Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday Milky-Way and Cali

This picture of Milky-Way (in back) and Cali shows just how close they were.
Milky-Way was 7 years old when Cali (Cornish Rex) decided she wanted to be
owned by our daughter. We were all rather worried about their first meeting. Mainly because Cali was very accustomed to being around other cats at the breeders. MW had never met another cat until Cali. When they met, it was like they had known each other for years. MW loved Cali from her first Meow and Cali thoroughly enjoyed following MW all over the house while he showed her all his favorite sleeping and hiding spots.
Anytime our daughter had to go out of town Cali came to visit. No matter how long in between visits they always remembered each other. In this picture Milky is nearly 9 and Cali nearly 2.
This window perch was really only for one cat but they found a way to share it and there was never a harsh meow between them.
Cali is making sure MW grooms properly...

In the below picture their shadows give each of them an extra ear.


  1. Oh, they are just gorgeous together, so sweet and loving...The first photo is too adorable, they are like siamese twins!...And the last one is funny with their extra ears!!...It is so obvious how much they adored each other; they really made such a lovely couple!...We are touched by their special bond...Hope you have a happy Friday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Oh how sweet!!! I always find it touching when animals accept each other right away. It does make you wonder why sometimes they do and sometimes they don't...could they have known each other in a previous life? Who will ever know. But just to see those two close together makes my heart warm. Thanks so much for sharing these 'flash from the past' photos!! Have a great weekend. Purrs and hugs, Cat, Lautrec and Tiny

  3. The first photo is especially adorable, somehow they make the small space look comfortable for two. It is amazing how sometimes animals will instantly bond, Cali and MW look very content with each other.


  4. I like to see cats be such close friends. Our older cat was so fond of our previous cat, who hit the Rainbow Bridge last year that she never considered making friends with our younger one. I think she should have planned better because now that Stevie is gone, things between her and Happy are thawing, but they could have been better if she'd been more open to his arrival in the first place. Maybe. He does have some issues of his own.

    wags, Lola

  5. That is very sweet! Sure is making me smilt today!

  6. Hi Madi and Mom! Mom hasn't left just yet and said we could run by real quick. I'm very much glad we did cuz all those pictures put a smile on our faces. I think it's Most Wonderful to have such a good furend, don't you?

    See you at date night tomorrow, Madi!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. How sweet they are!!
    The first photo tells us how they love each other. The second one shows how they cere each other. And the last one shows how they look like!!
    Love them all!!

    Thank you so much for the warm comment about Teko's neutering.
    He can't stay calm already!! He seems SO happy to be back home!!

  8. What a cute pair! Isn't it nice to have those memories.... Have a great weekend.

  9. What a wonderful memory, and we're so happy you shared it with us. xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Aw, Milky Way and Cali are so pretty... (fur cats, that is!)

    Thanks, Madi! I hope you have a happy weekend, too!


    PS. Mom loves your flower pics from Wed. I just posted a few flower pics, too!

  11. I love these memory posts. It always makes me think back to the pets I've 'owned' in the past! :)

  12. What beautiful memories! They are beautiful! And we especially like the 3 ears trick! Pretty nifty!!! Hoping you all have a super duper weekend!!!

  13. What a sweet relationship. I love how pets bond-it goes to show that they have a depth of feeling we don't often get to see.

    xx Kat Mommy

  14. Hi Madi!

    Thanks for sharing another Milky Way friday!
    We always enjoy hearing stories!!

    And Cali and MW really did love one another didn't they?


  15. What great pictures!! That first one is great - they almost look like two cats in one!

  16. How sweet that they were such good furiends!!

  17. Hi Cecilia,
    Cats are just like people! Some times you meet someone who you like instantly. And than sometimes you meet someone you don't!!!
    Tom has not finished researching yet but if he were to go to London I would stay home b/c it would be way too expensive for me to go too. I would love to go with him where ever he gos, but..... Thanks for your visit today Cecilia!!!

  18. Thanks for sharing those pictures of MW and Cali!
    I can see they got along pretty well!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. That's just so sweet!! Seems like 'love at first sight (or meow??)' for them!!

  20. Are those Siamese Cats? Just kidding! We found the bees but it took mommy an hour! Her eyes are wearing out!

    Riley and Star.


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