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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Caturday Art

If it is Saturday, we are having fun with 

We send many prayers and thoughts to all in Irma's path....
Hugs Madi and Mom

Friday, September 8, 2017

3 F's and a reminder

There will be games, a food truck, fun activities and a Dance Hosted by Mayor Arty and
the Marvelously gorgeous Mabel.  
Rest assured Mabel will be dressed to the 9's and Arty will be twirling her all over the dance floor.

I, Madison D. Cat will be hosting a very fun event:

Blanket Volleyball OMCs this should be fun
  • Objective: To pass the ball over the net in pairs using towels or blankets to propel the ball.
  • Towels or blankets for each pair. Net. ...
  • Divide the players into two equal teams. ...
  • You may use beach balls or volleyballs

If you would like to pawticipate in my Blanket Volleyball, 
please send me a picture of you standing on all fours or NOT...MOL
Mom can maneuver them with pizap.  Just send photos...
If you send in more than one photo, please note your name(s) that go with each photo 

EMAIL to: 
Please send it to candb214ATattDOTnet
My absolute deadline for receiving all photos is 5PM on September 18, 2017

For all the info on all the events click HERE
or HERE to see the sign up sheet for those hosting events

I'm 'borrowing a GREAT idea from Da Phenny'!
Below I'm listing furiends who have sent me photos for this event:
If you sent me a photo and don't see your name Roar or Grown OUT LOUD.

Tuiren, Lucy, Misty, Fenris, Yang, Scylla, Chimera, Lightning, Yin,
Mayor Arty and Jakey, Christmas, Yam Aunty, Da Phenny, Hazel and Mabel

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's poetry words are Marvelous, Mom, Mud and Meow

M should be a no brainer letter for a poem.
After all, we are Madi and Mom.
The M with thumbs said oh no
 I feel like Elmer FUD
My poetic mind is full of Mud.
What ever is my problem?
I have a marvelous kitty who inspires
me daily with her fabulous smile.
She looks deep into my blue eyes with unconditional love.
Her squeaky meow reminds me each day that she is near.
If I fail to quickly respond, she will come close.
Standing on her two back legs. she reaches up to touch me
gently on the arm. 
She offers up a louder alarm ,
 "hey mom this is your last chance to respond. 
Next time I might be force to inflict harm."

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday Tale

This makes Mom happy and you know when Mom is 
happy we are all happy!!

Mom loves these two photos of me all tucked in a 
tight circle.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Easy Sunday

This is one of Madi's new sleeping places...YEP right in the door way to the master bedroom.
She has 3 beds yet she sleeps on the floor?  
Crazy Right