Monday, April 5, 2010

Monochrome Monday & National Pizza Day

Once again I'm letting Mom play around.... with Picasa....
This is a vintage delivery van owned by local Ace Hardware at Seaboard Station in Raleigh.
Do yo like it in black and white
Barbie pink
or its true current color of ORANGE

Madi and Mom
Today April 5 is National Deep Dish Pizza Day...according to Mom's crazy calendar.
So if you are so inclined enjoy a piece of pizza today!!!
Pizza Trivia:
In 1905, Lombardi's Pizzeria Napoletana, on Spring St. in New York City, became the first American pizzeria. The top week for pizza sales is Super Bowl week.
The Essential Book of Useless Information, by Don Voorhees


  1. Love pizza!!! Since Mom is from NY ..we eat a lot of pizza :) Love that picture too!! Did you know it's International Pooper Scooper Week - April 1-7, 2010

    Happy Scooping! BOL!!

    Licks from me!!


  2. Love the picture effects!!

    We also love that it's National Pizza Day!!!

  3. Good morning Madi! You sure are nice to let your mom play around. Tell her my favorite is the black and white one. It just looks "right" somehows.

    And OHMIDOGNESS! Pizza is one of my very favoritest of all time things EVER! I'm gonna try to talk mom and dad into ordering one, you know, just cuz of the holiday and all.

    Have a Most Happy Monday!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. oh yes...I think I know the dog you are referring to...the card eater!!! You know who YOU are too....BOL!!!



  5. Thank you for coming to visit, Madi. As I always maintain, I like cats just fine. My cats are not so crazy about me, although at least after a year I think they are learning that I don't do anything to bother them. We love pizza here, but since we live in NY we don't eat much deep dish pizza. It's strictly Neopolitan (round, thin crust) or Siciilian (rectangular, thicker crust). Doesn't matter much to me. I just mostly eat the crust and only if I'm in the mood. Now international pooper scooper week is something we can all get behind.

    Love the photos. B & W seems just right for that van.

    wags, Lola

  6. I didn't know it's a Pizza day today!
    Too bad it's already past 21:30 in Tokyo and I've finished my dinner.
    And the picture looks so different in those different colors!
    I enjoyed watching them!
    Have a happy Monday!

  7. Pizza today would be great. Mom did a good job playing around in Piccasa.

  8. Hey, COOL! And maybe.......I'll have pizza before I start work tonight. Love OG's pizza!

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  10. Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday -- we were out of town. Love the steeple post! So part of it was missing? Strange....Madi better get right on that! She looks so nice in her hat! Love the car pics! AND the info about our favorite food -- PIZZA! Hope you had a fun and happy Easter!

  11. We like the black/white version of the van. although Halle prefers the pink one!...Our Mom had thin crust spinach pizza last night and she didn't even know about the National Pizza Day; she doesn't eat meat, so pizza around here isn't too exciting for us!!...We always miss seeing you Madi, but hope you have a wonderful week...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  12. Love the black and white one! Very vintage looking!

    Now where's my pizza?

  13. We loved the last pic.......we love red!!!!!!!!

    Pizza!!!!!!!!!!! We also love pizza!!!!!!!!

    And we love Madi and Mom.....xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Very cool pictures! I do like the B&W one...looks authentic :).
    Yum pizza!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Great Pictures Madi Mama!!

    Mama and Daddy both love all your useless information too!!


  16. Oh we loved the orange car!

    Pizza day, oooo don't tell Dad. He loves Pizza!

    Have a great day Miss Madi!


  17. Hi, Madi!
    I like it in orange!
    Pizza day?? Hmmm... Too bad my mom's vacation is over and she is again on her diet!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Hi Madi & Mom,

    That is a really nice old van, it looks great in B/W but the Barbie pink is also totally cool.

    We love your calendar and useless information book. How can information be useless if it is so entertaining?

    Hugs and Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  19. National Pizza Day! Now we're talking. Good kitty

  20. We like the B/W as it suits the subject the best.

  21. I think I like the Black and White pic best!


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