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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Scramble

Posted by PicasaCan you find the Bumble Bee in two of these pictures?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday Milky-Way and Cali

This picture of Milky-Way (in back) and Cali shows just how close they were.
Milky-Way was 7 years old when Cali (Cornish Rex) decided she wanted to be
owned by our daughter. We were all rather worried about their first meeting. Mainly because Cali was very accustomed to being around other cats at the breeders. MW had never met another cat until Cali. When they met, it was like they had known each other for years. MW loved Cali from her first Meow and Cali thoroughly enjoyed following MW all over the house while he showed her all his favorite sleeping and hiding spots.
Anytime our daughter had to go out of town Cali came to visit. No matter how long in between visits they always remembered each other. In this picture Milky is nearly 9 and Cali nearly 2.
This window perch was really only for one cat but they found a way to share it and there was never a harsh meow between them.
Cali is making sure MW grooms properly...

In the below picture their shadows give each of them an extra ear.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madi: No sharing

This is all I have left after I paid my Taxes.
PS: Photography by Dad...he and I are home all day. Every so often he catches me
doing something noteworthy and luckily I wait for him to get the flashy box. Great Job Dad!!!!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tour of WRAL-TV Azalea Gardens

Raleigh residents know Spring is here when WRAL Azalea Gardens are in full bloom
displaying their brilliant colors. We dropped by on Saturday April 10th. I hope you
enjoy a few of the pictures.

Every garden needs gazing balls.

Below is an up close of a snowball bush. I've seen them all my life. My
hubby and I thought it must have a more scientific name.. the sign below it read
"Snowball Bush".
Thanks for letting us show you this beautiful garden.
Mom works about 2 blocks form the TV studio...sometimes in the spring and summer she'll take her lunch to the gardens to eat amongst all this beauty. In the hot, humid days of summer it is about 10 degrees cooler in the lush tree covered gardens.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should I take this literally.......

Madi: Is this for me?
Mom: What does it say on the box?
Madi:I can't read there is a glare on the box....but it smells funny...
Mom: The box says, 'mouse platform'....
Madi: You have got to be kidding me....
If there is a mouse in the box,I'm leaving....NOW
Mom: Toot-a-loo, watch out for mice on your way out the door....
Madi: Moooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm don't you love me?
Mom: Absolutely that is why I got you a mouse platform.....
Madi: Well thanks, but no thanks
Madi: I'm not amused, I'm going to call my friends to see if any of them
have a spare bed I can use.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Wind Day and Twix's Date Night

Madi took the bull by the horn and asked Riley to be her date. Being the gentleman that he is
Riley told Madi that Tessa was his date but he would be happy to escort Madi to Twix's Date Night also. We are sure Riley will have all four paws full entertaining both of us and equally sure he is MAN enough for the job.
Here's hoping the ladies are good a sharing their man for the night. Madi had such fun at Twix's Ladies Night out last fall and met so many nice pups and kitties. She is really looking forward to Date night.
We hope there will not be any fur (K9 or feline) flying before the night is over.
Tessa I know we'll be BFF before the night is over.

While doing my daily reading and now that I have a date I'd like to tell you what I learned that today, April 12, 2010 is

"Big Wind Day". At first I thought it might be talking about Mom since she is always
spouting off about something....but as I read on I found that it
commemorates the highest wind speed
ever recorded on the planet. Can you guess where? It was not in the middle of a hurricane or tornado. On April 12, 1934 the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory recorded the highest surface wind ever measured, anywhere on earth. The big wind was officially recorded at 231 miles per hour.
Respectfully submitted by
Madi the Bookcat!!!
Today April 12 is also Licorice Day.

*****Speaking of very special days....Mom and I seem to be missing a lot of your birthdays...we would love it if you would add your birthday or Gotcha Day to your comment today so we can say howdy to you on your special day. *****

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Rest of the Story: missing steeple

On Easter Sunday April 4th, I featured Highland United Methodist church steeple. At the end of my post, I mentioned that as of 4/3/10 the top portion of the steeple was missing. Monday morning I called the church office to
ask about it. I was told the steeple was struck by
lightning last summer. They told me it took from last summer until last week to find a company who could handle the removal, repair and return of the steeple top. They expect it back within a month. I'd love to be there to watch the steeple put back in place. The church has a preschool she told me the children had a blast watching the removal and are very excited about it's return.

Below before removal to the right after removal.