My Mind's Eye

My Mind's Eye
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Monday, March 18, 2019

Sparks and Awww Monday

are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

This Sparks paints a cozy visual....

Today I am pawticipating in
Click here to see more adorable Awww

No Orange cat was crushed in the making of the top photo
FYI:  Mia tops the scale at 8 lbs...Frisco is is about 16 lbs
Frisco thinks Mia's Tortie Tush is softer than cotton


Dear friends on wordpress
If you had a link on your blogs for readers to subscribe to auto notice with there is a new post,
it is no longer notifying me.  My senior back memory is in the process of trying to remember 
to check in daily.  

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love me some Reba wisdom!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

My mind's eye had a party

This photo was one of those happy accidents I discovered when I 
loaded pictures from my camera to my desktop.
Taken in Morehead City.  
What a peaceful photo..

I decided to play with it a bit

Top original again
Middle I cropped out the cars
Bottom I rotated the middle

Top house reflection rotated now the water is the sky

Friday, March 15, 2019

Nature and Feline Friday

Hosted by my Niece Rosy, and her 2 brudders Arty and Jakey HERE

Saturday March 9 we had a happy accident while having lunch at Seaboard Cafe.
The American Wildlife Refuge, which is our area's only fully volunteer raptor center had two booths set up
with owls!!
Click here to read about their efforts

2 Great Horned Owls on the top:
Left is Miss Virginia we were told she is actually larger than Rasputin on the right.
Miss Virginia in entering her brooding stage thus she is all hunkered down.
Rasputin had the most amazing eyes.  I think he was reading my mind.
Golden eyed owls
Their prey is usually killed instantly when grasped by the owl's large, curved talons. Great Horned Owls are mainly nocturnal (meaning they hunt at night), but they also hunt during the day in the wintertime. They eat rodents, hares, squirrels, skunks, various birds such as geese, grouse, ducks and pigeons.

Forest the Barred Owl in both of these photos.  He had a buddy with him but due to
the way the tent was set up I could not get a photo of him.
They have dark eyes
Though they do most of their hunting right after sunset and during the night, sometimes they feed during the dayBarred Owls may temporarily store their prey in a nest, in the crook of a branch, or at the top of a snag. They swallow small prey whole and large prey in pieces, eating the head first and then the body
Forest has an orange beak.

None of the four we saw can be released due injuries.
Miss Virginia has a dislocated killer claw (kinda like our thumb).  She cannot grasp prey
Rasputin has a wing injury.
By the time we arrived at the Barred Owl tent it was a big too crowded to hear any details on
their injuries


My Nephew Kat and exchange emails daily...

Dearest Aunty HiC and Uncle B:
I’m trying my best to take my afternoon nap, and Hu-Mum will NOT turn off the light.
I’ve been forced to cover my eyes with my paws. Will you please have a word with her about this? My Kat-Naps are a very important part of my day. 😼 Thank you.
❤️ Kat,  Your (tired) Feline Nephew

I Replied:

Dearest Tired Nephew:
OHHHHHHHHHH MY CATS..  obviously Hu-mum is not in her right mind; did she fall landing on her head?  

Did you hear Uncle and I squealing w delight.  We absolutely love your precious white paws!  Maybe you can catch up on some lost sleep this weekend!!
Loving your Aunty HiC and Uncle B


My nephew KAT's latest email...

Guess what!?! I have lots of new friends because Hu-Mum (Mom)  started a Twitter account for Me-Ow. It’s kind of like a bloggie, but shorter posts.  🙀
❤️ Kat Your Feline Twitter Nephew 

I don't tweet but I think this is his account infor

Kit's Kat@KitsKat4

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's pictorial inspiration

Baby it's cold....

She said, truth be told,
my hands are cold...
He said, don't fret
give me your hand to hold
She said, my dress is wet...
He said don't fret
We'll go inside, sit by the fire.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tuesday shirt Tale

Recently, I took my portable Singer sewing machine out of the closest.
Dusted off my sewing table, set up the table and unpacked the machine.
I'm happy to report it still sings like a Singer too, even after years of neglect by me.
I have been sewing since I was about 9. Annie Ma (maternal grandmother) 
had seven children.  First five were two to three years apart.  There was a gap of about six years.  

When she was 42 and 44, surprise she had #s  six and seven,  my Aunt Ruth and my Mom was the seventh.  Annie Ma never had time to teach her daughters to sew.  I'm told, when they were young, she would look at dresses in the store windows, go home cut patterns out of newspaper and make dresses.  My cousin Carol and I were the only granddaughters who inherited 
Annie Ma's sewing DNA.
My formal sewing instruction started in ninth grade.  I signed up for Home Economics.
It was probably one of the best decisions of my teen years.  None of my friends were particularly interested.  Miss Kilby, my teacher, was fresh out of college and an eager beaver to teach.
I cannot tell you how very very much I learned in Home Ec. I looked forward to every class and I also became her teacher's assistant.
I took Home Ec all four years of high school.  I won several awards including my 
senior year when I made my prom dress.  I made most of my daughter's clothes up
until she was six.  I retired from sewing and went back to work full time.
I've made a  few things over the years most bathrobes for myself and my daughter.
Blankets for my parents, and decorative pillows and simple curtains.

I've been noticing some darling tops in the store windows... I knew I could make them with one eye closed and less expensive......I thought. LOL I have not  bought patterns or fabric in years.
I found the perfect pattern by McCalls #7359 (pictured below).
It is just a pattern for four variations of this top.  Dang pattern was $19.99.  Last time I bought a 
pattern it was 2.99.  Only Vogue was expensive back then, maybe about 10.99.

I was still in shock over the pattern; however, I looked at fabric, found two bolts  of very nice quality fabric in a pretty spring lavender print  and a contrasting color.  One was $11.99 and one $15.99 a yard I needed 1 1/8 yards of both. I nearly fainted right there in Jo Ann's.  The pattern and the fabric would have $55.00 plus tax.
Granted I could have found cheaper fabric but I was still struggling with paying $19.99 for the pattern.
 I LEFT empty handed and much wiser.  Thanks to GiGi Google I found this exact pattern being offered by several folks on eBay but they were used.  I found one unused for for $7.99. Checked put in my shopping cart lickety split.  The pattern will be here next week. 
In the meantime, I learned that Super Walmart still has a fabric department.
I'll be checking it out for fabric.....

This story will be continued..............

Monday, March 11, 2019

Today is Angel Madi's first bday OTRB....

This is not a sad post, this is in celebration of all the friends we met, the events and celebrations over the years.   We were honored to participate in each and all the friends we met along the way...were AMAZING!!  You all are delightful and made all of Madi's 16 1/2 years very very special. 

Below I'm posting a flashback of Madi's 8th Bday and first bday celebration  on our Blog and her 16th March 11, 2018.

Madi's first birthday in Blovgille
 March 11, 2010 is Madi's 8th Birthday....

Please celebrate with us!!!!

Thank goodness over the last 8 years Mom has learned how to take  photos of this
Diva...and she follows me everywhere. It is rare that she is wordless too.  

Happy Birthday baby girl and thank you for the joy, fun, adventure and love you give us.
Mom and Dad

Madi's 16th and last Bday in Blogville

March 11, 2018
Madi's Sweet 16 was especially fun...well unless you were up on this roof working.

Today in honor of my sweet 16 birthday we are having a blog hop.
We thank Mayor Arty, Jakey and Rosy Sassypants Mama for setting it up for us.

I'm 16 and I'm taking Driver's do you think I'm doing so far.
Honestly I did exactly what my instructor told me to do.
I turned left but I migh've been a wee bit heavy pawed on the gas.?!

Mom found this poem in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lovin' Our cats. It describes Moi purrfectly.
It was written for a male cat. Mom changed it to fit this Diva.

Under her Spell


Tami Sandlin
I can feel her watching me
Through golden eyes, unblinking
And I can't help but wonder
Just what it is she is thinking.
I know her habits, I know her ways
But her moods are hard to tell
The only thing I know for sure is
She knows I'm under her spell
For eating she has claimed my nicest dish
To nap, my favorite chair
And anytime I want to sit,
She is comfortably resting there.
For play, she's got expensive toys
To chase and romp and caper
But still she is only happy with
A balled-up piece of paper!
She is always begging for attention
To be scratched beneath her chin
And when my writing takes me away from her
She steals my writing pen!
Despite our unique relationship
People ask "Just who owns who?"
It's really nice to have someone
To look forward to come home to.
And so, I stay enchanted with
This crazy pet of mine
For nothing keeps you spellbound
Like a furry finicky feline.

Her Star shines furever bright.  We miss her but feel 
her presence all over the house.  Each room has cherished memories and she
filled our hearts with unconditional love (well on our part). 
In true Diva form, Madi had CONDITIONS that had to be met every day of 
her 16 1/2 years and we were honored to meet them.
Happy 17th Mads

Madison D Cat

March 11, 2002-September 13, 2018

Our Diva Angel

Madi and I were all about fun so I leave you with 
one of Madi's Sparks
At the time I took the photo I didn't notice that the sun's reflection
was shaped like a heart

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Easy Selfie Sunday

There are two flowering plants I'd love to be able to successfully raise
African Violets and Orchids...
I  have had African Violets bloom.....if I buy them when they are blooming
I once had a faux pas (hybrid) orchid of some kind that was labeled low maintenance.
It had about 6 buds ready to burst open.
They did...then it died.
Below is what I want...

Audio Selfie

A recent email from KAT with audio

Dearest Aunty HiC
My favorite time of day is right before bedtime. Hu-Mum and I spend time loving and cuddling together. She’s my best friend. Can you hear me purring with delight? 
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Be sure to turn up your volume

Positive spin in Daylight savings time
My friend Janice received a text from her son RE: DST
It read: "On a positive note, when we move our clocks ahead an hour tonight we lose an hour of rain"!
This weekend was our 5th straight weekend with rain.  

Saturday, March 9, 2019


In case you all don't already know it...
I do so love getting and sharing email from my most handsome nephew KAT
I rec'd this photo and email on Thursday..

Dearest Aunty HiC:
Looks like a beautiful day here. I’ve been doing some bird watching this morning. I’ve seen chickadees, a tufted titmouse, and even a male cardinal. Hu-Mum says we’re going for a walkie later, and I can’t wait! 😺
Hope you have a good day, too!
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

My reply was:

Dearest Nephew...if you get any more handsome and adorable your Uncle B is gonna come kat-nap you!  You are so very precious..
Lovingly your Aunty HiC and Uncle B

Friday, March 8, 2019

Nature Friday, the Gorgeous, the Better x 2 and the UGLY

Hosted by my Niece Rosy, and her 2 brudders Arty and Jakey HERE

Saturday March 2 started out with clouds which quickly burned off
giving us glorious blue skies.

We were out and are some of the 50 photos I took.
Of course I'll share them all eventually.

Our newest planting of daffies with orange throats.

More times than I can count we have passed by the grove of Bamboo trees
IN RALEIGH. They are growing right in the middle of a neighborhood.
 They always amaze and delight me.
I had my camera this time.

I did not know we had bamboo plants that are native to North Carolina
Bamboos are the largest of the grasses, with more than 1600 species on the planet; 64 percent of which are native to Southeast Asia. Thirty-three percent grow in Latin America, and the rest in Africa and Oceania.  (click here for more). In North America, Arundinaria is our only native bamboo genus with three native species occurring here:

According to the USDA Plant Profiles, all three native Arundinaria speices occur in North Carolina.



This has been parked by our house for a WEEK.
He had a perfectly respectable white pick he has this.
This is the view from our back porch.

It belongs to the guy 3 doors up from us.
There are 3 drivers living in the house they have 5 vehicles.
He had a white pick up he must have traded for this.
Why doesn't he park it in front of his own house?
His choice of parking has been a sore subject for the neighborhood for over a year, he parks
WHERE EVER he wants to park.
I have some thoughts but I'll keep them to myself.

Mother Nature has been unkind to it....

At least it doesn't look so sad now.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's pictorial inspiration

In deep thought she sat 
She gazed adoringly at the rose
Where did it come from she did not 'nose'!

Today Buddy, Dakota and Kat are very thankful for Brian's 
Thankful Thursday Hop

Today my nephews Kat and Buddy and niece Dakota
would like to pawticipate in Thankful Thursday with an

Ode to February

February is gone 
Happy T(r)ails are here again!!
We are not alone in our glee
Early February, oh ME,
Hu-Mum swallowed a stone 
Eleven days later it was gone!! 
 February twenty EIGHT
Hu-Dad had a date 
to have his hip bone replaced..  
Today we are happy to say the peeps are healing.
We no longer have to pace about
 from one to another on our nursing route.

Kat, Buddy, and Dakota

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Golden K9 and Kat Wednesday

Dakota Kat's Golden Sister wanted to show you 
their forsythia....she says we should all stop and smell them....

I rec'd a funny email from my Feline nephew on Sunday March 3

Dearest Aunty HiC,
I didn’t get a walkie today because of the rain, so I used the time to catch up on my beauty sleep. I’m not real happy about this pillow on the sofa! I hissed at it, but it didn’t move.  I strategically placed the business end of myself right on it!! Just Sayin' Teeheehee! 😹😹😹
❤️ Kat, Your Funny Feline Nephew

I replied, dearest Nephew don't worry your sweet little head about this...
I edited it for you!!
Lovingly Aunty HiC

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

MyMe: #3 of 3 Nala and Simba

Last week I told you about Jackson the Retriever

This week I'd like to tell you about 

Nala and Simba the heroes.

Nala and Simba, 5 year old litter mates, I was their nanny too.  
They came to N C State with their
human B who was from Oregon but had just completed his B.S, at UNC.
UNC and NCSU are huge rivals.  I always told B he came to NCSU to get his REAL education.
B was also a graduate student in Physics working toward his PhD.
 During fall break of B's first year at NCSU, he went home to visit his family in Oregon.
His mom was concerned about his weight loss and lack of energy.  B had attributed it to the demands of Grad School.  Mom wasn't buying that.  She made him an appointment with his local doctor.
B was immediately put through a barrage of tests.  At 23 he was diagnosed with Diabetes.
He stayed in Oregon a week longer so they could get his diet and meds under control, which was daily finger pricks and  insulin shots.  Needless to say, I was shocked when he told me about this.
He regained his stamina and continued on with the daily routine of classes and research. He was an excellent student.   Most of the grad students worked into the night so it was not unusual for them to show up after lunch.  One day I was a little surprised when his adviser/professor came to me to ask if I had heard from him.  I had not, he asked me to call B.  Which I did (mind you this was way before the technology of today).  I did not get an answer so I just 'assumed' B was on his way to campus.
Later that day I rec'd a call from B.  He had a medical emergency.
Sometime during the night, his blood sugar got out of sync.  He was awakened by Nala and Simba alternately  jumping on him like he was a trampoline.  They were meowing to the top of their lungs.  He could not quite understand what was going on with them.  Their food bowls were left full at night and they had water. He knew he felt funny but thought it was from a busy day. Those two precious kitties had awakened him out of a semi diabetic coma.  No one could explain it but somehow they knew.  They had been with him for 5+ years THEY knew him and his routine..  Maybe it was is body chemistry putting off a particular smell they didn't like.
No matter, they saved his life. He awoke took his meds and ate and called his doctor.
I told him from that day forward,if he was not at work by 9 am, I was calling him or coming to his home to check on him.
Within a few weeks, insurance approved him for a insulin pump.  Nala and Simba returned to their
life as care free cats.  Down the road B met his lady love too. He very successfully defended his
PhD thesis, they got married, he was offered a Post Doc fellowship in Germany.  Today he is a tenured professor at University College in Dublin, Ireland. They have two beautiful sons.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Awww Monday and Sparks


are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

Today I am pawticipating in
Click here to see more adorable

Kat is a rescue living the life now!!

Hu-Mum has had a lot on her mind this past week.
Hu-Dad had pending hip surgery the day this photo was taken the last week of February!!
 I've been trying to keep her busy by playing with her.
Sometimes she wears me out!!! MOL
When I get tired of playing, I nap under the rug. She thinks I’m a silly boy! 😹
We’ll all be back to normal around here soon. Can’t wait!
Hu-Dad had his hip replaced on 2/28...

❤️ Kat

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Secret Lives of Y and Z

November Reader's Digest and I happened upon this article, 
"The Secret Lives of Letters", by Brooke Nelson.  Mr. Nelson says letters may be small characters, but there are amazing stories behind all 26 alphabet all-stars.

There you have it folks the secret lives of the 26 letters that make up words.
It was fun sharing them.  I learned a lot and I hope you did

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dr. Seuss Day Blog Hop

Hosted by
Molly and Chimera and Jakey 

First of all I'd like to purrsonally thank Dr. Seuss from the bottom of my heart..
Boys and girls my daughter loved Dr. Seuss and he save a many a day from ruin.

When Big M (that is what her daddy called her) was about 5, we decided to
drive from NC to Disney WORLD.  (we were young and stupid).
#1 we should have flown
#2 we should not have told Big M where we were going until we were THERE.
I had all kinds of entertainment and snacks in the car but she was so excited she could hardly focus.  Every few miles she would ask, 'are we there yet'.  Every time she saw a huge, green and white signs,  "Welcome to ...."  whatever state we were entering.  With each sign she spelled out the letters and asked is this door to Florida? Her favorite Dr. Seuss books were Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham.  I'm pretty sure we read each of them 87,000 times.  We were getting silly and had started making up lines extra lines. Dr. Seuss was my hero
Finally after much silence from the front seat I hear,
"Big M, here is the Door to Florida".

Angel Madi absolutely loved Dr. Seuss Day.  Below are two of my favorite posts

March 2018

My name is Madi
but I am not catty!
When my din din is not ready,
sometimes I get 'maddie'
I never wear booties
but sometime I wear hatties!
We have reached the end of this

Dr. Seuss thanks for all the gazillion hours your work has delighted, taught and nurtured children.

Here is another ditty in honor of Dr. Seuss' day.

Socks on the floor for me to explore
Socks  in a drawer from the store,
Socks  in my nose 
that should be on her toes
Socks here and there.
A hoarder she is furever more!!!!

Respectfully submitted 
by Madi and Mom just two Senior
ladies who are never bored.

March 2015
Dr. Seuss always said be funny, be silly make yourself willy nilly
turn yourself upside down....
Today I'm living out a fantasy...I'm Madi-lyn Mad-roe

This is a quote by the Marilyn Monroe, that  I think applies to an almost 15 year old feline diva!! Words to live by for sure!

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.