videos & found one she had not shared with you.
Apparently, “TikTok-ers” liked, as it received 292 ❤️!

❤️ Kat

My sweet Tabby Nephew Kat
Auntie loves this video and is very very happy to read that 
the TicTok followers know a star when they see one
Auntie knows you are as gawgeous inside as out.

Lovingly your very Proud Auntie HiC

Nature Friday Deer grazing in Ernie da attorney's yard
 OMD(eer) did they lose Santa?

Sunrise over Bogue Sound 
(North Carolina Coast) December 20, 2023)
top photo facing East bottom photo facing West no editing

Monday, December 18, 2023

Awww Monday


 Thank you to our   

Host Comedy Plus    

My camera and phone are both charged

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Serene Sunday

Our Green glass pumpkin sitting on a LED light stand
There is a larger pumpkin behind the green.
 The light from the LED stand 
cast a shadow of the larger one on the wall.


Saturday, December 16, 2023

Saturday Symmetry

Photo taken on December 12 about 11 am in Cary, NC.
No editing the sky was really this gorgeous

 Same day different block

This reindeer at Logan's was actually very cute..and a perfect way to make sure folks see the Toys for Tots Box which is a US Marine Corps Reserve Holiday event.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Nature and Feline Friday

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 On a midafternoon walk 

I turned down this street to see two 
hawks standing on the curb
(I used a fake hawk on the left)
One flew up into a tree.  The
 other  stood on the curb
 trying to decide if he wanted me for a snack.  
Then off he went to join his buddy
The entire event was less about 30 seconds
I hardly had time to get my phone out.

They are both in this tree inside the white circle

Flash Back December 15, 2015
Poetry Thursday 
We are using the alphabet letters as poetry inspiration

Today's post is brought to you by the letter


Tis the time of year when we hear
ho ho hos from far and near.
The child in all of us is filled
with glee, and hope that St. Nicholas and Rudolf
have a clear landings on roofs, or hay bales in fields.
Just ten days and counting oh me oh my
Yes it is ALMOST here so girls, boys,
dads, moms and of course pups and kits
Whatever you do be good or your stockings
will be filled with coal and twigs and possibly figs. (Blah)

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Thankful Thursday and Poetry #146/Ode to Chair by Rocky and Kat

 Thankful Thursday hosted by 


Dearest Auntie HiC
Well, as it turns, you can “love something too much”!
This was our favorite chair; ginormous, luxurious, & comfy.

We couldn’t leave well enough alone, & the chair became our prefurrred scratching site. Mom is embarrassed for you to see these photos. πŸ™€

We are thankful for a Mom and Dad who love us unconditionally

For the past year, the chair has been covered with a bedspread because it had become a health hazard, with all the loose fabric & staples. 

Mom finally declared it officially “trashed”, & the chair was disassembled, taken out to the porch, & will be deposited in the dump tomorrow. 😿

Mom saved the seat cushion, & ordered a new scratching box for us, but we will never forget our chair. 

BYE BYE Old Friend

Love from your adoring Cats
Kat and Rocky

off to the dump

Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

    Poetic Thursday hosted by our pals Teddy and Angel Sammy 

at Two Spoiled Cats

Ode to the Chair

by Kat and Rocky

Hi Santa and Mrs Paws 
it is Kat and Rocky lean your ears near!
Should you hear
we played havoc with a chair.
Please remember 364 days a year
we are 200% kind, loving 
and full of sugar and spice and
Love Kat and Rocky