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Saturday, April 10, 2010

An award from Mayzie and call me crazy

Thank you Mayzie and Mom for bestowing this very nice award on us....we are most happy
to be one of your most sweet friends. (FYI: we especially love your vocabulary)

Every so often at night, Madi becomes obsessed with the ceiling fan...she rolls about the floor staring at it and talking to it....then in a split second she will take off running upstairs sounding like a herd of elephants. She runs tears through every room, then just as quickly she is back downstairs in the same spot looking at us quite innocently. We call this the night crazies.....

Question from Madi:

Mom did you know our title rhymes? Yep...that is why I waited until today to post the award..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Madi presents: Name yourself Day

Today April 9th is Name yourself Day:
It is your chance to give yourself whatever name you'd like...for a day.

Participating in Name Yourself Day is simple. Go ahead, give it a try. Change your first, or middle or last name. Or change them all. Give yourself a cool name or a catchy nickname. Once you have selected your ame, you've go to communicate it to all your family and friends...

Madi asked that she be called: DIP-C
which is short for Diva Island Princess Cat.....

Mom: Madi are you sure about you realize DIP-C
sounds like 'Dipsey'...when you say it? I don't believe you want to portray yourself as Dipsey (aka 1/8th of a brain).

Today Mom would like to be called: Esmarillda...why because she likes the way it sounds.
We thank you in advance for respecting our wishes
Respectfully submitted,
DIP-C (?) and Esmarillda

Flashback Friday with Milky-Way will return on April 16....

NOTE: On Sunday 4/11/10 we'll post about the missing top portion of
Highland United Methodist steeple that we featured on 4/4/10

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lion(ess) Sleeps tonight....

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion(ess) sleeps tonight,
wimoweh wimoweh wimoweh....The lion(ess) sleeps tonight"

at least she tries to sleep when Mom is not sticking the flashy box in her face.

I spy you Mom....but I'm too comfortable to object to the flashy box...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: One happy dog

What a beautiful dog...he was all gray and just enjoying life
please click to get a better view this handsome animal.
Today April 7 is ASPCA Day....everyone give your furry kid a big hug.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trees and Tents and things that make me sneeze

I'm sitting here at the top of my steps with my best laser eyes pondering some of life's mysteries

Why do we have....
Native NC Pine Trees that produce Evil Green Dust of the Devil in our yard?
We have more pine tress than I care to count and all of them make me sneeze.
Below is a small bunch pine cone pods full of pollen just waiting to rush into our eyes and noses. ACHOOO

one entire branch of a huge pine imagine a city full of these monsters

Why don't we have more of these beautiful native Dogwood trees in our yard?
Of course they have some pollen but not nearly as much as the pine.
Their branches are very thin making all the lovely white blooms appear to be floating.
Why don't we have more red buds in our yard? Mom told me this one was not even planted
it just sprung up one year. Dad said it is in a good spot let's just leave it and see what it is.
The second year it was nearly 18" tall and had beautiful heart shaped leaves. Dad said
it was a red bud and how fortunate we were it landed in our yard. Now about 8 years later look what we have.

And last but not least
Mom, why don't we have a orange and white tree like the one below in our yard?
It is not a tree Madi it is a pup tent.
Mom you have got to be kidding there a pup(py) in it?
I don't know why do you ask? Well you know that is the house where Biscuit lives.

Do you think he has grown so much they had to buy a tent for him to sleep in?
Ahhh so many questions and so few answers...
Maybe I'll take a nap and the answers will come to me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monochrome Monday & National Pizza Day

Once again I'm letting Mom play around.... with Picasa....
This is a vintage delivery van owned by local Ace Hardware at Seaboard Station in Raleigh.
Do yo like it in black and white
Barbie pink
or its true current color of ORANGE

Madi and Mom
Today April 5 is National Deep Dish Pizza Day...according to Mom's crazy calendar.
So if you are so inclined enjoy a piece of pizza today!!!
Pizza Trivia:
In 1905, Lombardi's Pizzeria Napoletana, on Spring St. in New York City, became the first American pizzeria. The top week for pizza sales is Super Bowl week.
The Essential Book of Useless Information, by Don Voorhees

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Steeple Sunday

Madi was DELIGHTED to receive an Easter
Bonnet from Sammy and Andy. She absolutely loves it!!! Thank you very much you two are this lady cat's Meow!!!

This little bunny sits outside our front door (at least that is what Mom says, I've never been out there). Our periwinkle is blooming now so we wanted to share this picture with you.

Highland United MethodistRidge Road, Raleigh NC

This is a very majestic steeple (with an interesting past**)..(you may click to enlarge).
It has several shapes and angles of wood on it. I especially like the angled wood in the middle section. The church chimes are more than likely in the first wooden section. Notice the venting.
The cross at the top seems to be about to catch a cloud

This picture was taken across the street standing on the playground of an
elementary school. All the pictures were take on the same day notice how the clouds came and went. The formation of the church was approved on January 14, 1954. Its first service
was held on May 2, 1954 in Francis Lacy Elementary School across the street.
Regular services were held at the school until January 1958.

**As you can see from these pictures, this steeple is very high. The steeple has had an
interesting past. At approximately 5:48pm on June 19, 1977 after striking the steeple a private plane crashed into the front yard of a home a block away from the church. No fire was reported at either the crash site or church. The aircraft was returning from a brief flight to Durham
(~30miles from Raleigh) when radio communication was lost at 5:10. Unfortunately the pilot did not survive. Miraculously no one on the ground was hurt. The church sits on a
very busy corner in the midst of a neighborhood and there is an elementary school across the street.

APRIL 3, 2010
You might have noticed the steeple is in 3 sections.
Mom and Dad were passing by this church. Mom was absolutely astounded when she noticed the top portion is missing. There have been NO accidents reported like on June 19, 1977. Obviously it would take a huge crane to get it down. We are clueless as to how something this large could disappear.
C(at) S(leuth) I(nvestigator) will have to look into this mystery.