Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roaming the streets

Mom and Dad were out roaming the streets recently at their favorite garden shop, Logan's Trading Company, (I know I need to keep them on a shorter leash) but 'Jeepers Creepers' look what they found.

The cutest little lady bug in all of Raleigh...

I want one for a pet....

Seems the little lady is the spokes bug for ground covering such as
Scotch Moss. I told mom she should ask our
Martha and Bailey, the Beautiful Bassets or Bonny and Hector the Spectacular Scotties from Scotland if this authentic Scotch Moss?

This batch is labeled Irish Moss.

Mom said she doubts that either of them would last long in our hot, hazy, humid climate!!!


  1. Oh I love moss, but out here we call it dirt.

  2. Madi,
    Cute bug! We has so many trees in our yard, we has moss too, but dad is not happy about it.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Thanks for the link to the Seaboard Cafe website, it looks like a great place to eat! Your bloggie is even :)

  3. Madi, I know our mutual friend from Arctic Camsters, Kathy B., would love to have one of those Lady Bugs too! She is a fan of them in anything! Tell Mom to email that pic to her!
    She gets wifi every so often when she goes into town from the cabin!!

    Mom, you dont' think the humidity in NC will keep the Scotish Moss going?! LOL

  4. I would think the humidity that's going on here - and I know there's even more of it in NC - would make anything grow huge and possibly carnivorous. There were beetles on our door last night that could have used their own rooms.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Lovely Madi,
    I love gardening, I help my mom "water" and "fertilize" her plants but she seems not to appreciate my hard work at all.
    Thanks for telling me the other cute pugs, please ask their pawrents if they have room for 2 more Pugs(my brothers), they're free to good home, no I take it back, any home!
    Hehe, please don't tell my Pug brothers that, please.

  6. Lady Bugs are so adorable....I don't blame you for wanting one for a pet :)

  7. Mom's very smart Madi. I think most of the things that some of the places sell are not even designed to be planted in some areas.

    BTW, oh let them look. Then you can have the Palace to yourself!

  8. You find some neat pic ideas HiC.

  9. Oh, oh, OH!!!!!!!! Mama has gone bonkers over the ladybug........have you ever heard the story about mama and her nickname The Bug???

    Our a/c is STILL out....we were promised they would be here first thing this morning, but we haven't seen anyone boys are doing okay, but the heat is really wearing our poor mama down.

    Mama is feeling encouraged though cuz it is getting really dark outside so the sun can't heat the place up!!!!!!! Rain should cool us off for a bit, although it will make it even muggier.....just can't win!!!!!!!!

    We love you, Madi and Mom. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. We use to have a ladybug we named Larry. He was with us for a long time.... Great pet!

  11. When I was a little girl, I keept ladybugs as pets. hehe So you really need to get a few Madi! I am on my grandson's laptop, so finally get to read a few blogs and comment. See you back on my blog end of next week!

  12. Cute ladybug...Hope you are keeping cool in this heat, sweet Madi...Happy day to you and your Mom...kisses x3 sweet friend...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Hi Madi
    Mom says we have plenty of 'spanish moss' hanging in our trees. But our yards gets full sun exposure so she has to be furry careful what type of plants she puts out.


  14. That is a cute little ladybug. We are puzzled though bout the moss. If we get it in our lawn, mum rakes it out. Do you use it for hanging baskets maybe?

  15. Haves you evers eaten a ladybug? They is good and crunchy...they goes crunch, crunch, CRUNCH!!! Yummmmmy!!!!

  16. *tsk* Humans are so silly. ;o)

    I LOVE ladybugs. This one is so cute! I want to eat it too, how funny that the doxies mentioned that. I love to eat bugs.


    No... signed,

    Silly humans.

  17. Very fun grafic! Ladybugs reminds me of Andy and Sammy's mom these days.
    I'll tell ya Madi, everything here is dying. All the grass is brown (Cept my lawn cause mommy waters it twice a day.)

  18. We wouldn't mind having one of those Ladybugs for a pet either Madi!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  19. Ladybugs are beautiful!
    I want one too!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. We gotta ask our dad-guy if he knows Jeepers Creepers!!

  21. Whew, for a second there Madi we thought you meant you were roaming the streets!

    Love the Jeepers Creepers ladybug, that is so cute. I would be buying plants just to get the ladybug. The ones I see in my yard are the working kind, eating bugs off my roses I hope.

    We hit 98 today, still better than your weather. Stay cool.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  22. Oh Madi
    That is a cute lady bug. My Uncle Eds wife would LOVE one of those, she is building this really cool garden!!


  23. Hi Madi & Mom,
    Thanks for the info on the gazing balls. I know what I want for my birthday! If they don't ship I'll hornswaggle my step-daughter to purchase and mail me one.

    Madi, maybe you need a GPS unit on your folks to monitor there wanderings a little more precisely!


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