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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mast General Store: Valle Crucis

John Preston Arthur, local historian and author, wrote this elegant description of Valle Crucis in his "History of Watauga County" in 1915: "There is, perhaps, more interest in this place and its romantic history than in any other in Watauga County. …There is a dreamy spell which hangs over this little valley…" And he was right!

The small community of Valle Crucis is North Carolina’s first rural historic district and is where you’ll find the Original Mast General Store and the Mast Store Annex. Still the center of the community, the Original Mast Store houses the Post Office and offers up a 5¢ cup of coffee. Traversing its creaking floorboards, you’ll find country gourmet foods, cast iron cookware, speckleware, old-fashioned toys, footwear for all walks of life, hardware, and even a pair of galluses, if you need them.

Make sure to wander back to what was once used as a potato grading room and a feed room to find the Mast Store Knife Shop. Opened in June, 2016, this shop within a store features 500 different knives - fixed blade and folders, culinary and tactical. You'll even find axes, machetes, and more. The staff members are well educated and ready to help you make the right decision for your needs and use.

Take a short walk right around the corner to our sister store Rivercross Made in USA. These hills provide inspiration to artists that are native to the area as well as those who move here. A number of the artists featured in this handmade destination live within a rock's throw of the front door, while others call the state and the southeast home. Rivercross is kid-friendly!
Who remembers Esso Service Stations?
Now they are Exxon

Memories of times gone by came rushing back as we strolled thru the

We bought 2 very pretty coffee cups too
Guess which one is MINE?

I did allow Dad of Madi to use MINE one time.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Final Friday Fiction Nature Friday

Today I'm pawticipating in Final Fiction Friday

Hosted by YAM-Aunty
this is a blog hop link is above.

What I did on Summer Vacation
by Cecilia

My words are from:

Left Holding the Bag: A quilting Cozy
by Carol Dean Jones...Aunty to Teddy, One Spoiled Cat

Page 87:  
line 8:  rotary cutter 
line 12:  a rather embarrassing question
line 16:  quiet for a moment

In May of 2019, I decided to dust of Sassy Singer.
It was time to rekindle my love of sewing.
I took Sassy in for a tune up.  When I brought her home,
Sassy and I sang many duos. 

It was time to do what I have wanted to do for at least 25 years...
learn how to quilt.  I find a simple quilt pattern.
I took my list of items I would need to JoAnn's.
As I was wandering around the quilting supplies,
I finally found a lady who did not appear to be too busy and who, hopefully, would not laugh at me.
I needed to ask her a rather embarrassing question.
I explained that I was trying to teach myself to quilt and I needed a 
little help finding things. I showed her my list. She was quiet for a moment, 
She looked up at me with a very kind smile and a twinkle in her eyes as she said
The lady helped me find everything on my I was about to check out 
she asked if I had a *rotary cutter and a **self healing cutting mat.  I might have looked like
a deer staring into headlights.  She said no worries follow me.
Long story short I made my first quilt

Followed by at least '87' more...don't worry I won't make you look at them again.
Anyway I perfected working with pre-cut squares, borders, binding and backing.
As the hot summer progressed, it became obvious I was gonna need lots of 
inside projects.  I decided to make a small sample quilt of all the things I learned summer 
2019.  BUT I learned one more new thing...working with angles and shapes of different sizes.

Newest quilts
I really wanted to learn the the **Churn Dash pattern
(*rotary cutter pictured below white handle, FYI the rotary cutter is SHARP
**self healing mat is the gray mat below, when you cut on it the cut magically disappears)

Once I made the churn dash sq....Of course I needed to incorporate it in to a quilt.
 I decided to use all the things I have learned this summer.

Top and bottom row kitty 5" squares
**Churn Dash in the center: aquas prints, dark pink
Prairie Point triangles on the rosy pink
Lastly I learned how to do a self fabric border which is 
made from backing fabric.

I am very proud of my 70 year old brain.  I give myself an E for EFFORT.
So that is what I did on Summer Vacation.  
WHAT did you do.

My think I might hang this sample quilt.  I need to look into hanging methods

I also taught myself how to make hourglass quilt blocks

Gray kitties on the back of the hourglass quilt

My little fingers are pointing out the hourglass blocks above.
I finished number 3 on September 22...the
last day of Summer 2019

I call it POINTS

You will recognize the red and white fabric.
It was in my very first quilt.
I decided to create something I have been seeing in
My Mind's Eye using up the remainder of the red and white fabric.
I made the 4 center squares with no purpose for them at the time I finished
I bought the red, white and blue star fabric for the back
and navy for the border.
I now have a quilt to use at most major holidays.
This will be used for July 4, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day

 This one is  mish mash of things I've learned
and some things I've learned not to do again (LOL).
I have a few **humility squares.  
They are on a need to know basis...I don't think anyone needs to know
unless they find them. LOL

** "Humility Square" is the one quilt square that Puritans or Amish quilters purposely created imperfectly in their quilts.  

The white stitching you see on the back is little stars

Elkin City Park.  A lovely short trail near our friend's home in Western NC.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thankful RememberMe on Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


My nephews Pup and Kat are very thankful for their furever home,for there loving humans and most of all Each OTHER. Pup and Kat
were alone and wandering last fall...They  are now brudders and hope
#RememberMe Thursday will save help other lonely fur babes found homes.

Dearest Aunty HiC
Mom and Dad were watching TV last night when they realized Pup and I were MIA. Mom’s first thought was, “What are those two up to now?” 😹
She was surprised when she discovered us snoozing together, like the little angels we are! 😻

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Dearest Nephews...this picture has nearly left me speechless and filled 
my heart with such joy.  Brudders are the best of friends and
I truly believe when you and your family take your RV trip
Pup will let you lean on him for support and he will give you 
all the courage you need.
Lovingly Aunty HiC

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.
Here is our photo challenge

Ode to Posies
I love them all great and small
Their vivid colors and amazing scents
bring smiles to all who pass.
Their names I don't always know.
They fill me with delight, though.
They are eye candy to my mind's eye.
They make my nosey twitch and my eyes water.
They cause me to sneeze!!
No worries I have a friend named Ben A. Dryl
who knows the drill.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mt. Mitchell

Mount Mitchell
below paragraph from google:
One of those places that stand apart from the ordinary, Mount Mitchell’s dramatic summit is the highest point east of the Mississippi at 6,684 feet and was inspiration for one of the nation’s first state parks. From its easily accessible observation deck, the spruce-fir forest of Mount Mitchell State Park leads the eye to unmatched views. A museum explains the mountain’s cultural and natural history, and its trail network allows visitors to explore up close, offering short hikes near the summit and challenging treks leading to adjacent wilderness areas. A nine-site tent campground is open in warm-weather months, and backpacking opportunities abound, including entry onto the Mountains-to-Sea State Trail. A concession area and a full-service restaurant serve visitors from May to October.

We had lunch in the Cafe at the top of the mountain. The above photo
was our view while eating.  Delicious pull pork sandwiches and slaw
1000 apologies no photo, I forgot.  Fresh mountain air
makes one ravenous.

After lunch we started our trek up the last steps to reach .....

From the observation deck we could see forever....
There were directional signs telling you which direction you were looking.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Happy Trails on Tuesday.

The Blue Ridge Loops refers to the 18 tunnels in 13 miles on the park way
In 1905 construction began, it took 4,000 workmen mainly Russian, German and Italian
completed in 1908.  It was grueling and dangerous work
Maybe you can enlarge this photo more on your end.
It was quite sunny on this day and there was a glare on the sign.

We went through three of the tunnels
Tunnel Vision 
Near Burnsville, NC

As we climbed we stopped at several overlooks

This photo was taken in the parking lot of Mt. Mitchell our final
destination and elevation

Tomorrow I will more pictures from Mt Mitchell

Monday, September 23, 2019

Awww Monday and Final Friction Friday Reminder

Maggie...she was bringing up the rear.
The lead dog was a Harlequin Great Dane and she wasn't stopping for photos

Next 3:
 This little Tabby is the resident (out of doors cat) at Hampton Inn, Marion, NC
Beautiful markings.  She is fed every morning by the hotel staff and has water by the back door.
 Standard Tabby M on her noggin

 Light gray fur right front paw
Back paws both had gray between the toes

Wednesday September 4th we had lunch at "Over Yonder" 
in Valle Crucis, (Latin meaning: Vale of the Cross) NC. The hand you see belongs to my husband.
Just around the corner a Black Scottie was holding court with his admirers
See the silver bowls under the tea pitchers? they are for K9 diners
There was a white Poodle behind us on the other side of the porch.

This was my lunch Grilled Pimento cheese sandwich with Napa Valley Cole Slaw with almonds

This pooch hiked all the way up to the falls at Hickory Nut Falls which is 404' tall
more on the falls later.

This is an honest to goodness TREE HUGGER 
Had to take a photo of her just as I reached the top of Chimney Rock.
When I reached her, I asked if she was ok she said as long as I can Hug the Tree
She asked me to talk a selfie of her and her new BFF.
More on Chimney Rock later

She was very frightened at the top which was kinda of amazing since she climbed all 
these stairs
She is hugging the tree just to the right of Old Glory
Two Rotties just coming off the trail from Mt. Mitchell


This month is this Friday, September 27, 2019
Please join us it is such fun.
If you need a subject to write about, how about 

What I did on my Summer Vacation