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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Caturday Art and Flower Saturday

First and foremost we all thank you all for your kind comments about the passing of 
Mom's first cousin.    He was a funny, kind and generous soul.  He will be missed.

Welcome to  Caturday art hosted by Athena
See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

Mom has busy busy hands. She is my typist, chief cook and bottle washer here, photographer
and she crochets.  Recently she is showed me an itty bitty baby afghan she is making....
BUTT she said Madi don't touch it.  So as you can see I had to hold my 'reach out and touch things front paw' with my might bunny back paw! I don't know if she thought I'd rip it to smithereens or get kitty kooties on it!   Either way I suggested maybe she should keep it out of this kitty's face.  

Happy Flower Friday on Monday hosted by 

Last Friday we showed you this sad plant and the tree rat that caused it
Since this pot was the main one the tree rat was attacking, Dad decided to 
transplant the ivy into the pot in the above photo along with the purrty pansies and the
taller plant in the back

There was one pitiful pansy left in the yellow pot above.
He moved that to anther pansy pot in the backyard.
Thus far no tree rats.  Maybe Wanda the Wonderful Witch  and Madi-ator will 
keep them away.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thoroughly poetic Thursday

Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's 4 word challenges are 
sunny, shrimp, shoe, snuggle

On a sunny day my mind wanders
to places and faces unknown it ponders.
 I lounge in my sunpuddles dreaming of Ramen Noodles 
dripping with juices of fine nip.

The peeps leave home where they goes I do not knows.
I hope it isn't a long trip
When they return, my kitty nose quickly catches crazy smells on their shoes even on their toes
and on the stings that ties!
I wonder what are these odors and when can I find some for myself
I have looked high on shelves and low in boxes not even a shrimp could fit.
 I say to myself give it up Kit,
Time has come to snuggle on the bed, rest your 💫head  on the spread close your eyes let go of the faces and places
you should dream fishies instead!!

There are only 7 more weeks of my poetry!!

Beginning today at about 3 pm
Mom and Dad will be away and most of tomorrow, Friday October 19, 2017, attending a family funeral.
Regular programming here will return at 
12:00am Saturday, October 20, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Subtitle: From the outside looking  in

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday Tale

All photos taken on October 11, 2017.  Mom says
this is a pictorial Madi update!! I'm getting around purrty good

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Madi Mews

This was taken on Saturday evening.
new font we used it kinda hard to read
"sometimes I'm a lefty, sometimes a righty"
This is the room where my sunpuddle lives to so I have the best of two worlds!!
 This was my Caturday Post

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Easy Sunday


Hey little gray kitty use your inside MEOW we are all trying to sleep