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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Madi and Dad's routine

Madi and her Dad have a routine....

When I'm home on the weekends things get a tad messed up.

I'm told, every morning when Dad goes into the bathroom to shave Madi follows him.
She hops up on the counter and watches with great interest.
When he gets in the shower she takes a nap on the bath mat.
When I'm home on the weekend mornings Madi is torn
between staying with me to see what I'm up to or
going with Dad. 99% of the time she really wants to
be with Dad but he is already in the shower.
She stands at the bathroom door meowing LOUDLY until I open it for her

If I'm not quick about it, she will pace and meow

Once I open the door she turns to look at me as if to say
ok you can leave please close the door on your way which I do.

Saturday morning I decided to be waiting after the shower to capture her exit...
Dad says as soon as he turns the water off she seems to think her job is done
and politely asks to be let out....dang those paws are just not good at opening door knobs.
So I was ready to snap the picture as soon as I heard the door open
Surprise not only did I get Madi exiting but we have a cameo appearance
by DAD's feet!!!!

Dad I give you a A+ on your grooming techniques!!

FYI: MADI never comes into the bathroom with me?!

Award, beauty secrets and Compliment Day

Madi and I are honored to display this lovely award from Fern and her Critters @
Animal Lover,Quilt Lover. Drop by to say hi to Fern. She is a lover of all animals great and small. Thank you very much Fern.

Sunday, January 24 is Compliment Day
Madi here: First let me Compliment each and every blogging friend I have for the creativity they share with us each and every day!!!

Now for the Secrets:

1. Always be sure to wash your back thoroughly to control the build up of human cooties.

2. Remember the toes should be clean one at a time and stretch that leg out to tone your thighs

3. Don't forget to wash both sides of your face, behind your ears and
Remember to clean the corners of your eyes.

4. When cleaning your chin remember to hold your head back to stretch the neck
muscles otherwise you'll be doing 'double duty'. (MOL)

5. Most importantly get lots of beauty sleep in spite of the
horrid flashy beast.

Thanks for dropping by.
Madi and Mom

Friday, January 22, 2010

Madi: Hello Kitty and National Pie Day

Mom ......guess what.....I've been cloned.
Now there are two Divas and twice as much fun.
Saturday, January 23, is National Pie Day....everyone have a good weekend and be sure to
eat PIE!!!
Happy Weekend
Madi and Mom

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Madi: I got Mail from Olive

Mom: Madi you got mail!!!!

Madi: Is it food?

Mom: No it is better than food, it is mail from your friend Olive.

Madi: I remember Olive she is a very cute dog. We drew her name

in Jazzi's Christmas Present drawing. Sniff sniff nope no food.....

Madi: What a nice surprise, wonder what it is?

Mom: Oh my goodness it is a very pretty thank you card

Look Olive is playing with the Wubba we sent her.

Madi: Mom I don't have my contacts in, please read the card to me.
(you may click on the picture to make it larger)
Mom and Madi:Olive and Mom we know a 'thank you' for a 'thank you' card is repetitive; however, it was such a nice surprise and such a pretty card we just had to show all our friends and say 'thank you' for being our friend.
ALSO: For all keeping track, Friday, January 22, is Blonde Brownie Day.... now that is just wrong on all levels....Brownies should only be chocolate.
From what I can determine blonde brownies are made with choc.chips instead of Cocoa...thus not very dark in color....ha!!! WRONG!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Madi and Mom: National Hugging Day

Tomorrow, January 21, is Hugging Day!!!

In observance of Hugging Day, I gave Mom permission to Hug me.

Thanks Dad for your excellent photography and for getting

it right the first know I only like to be held

on my terms.

Madi and Mom

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Madi: Penguin Awarenesss Day

Wednesday,January 20, is Penguin Awareness Day.
As you can see from my laser eyes, I'm trying to be aware......
Noticing when looking for Penguins, two different color laser eyes are needed.
Penguins around the world, may the force be with you!!!
Note:Mom had to post early today, since she will be away from her
'puter at our normal posting time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Madi: Sometimes Mom calls me......

Madi....or Mads
but most times she calls me

Bunny Rabbit

wonder why

99% of the time when Madi is on her back, her feet are in this rabbit pose.
And boy are they as soft as a cotton tail too

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Madi: Mom and Dad's latest project as I saw it

This is a picture of a new print Mom and Dad gave each other for Christmas. Dad picked it up from the frame house last week. They have been wanting something to hang over the door into our family is perfect.

Now to tell you how it got way up there and what it took to get it there.
Here I am watching the process from afar.

Here is the rest of the story:
I just love it when Mom and Dad have projects.
The spot where I'm sitting is normally in the way of foot traffic; however, today
it is the safest spot and the best place to watch the peeps and I have my mouse to keep me company.
What I'm staring at is Dad preparing to hang the new picture.

Evidently it takes a lot of equipment.

1. ladder

2. hammer

3. level

4. ruler

5. pencil

6. note pad

7. nails and hooks
(items 2-7 are on 'MY' couch thus I'm on the floor)
8. Flashy beast in the capable hands of the Mom

Why so much equipment you ask? Well Dad is very precise when he hangs pictures and there is no room for error (Mom's exact words).
Mom has the flash beast out because she knows there will be good photo opts......
Mom did promise Dad she would not take any pictures of Dad!!!???
I'm not to sure about the ladder so I decided to keep my distance.

Madi one curious kitty cat and Dad you did a great job!!!

According to Mom's Whimsical Calendar, there are not special days until early next week.