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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Snowy Symmetry

Symmetry in the deck flooring and the shed at the back of the deck 

 As I mentioned yesterday we had snow early Thursday Morning. We didn't actually see it snowing

The photo below was taken at 6:15 am Thursday morning.  Our deck was covered with an inch of snow. LunaPic has recreated the snow for us.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Nature. Feline and Final Friday Fiction: A Squirrel and a Hawk

Thanks Comedy Plus for hosting Feline Friday

Thanks LLB Gang for hosting Nature Flower Friday

This year FFF will be prompted by photos or images we have.
This month's FFF was prompted by the photo below from
my friend Janice, the roving photo journalist sent me this photo.
Janice and I are both retired from N. C. State University.
During my time at NC State University I worked in three different departments.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Chemistry and 1992, I transferred to Physics which is where I met Janice.
Long story short this photo reminded me of a funny true story.

Chemistry, Statistics and Physics were located in Cox Hall, 
Just a few feet to the left the Animal Science Department was in Polk Hall

NCSU was in walking distances to many cafes and restaurants. Being a life long walker,  I would walked to lunch at one of the cafes.  One day my route back to work was thru a small the courtyard  between Polk Hall (remember animal science) Physics passing under a large canopy of trees.  I was almost to the Physics building when I heard a shrill squawk followed by squirrel falling within an inch of my head.  It was so close to my head I felt a breeze.  I jumped back looked down to see a very stunned squirrel staring at me. A few seconds later, a bit wobbly it scurried in the opposite direction.   I looked up into the canopy of trees to see a young hawk over head.  Everyone working in the area around Cox and Polk hall knew each year hawks built a nest, ironically, on the roof of the animal science building. My theory is the young hawk was trying to learn to hunt!!  The squawking was about his glee to have caught a squirrel.  However he had not perfected his skills.  I think he had the squirrel in is tucked in his talons. Too late he realized he needed both feet for successful landing.  So he dropped the squirrel.  The squirrel lived to scurry another day and I'm sure the hawk learned a valuable lesson.  In my mind's eye, I could see Mom and Dad Hawk shaking their heads.  Junior obviously needed to repeat Hunting 101 before he could feed himself.

Feline Friday Flashback:

Angel Madi loved watching squirrels. She had perches located in several windows.

"When I'm very, very still and crouch very low I can watch squirrels scurrying.  They don't have a clue that a great game hunter is lurking just above them, but today this hunter is too happy watch."

We had one inch of snow early Thursday morning.  It was my kinda snow, 

did not stick to the roads just the trees and cars...very pretty

Below is a collage of our red maple

Left is right out of the camera right is black and white effect in LunaPic

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #4

 Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS  and Wacky Holidays are both about squirrels!!

Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is our inspiration

I've seen this episode of I Love Lucy many times. Today's attempt at poetry will be to what I think the lady in the middle is saying;

YO Joe turn off the tread
We need 'moe' 
The blond and the red head 
are about to blow
They are over their head 
eating our overhead.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Wordless Wednesday



Hosted by Comedy Plus 

On a recent walk thru our neighborhood we saw something we normally only see on trials poop bag dispenser

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Happy Tuesday with the Nephews

Hosted by Comedy Plus  

Rocky has turned into quite the attention-seeker, AKA ham  (and not the yummy kind.) 😻

He likes to hide, and make us look for him. ( I didn’t say he was good at it!) 😹
Rocky is living up this his name he is quicker than an super duper powered Rocket

One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment around here these days. 

This video is super duper quick All 3 of my nephews are in it.

 Sound on, please. 

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew 

OMCs Rocky are so funny and such a tease.
You have Pup wrapped around your itty bitty furry paw but it appears Kat is wise to your antics.
The song is purrfect too.
Auntie and Uncle are giggling.  
Lovingly your Auntie and Uncle

Sunday, January 24, 2021