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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you getting sleepy

Mom that string is powerful, it keeps moving. I can't make myself stop staring...
and my eyes are getting so heavy.

I cannot hold my head up any longer, I'll just rest for a minute
Boy this is the best cat nap I've had in about 2o minutes.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Milky-Way, Cali and Madi

Happy Friday
These pictures tell the tale of feline relationships
The picture below is of Madi and Cali
Cali was about 11 Madi was a rambunctious 2 year old
Their relationship could be described as very distant cousins
Everything was hunky dory as long as Madi kept her distance which rarely happened
Below is Milky-Way at about 11 and Cali at about 4. Milky-Way adored Cali and
Cali adored MW. Their relationship was kissing cousins. They were always very close to one another.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roaming the streets

Mom and Dad were out roaming the streets recently at their favorite garden shop, Logan's Trading Company, (I know I need to keep them on a shorter leash) but 'Jeepers Creepers' look what they found.

The cutest little lady bug in all of Raleigh...

I want one for a pet....

Seems the little lady is the spokes bug for ground covering such as
Scotch Moss. I told mom she should ask our
Martha and Bailey, the Beautiful Bassets or Bonny and Hector the Spectacular Scotties from Scotland if this authentic Scotch Moss?

This batch is labeled Irish Moss.

Mom said she doubts that either of them would last long in our hot, hazy, humid climate!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Gaze closely at the gazing'll see Dad on the left and Mom in the middle with her camera taking this picture

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cats, tables and conversation....

Mom: Madi what do you think about this quote from Who's Kitten Who?

"No animal should ever jump up on the dining room furniture unless absolutely certain that she can hold hold her own in the conversation."~~Fran Lebowitz

Madi: No problem Mom you know I can talk the ears off cornstalks.
Mom: This is true.
Madi: I see from this article we have major trouble right here in River City.....
Mom: No Madi, River City is in Indiana were in North Carolina
Madi: Ok so what is our major trouble?
Mom: Madi the major trouble is with a Major who has been with the NC Highway Patrol with for 25+ years
Madi: Well Mom that doesn't sound like a problem in today economy, he should be happy he has a job.
Mom: Madi you are a wise kitty; however, he was not a wise man. He did something stupid now he doesn't have a job.
Madi: No more green paper for him then. AND he may not live with us. Tell me about it.
Mom: It all started last week. According to the article, he sent over 2,000 inappropriate text messages to a co-worker using a State owned Blackberry. Side note from Mom: the first article in the paper stated he sent 2,000 'text massages'!!! The paper needs a proof reader but that is another entire post for another day.

Madi: Oh my Cats that wears me out thinking about it. I bet his thumbs nearly fell off his hands

Mom: I don't know about his thumbs, but I'm pretty sure his brain must have fallen out of his head for him to do something this stupid.

Madi: You know it is times like this I'm glad I don't have thumbs. They can cause lots of problems.

Mom: and times like this make me want to say, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Madi: Mom thank you for letting me contribute to this very controversial topic. I look forward to discussing more current events with you.

Mom: Sadly this is a very true and ongoing saga and unfortunately this man is one of several NCHP who are now jobless for various and sundry reasons. There is about to be some major house cleaning done to bring this very respected organization back to it's former glory.

Today's header picture was taken in May 2005 as we cruised down the Inside Passage in Alaska.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Name Game better late than never

Mom is a day late and a dollar short with the 4th of July name game but here we go anyway.
First: Mom because she is our Mom (luckily she decided to not put up a picure).
Mom's name is Cecilia aka, Ceal, aka Ma, aka Mom, aka *HiC
NO she was not named after the Simon and Garfunkel song of the mid '60's.. She is older than dirt. She was 21 when the song hit the airwaves. You would not beleive how many times a month she hears, "Cecilia you are breaking my heart'.
She was named for the Shrine of St. Cecilia in Italy. Her mom saw the name in a book.
Dad calls her Ceal...even though she cannot balance balls on her nose.
Sis calls her Ma, I call her Mom and the 4 AAAs call her HiC.

Madison, aka Diva, aka, Madi, aka Mads, aka Madstser (Dad calls me this)
I was listed at kitty M when Mom and Dad came to pick me out and they arrived w/o a name in mind...They just wanted a female, gray cat. They tossed about a million names such as Maggie Mae, Gracie, Asheley (both of these because I'm gray), Clancy (after the first Vet who checked me over). Dad didn't like any of those names. Then lo and behold Madison came to Mom, but she shortened it to Madi. They said it was harder to name me that my human sister....that should have been a warning to them that I would be challenging.

BTW: Thanks to Sammy and Andy's Mom for this lovely picture.

Third: Milky-Way: My human sis named him Milky-Way because the first thing he did when they brought him home was to drink a bowl of milk and his chest was as white as milk.
Nope none one in the house was into astronomy.

Fourth (but surely not last) was Toto the mighty mini Daschund. He, too, was named by my human sister. He came to live with the family when my humans sister was 3 years old.

She was and still is a big Wizard of Oz fan. Mom told me she tried to convince my sister that the real Toto was not a doxie but she would not change her mind. Mom even tried to get my sis to name him Otto sinc he was German. Mom said it was pretty obvious that the family dog was to be named Toto no matter the breed, color or sex of said dog.

Toto lived up to his namesake. He was pretty much a tornado most of his life. He was full of energy and always stirring things up!!!

Thanks for stopping by:
Madi and Mom

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Steeple Sunday: Happy 4th of July!!!

This church began in the minds of eight couples in 1965. They felt a need for a Baptist Church in North Raleigh. Their first Sunday Service was held on May 2, 1965 in a restaurant on Wake Forest Road. On September 5, 1965 the church was officially organized with 28 charter members.

The front entrance to the church is dwarfed by the huge window to the left of the front door.
In fact, the huge window even makes the steeple appear rather small.

On April 30 1968 the church purchased 5.5 acres of land on which the church is now located. The first service in the new church was held on February 23, 1969. Also located on the property behind the church is Friendship Christian School which was organized in 1970. Education starts with 3 and 4 year old children in preschool and continues through 12th grade. They have graduated over 500 students since their first graduation ceremony in 1980.