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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night: Full Moon

Full Moon on Halloween Night
We think it is kind of spooky.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Madi hides when the doorbell rings. So she will be dressed as a
FRAIDY Cat tomorrow
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Funny Car!!!!

This car belongs to Bailey's, a local Jewelry store. Their slogan is
"Every woman wants a Bailey's Box". Their store wrapping is exactly like
this Honda Element. On September 11, 2008 they started an ad campaign for the 2008 Christmas season, which was quite successful.
They hid 'Bailey's' boxes around Raleigh. Each package had a note on their letterhead that read:
"Finders Keepers, yes this is for you just for you open it and we hope you enjoy it".
My mom found the very first one in the city. It was on an outside table at one of her
favorite lunch spots, Cafe Carolina, which is just a few stores away from Bailey's.
Really.....long story short she took the package inside Cafe Carolina to ask the management if they knew anything about it. They did not but they were intrigued. Mom opened her package in the store. It contained a pearl bracelet. Mom was pleased she went to Bailey's to thank them.
Cafe Carolina's PR people found out about it, called Bailey's to ask about who found it.
Cafe Carolina wanted to do a human interest story on it. Bailey's contacted Mom to see if it was ok with her to have the newspaper call her for an interview. It was a win win story
Mom got a bracelet and her story in the paper, Bailey's and Cafe Carolina had free publicity!!!!
The newspaper story was a big boost for Bailey's. As a thank you to Mom for agreeing to the interview, Bailey's gave mom the use of their Limo for an evening. Mom and Dad used the limo in January 2009 to go to the Angus Barn to celebrate Mom's 60th b-day and their 39th anniversary in February 2009.
At the time of the ad campaign, Bailey's didn't have the car. Mom just starting seeing it parked near the store. She just had to take a picture.
Smiling big,
Mom and Madi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Madi Celebrates Pumpkins of all sizes....

Mom loves this time of year, the beauty of the fall colors and fall decorations.
Since I am a faithful and loving kitty I would like to celebrate her love of the season too.

Here I am meeting my first pumpkin. I'm trying to decide what to do about the
stick on the top

Below are some of the many pictures Mom took at the Farmer's Market of pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins

Pumpkins all in a row

Silly Pumpkins and their friends

Green Apple Gourds....Mom loves these

Yes Charlie Brown this is the GREAT PUMPKIN

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wednesday Whiskers and Wonders!!!

Today's blog is in 3 parts:
We hope you enjoy them.

Whiskers, (Part 1)

Producer: MADI

Director: Dad (he found and gave it to Mom)

Photographer: Mom



one block from our house

Producer: Mother Nature in all her glory

Director/Photographer: Mom



Producer: Mother Nature in all her glory

Director/Photographer: Mom

Thanks for putting up with our whims!!!

Madi and Mom

Monday, October 26, 2009

Madi: Joining Martha & Bailey on Strike & Award

I'm joining forces with Martha and Bailey!!!
Our goal is to regulate the number of times a day
our Peeps can cram the flashy boxes in our face!!!
I say just say no to the 'flashy box' by turning my back on it!!!

We also want to thank Martha and Bailey ,our pals from Scotland,for this very gorgeous award the presented to all their friends. We also thank PurpleHatter for their creativity.

Martha and Bailey I'm proud to march with you and to be your FRIEND!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Madi: How I spent my Saturday afternoon

Yesterday started out like an ordinary Saturday...we slept in, the peeps had a leisurely breakfast. I took my usual nap while the peeps were away doing Saturday errands. Shortly after they returned Mom & Dad decided to watch one of the National Park programs they have on dvr. I decided to do a little fountain watching. As you might remember from previous posts, I'm infactuated with my water fountain. I love watching the water run down the slide. We are all thoroughly enjoying our entertaiment of choice, when poof out goes the power for no apparent reason at 2 pm. No bad weather or anything. Mom waited a few minutes then call the power company. Of course it is all automated. The recording said a crew had been dispatched. No cause is yet known for the outage. After about a half an hour mom calls again,the recording says our power should be back on by 5 PM.
What MOM yells I have washing to do, blogs to write, tv programs to watch

Well there is nothing to do inside so Mom goes out with her camera to take some fall pictures. Lo and behold look what she sees across the street from us a Labordoodle puppy. To quote Jack, the puppy was on a 'string'. Mom walked over to the neighbors to ask if they had a new puppy. Yes we do he is 4 mos old we just brought him home in September. Mom asked his name.

He is acutally about the color of a perfectly baked biscuit

Mom said he was very soft. She told Biscuit she hoped he would grow into his tongue becuase it was very long

Biscuit's forever home is with Evan and Julia and

their Mom and Dad. What a lucky puppy he is and mom is thrilled to know

that he is just across the street from us.

Shortly after meeting Biscuit, lo and behold there is another new face on the cul-de-sac.
Martha and Bailey tell me when their human brother was a wee lad he called it it a 'cuddle sack'.
That is about the cutest thing we've heard in a very long time!!! Thanks Martha and Bailey.
You'll never in 1 million years guess this pretty girl's name....

Her Dad isn't exactly sure of her breed but he said the Vet guessed she was a mixture of
possibly Golden retriever, St. Bernard, Boxer or Swiss Mountain. Waffle is not quite a year old.
She and her dad are going to obedience classes. She is very well behaved.

We also have two older dogs on the cul-de-sac, Casey, a Border Collie and Charlie Brown a Basset Hound. Casey and Charlie Brown live next door to each other. They feed on each other's hyperactivity. Casey runs up and down the length of the fence trying her best to herd Charlie Brown. Much to Charlie Brown's peeps delight, this activity keeps CB trim and fit. Charlie Brown and Casey are both escape artists.
Mom was thrilled to meet the new puppies...I just want to taste them because they sound very delicious and you know how I am about food.
Madi and Mom