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Saturday, July 22, 2017

What I did last week

Just to catch you up you might have missed this post about my crazy acting
kidney now fast forward to our absence from Tuesday until Friday morn.
Mom and Dad had A N O T H E R trip planned but just for 3 days; however, I 
could not miss my SubQ treatments for 3 days so I, Madison D. Cat, age 15 and  4 months
had to stay with my Vet at his Kennel.  I have never been kenneled in my entire life so
needless to say this was T R A U M A T I C for mom , Me.
Mom and Dad took  me and all my 'stuff' to the Vet Clinic Tuesday morning bright an early.
Then they took a road trip to see mom's life long friend Miss Sally (they met when they were 12 years old) and her hubby Mr. Gary.  They live about 2 1/2 hours from us.  Mom knew it was the best thing for me to be at the Vet's but she was kinda upset to leave me...but she told her self,
"Self...this is not about you, it is about what is best for Madi".
She checked on me Wednesday morning bright an early.  The vet Tech told her I had my breakfast and had done my 'business'.  So mom was happy.  

Fast forward to Friday 7/21/17
Mom and Dad picked sprung me out of the slammer at 11:30.  My Vet told mom I was a wee bit stressed on Tuesday afternoon (no surprise there since I was totally out of my comfort zone) and would not eat so he gave me an anti anxiety shot and appetite stimulant.  After that, I was
feeling much more relaxed and loving all the attention I got.   Needless to say we 3 
seniors are all back under the same roof and everyone is Chill Axing...well it is hard to chill in this heat but we are trying.

NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW for a bit on what they did!!


Charlie is a stray that wander up Sally and Gary' house last summer.  I'm happy to report Charlie is now their cat.  Last fall he was neutered and got all his shots.
And he is living the life of luxury!! He is a most handsome black guy with gorgeous eyes of gold.

Ohhhh look at the pretty antique truck they saw...
While they were visiting with Charlie and his peeps somebuddy's granddaddy  came a callin'
 They spent one night in Abingdon, Va to attend a most hilarious
play, Savannah Sipping Society click here to hopefully see a YouTube 
Mom told me all 4 of them laughed so hard at this play their sides were hurting.
If you live near Abingdon she highly recommends you try to see it at the Barter Theater II.
They also visited the Abingdon was in a lovely setting. A creek
ran thru the front yard.
They saw some funny wine signs....
and more signs....
There was one she missed taking a photo of a door welcome mat that read
"If my cat doesn't like you, chances are  I won't either"!~

So anyway...all in all Mom was pleased with how I did at the vets and she knows 100%
it was the best decision.
Hugs and we missed you all but
WE ARE BACK and there are not more vacations planned
Madi and Mom

Friday, July 21, 2017

Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday...with

We're back...pardon our lack of REAL flowers but the 
horrid heat has taken its toll on our real flowers and it is
too hot for the peeps to go looking for any!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Mews and Thursday Poetry on Monday

If you had a loving kitty who sat behind your head

and was entertaining with her acrobatics and agility

One would think a  loving mom would want to do everything to please
that kitty right?

The correct answer should be is 

BUT apparently Mom needs to do stuff
and who knows what all.  
So I'll be MIA back on Friday July 21.
Remember no matter whether I'm here or not I always send you oodles of hugs and am thinking of you all! 
Madi your besties

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday on Monday
Mom and I didn't want to miss Angel Sammy's Poetry 

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday 
Angel Sammy has suggested one of these  F words:

feast, frog, frosty family

Today's poem is in the form of a rhyming true story from days of old mom's childhood with an itty bitty kitty

Once upon on a time on a dark, frosty morn
the Dad of Mom aka Papa got up very early.
He  gathered his gear 
from far and near he was excited.
Mom asked him are you going fishing
 He said no, I'm  going frog gigging*. 
Gigging made mom giggle. 
He promised to return with delicious frogs 
upon which the family could feast.
Mom told her dad all the frogs she had seen
were skinny and slimy and for sure they would starve.
Her Dad assured her she would never know she was
eating frog legs.  
He would batter them, fry them
and they would taste like chicken. He was sure for them she would beg.
Oh was he wrong, Mom did not beg
she said Dad you'd have to give me a keg to get me to eat that leg.

*Gigging is the practice of hunting fish or small game with a gig or similar multi-pronged spear. Commonly harvested wildlife include freshwater suckers, saltwater flounder, and small game, such as frogs. A gig can refer to any long pole which has been tipped with a multi-pronged spear.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Photo taken 7/15/17 with Mom's iPad....that is why it is a tad grainy!!

MY FIRST sub-q at home went pretty well yesterday.  There was a wee operator error by Nurse Mom
she was supposed to hold her finger over the area when she took the needle out.  MOL
she forgot...She remembered when we  had a wee Madi Geyser.
Dad did a great job of pretending to be a tree by holding the sub-q bag.  
ALL in ALL it went okey dokey.  Mom says she'll be an expert today!!


Frankie and Ernie and their Mom sent us the first 5.  Thank you FnE...

2. LDY-PSTR,Lady poster?
4. TWETY-18, 2018?
6. RDROCKER, on a Red Civic
8. FARR2GO, Far to go
9. MIKMOUSE, Mickey Mouse
10.GBLU, Go Blue University of Michigan motto it was on an NC tag so they live here now.
11. INTROS4U, Maybe a dating service? LOL
12. B.SUSU, no clue
14. TUP2CURE, cure
15. HURRIKNZ, Hurricanes NC's NHL team is the Hurricanes
17. KNICKS#1
18. GRAMIAM, Gram I am
19. LDOGG, Long Dog...maybe they own a Dachshund
20. FIXURPET, Fix your pet...We quadruple this one
21. W8N2FLY, Waiting to fly
22. PLAN"BE", Plan A must have flopped
23. ITFAM98, no clue
24. XFITTRAIL, Cross fit person
25. BEARCOUP, no clue 
26. LAXRIG, no clue
27. ADPTADOX, Adopt a Dachshund, we like this one too
29. PAINTPET, must do pet portraits
30. GETUPNGO, Get up and go.  Yes indeed sitting on your beehind is not good you must keep moving!!