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Friday, July 6, 2018

Flower Friday and day time fireworks

Flower Friday with my niece Rosy SassyPants
Featuring Lantana's 

We were watching tveeees and all of a sudden two booms
in the middle of the day.....we seniors were not happy!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's photo prompt

Simpler times: Late 50's
TVees were new and so small.
You had to nearly sit on top of them for any view.
A postage stamp was taller.
Come Friday Daddy got home early
He bellowed girlies get in the car. 
Off the the drive-in movies we went, it wasn't far.
No matter where you parked your view
was panoramic and fun was contagious from car to car.  
You had your own speaker right there on the window.
Best of all was a trip to the concession stand
for a bottle Pepsi,it was ice cold, popcorn and
hot dogs all on a tray to go.
Life was simpler by far....watching movies from your car.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday Tale on Mom

OMCs do I have a Bawhahahahahahahahaha for you. It involves farm implements  (at the end of this post we attached  a post from 2015 regarding the invention of farm implements for household task)**!!
First this true story happened on a Wednesday, Dad's train brain day so he was not home.

June 13,  while Mom was backing down our veryyyyyyyyyyyyy looooooooooooooong drive.
she saw something odd at the bottom of the driveway. (Gracie Highlander has a backup camera). She backed down slowly. She parked the car in front of the house and cautiously walked toward said oddity. OMCS in heaven above it was a vole...dead as a door nail. It was not grossly ooozzzzing blood so she was purrty sure she didn't hit it. Trudy the traveling Tortie cat aka T4  was the prime suspect. Mom saw T4 stalking something in our back yard earlier. Getting up deaded animals is a DAD was gonna leave it for dad; however, the more she thought about it she started worrying T4 would be back for a meal. Worst case scenario T4 might eat it on our driveway making it look like a Crime Scene.

Mom goes to the garden shed to get a shovel, goes in the house for a trash bag, AND ARE YOU SITTING DOWN!  She also got a can of Lysol that kills 99.9% of bacteria. She cautiously, in case the vole had any life left in it, gets the vole in the shovel.
She drops it in the trash bag then...................she sprayed Dad's edging shovel with 1/2 can of Lysol....she wanted to be sure he didn't get any vole bacteria should he touch it. Then she put it back into the shed....and guess what the shed smells like Lysol. She did remember to tell Dad about the Lysol(he hates the smell of Lysol) at which time after he finished LOLing he said thanks for being sure the shovel was 99.9% free of bacteria.
The end
I didn't witness this fiasco but this is what my cat's eye saw when I heard about it


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tale: They say Necessity is the .....

Mother of invention 
FYI this TRUE TALE is proof positive.
I promise it is the last post I'll show of snow
BUT trust me it is gonna tickle your funny bone.
Often when the peeps leave I take up my sentry post from the guest bed this window
 looks out onto the driveway.

 During the last few weeks of February we had sleet, snow,
ice and freezing temperatures all with in a few days of each other. All this made our 
driveway and front yard nearly impassable!!!
That is unless you are very clever...and my peeps are.
This picture shows very little white stuff but what you see is
ice and it is solid.  Mom and Dad needed to go to buy groceries...
they had to get to Gracie at the bottom of the driveway.
But they can't ice skate so they did the next best thing
they used their noggins to think of a safe way down
Dad had already fallen on the ice earlier.
They used a pitch fork and a golf umbrella as their anchors to walk down 
through the ice to the grass. Before they left
Mom thought to herself... how will we get the groceries back up to the

Easy peasy...they took to laundry baskets and two bungee cords
to the car when they left.  
 When they got back home with the groceries they loaded the
groceries in the baskets and pulled them up the hill with the 
bungee cords in one hand and the pitchfork and the golf umbrella in the 
other hand
Nobody fell...they got the groceries in the house


We are not posting tomorrow, hopefully this Tuesday Tale
 will keep you entertained until our Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday Post. 
We will be visiting everyone.
Have a safe 4th and all your 4 leggers stay inside.
Madi your bfff and her crazy pants Mom

Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday Mews and Sparks


I took the next photos with my iPad on Sunday morning.
We awoke to 78% dew point and 80 degrees F.
It was a scorcher needless to say.
The outside of our windows were covered in the 78% dew point too.
We could not see outside.
Edited with Windows 10 photo edit

Slate which I like....

then I found Sauna which is perfect

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Easy Sunday and Plates

as she is stroked and scratched by hand of mom

1. MKEYMSE, no clue
2. LOVACAT, Love a cat...👍👌
3. GTH007, no clue
4. CKA3KA, no clue
5. KTYS, Kitties, on I CARE plate

Read all about them here 

7.  HMSGRUVY on a mini Cooper, HMS Groovy
8. SRTBU, no clue
9. MYWIS4U, My wish for you or my wisdom for you? LOL
10. ONYVA? no clue
11. WOELFPAK, another version of NC State University's Mascot
 the WolfPack
12. TEATIME, Tea Time
13. FIRECRKR, Fire Cracker
14. PAW4US, Paw four or for us
15. 3113311, NO CLUE
16. HRDROCK, Hard Rock
17.  COCHG, Coaching
 this was on a USA Olympic plate