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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday Symmetry Everywhere

This was too funny.  Saw this while running errands one day.

We went to the North Carolina State Fair on Friday...we have not been
since 2014 for various reasons.  This year was probably one of the most pleasant trips we remember.
Good news I took my Camera
Bad New I will be sharing all the photos as I sort through them.
There is a new Ferris Wheel...15 stories high, supposedly the highest traveling one
in the United States ok I'll show you one photo of it

NO WE DID NOT RIDE IT....Just looking at it made me dizzy

But we did ride the State Fair Flyer ( it is like a ski lift)
It is a permanent fixture there goes horizontally across the fair grounds.

more later.

Friday, October 25, 2019

New Final Fiction and Nature Feline Friday

Today I'm pawticipating in New Final Fiction Friday
in a nutshell no page 87 phrases nor is it a link....Just find an image from your files and
tell a story.

Observations from the Sky lounge
By Angel Madi

When I came to live at Manor Madi, back in the good old days of 2002.  Life was simple, I  ate, played and mostly SLEPT 18 hour a day. My time was my own, my only job was to be cute, purr, do lots of blinky blinks and every so often snooopervise house hold projects.  If I had known, being the subject the old gray mare's (TOGM)  flashy beast was a requirement, I would have set stricter ground rules for my staff.
Fast forward to 2009 when we started our blog.  I heard Mom tell
Dad she had to have pictures.....because surely she had nothing to say that would be interesting.  When I say that out loud I get the giggles.  Mom was born talking
and would talk to a telephone pole.
Mom aka TOGM became a snapping fool.   Many times when Dad and I were trying to chillAX, we often joked that if we were still too long we'd be the subject of her foolery.   No place was scared or off limits.  She moved fast  for an old gray mare. 
I had way too many photos taken with 'bed head' and that is serious when you have hair all over your body.  I quickly learned to sleep with one eye open.

It was obvious Mom loved blogging and I either had to get on board or
find a hidey hole!

That  was out of the question...she knew every crook and cranny in the house.

 It is a good thing I packed tons of patience and learned to make the best of
the situation and only had to holler
 at TOGM a few times.

Ooops got run just hear the dinner bell in the Sky Lounge.
Never fear I'm always around and will probably pop in again
on FFF
Hugs Madi your BFFF


WAIT take a coffee/tea/potty break there is M O R E!!!!

Feline Friday..there is a Feline hiding indoors!
Hosted by Comedy Plus

Saturday October 19, 2019 we had a happy accident while having lunch at Seaboard Cafe.
The American Wildlife Refuge, which is our area's only fully volunteer raptor center had two booths set up
with owls and Black Vulture all recuperated from injuries but cannot be released due to permanent damage to 
either claws or wings.
Click here to read about their efforts

I didn't hear the black vulture's name but he was quite dignified.
Gray face, beak and feet...which accentuated his shiny black feathers
Very very pretty face and soulful eyes...which I did not expect.

Forest a Barred Owl knew how to work the crowd..
he made sure to turn his head all 360 degrees several times.

 Click-Clack, the female Barred Owl in the back
She was shaking her tail feathers at us

 Feline Friday with Kat
Kap Kat checking in from

Mom is reading all the wonderful, supportive  blog comments, (thank  you Furiends❤️), while we’re tootling down the highway. I must admit, I’m feeling quite proud of myself for adjusting so well to gypsy life.
My new motto: Have Litter Box, Will Travel! 😹😹😹

Our Meowissippi Camp site where we stayed two nights

I’m always on an extension leash while we’re moving; safety first. 😺
This how I roll. Teeheehee

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Dearest Nephew Kap. Kat...stick your furry chest out and shout your new motto out loud and proud!! 
It is said cats are either bush dwellers(aka they like to be low) or tree dwellers (they like to be high).  
You are surely enjoying your loft with a ever changing view!!!
Roll on Kap. Kat Roll On!!
Lovingly your Aunty HiC

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thankful Trails Tales by Kat and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Dearest Aunty HiC
I had my first walkie in another state...Alabama.
I wonder how many states I'll get to take Walkies in?
I am all kinds of Thankful
for my staff and my Pup. 
Mom and I are very thankful for all the encouragement I have received from all my friends here 

Hosted by Brian 

I love camping! The campground was deserted, which made me comfortable enough to take a short walkie.
Since it was my first walkie away from home, Mom said all her attention needed to be on me. 😹Pup had lots of walkies before the rain. 

When the rain started, we all went inside and spent a cozy afternoon watching leaves fall.
I was really watching rascally chipmunks, ha! 😻🐿🍁

I’m so excited to share this adventure with all our special blog Furiends. Mom needs all the encouragement she can get! Teeheehee! 😹

Tomorrow I will be reporting from   MiSSiSSiPPi!!! What a fun name.
Wonder if they will have some kat nippi there?

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Today's inspiration

Best Friends....
Pact states I'll watch your back
through thick and thin.
When playing chest,
the best man wins.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wordy Wednesday

Control Dui and Roxy with Bella's help, for sending me the below which she saw the picture on 

You might remember back in July I had a delightful lunch with these young ladies and their mom

l-r: Sandra, Emily, Nora, Cecilia and Rose

For the last month I've been making these 3 quilted wall hangings
I send them birthday presents each year.
This year I decided to make them, you guessed it... a quilted present.

As I selected each piece of fabric, I had one of these young ladies in mind..

All 3 love cats and dogs
All 3 are Girl Scouts the first one below has a S'mores border
All 3 play piano 2 of them have music notes on back.
All 3 like astronomy (their Dad is a Physics Professor)
The back side of the black and gray one has stars on it.

Emily's bday is in November, Nora and Rose January and February
A light bulb went off...why not send all 3 b-day presents at one time.
Allowing each of them select their favorite.
In Mind's Eye I saw:
The black and gray for Nora
The purple and aqua for Emily
The one with the S'mores border for Rose.
The package is addressed to their mom.  I clued her in on my thinking. She will
let me know which one each girl selected.   I had in mind for them.
On the back of each one a sewed a sleeve which will allow them to insert a small dowel. That is how I hung mine.

Once they have made their selections I'll let you know...

The package was rec'd last Friday.  I sure am glad I sent all 3 at one time.
I was totally WRONG on which one I had in mind for each one.

Here is a photo (taken just before the left for Halloween gathering)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Happy Trails Tuesday

Sunday morning at ~10:30 am Kat, Pup and Staff
departed home on an adventure of a lifetime (for Kat and Pup) the staff has made the trip numerous times.
They traveled 270 on Sunday to a campground in Alabama where they spent Sunday and Monday nights.
We had severe storm predictions for Monday into Tuesday for the South so they stayed put.

Now I present Kap. Kat reporting from the best seat aka Kat Kubby Kompatment

Dearest Aunty HiC!!!
Well, we’ve made it to the great state of Alabama, home of our beloved Crimson Tide.

Mom says Pup and I act like we’ve been RV-ing  all our lives! 😹

Do you see me? 

 I’m riding wearing  my collar and leash, but not in carrier. 
Peep eye Pup

All this riding makes me sleepy. 😻
❤️  Kat Your Feline Nephew

Dearest Nephew....................aka King Kat of the Road!!
I am so so so proud of you I'm twerking and that is a BIG deal for your  Aging Aunty. OMCs.  
Bless you itty bitty kitty heart!!! Sweet Home Alabama INDEED.
I spy Pup's Head too
Loving your Aunty HiC

More tales from the trail on Thursday!!!