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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

Today's work is 

make or burst with a short quick sound; shoot

My absolute, ultimate short quick sound 
comes from this little can

I can smell the stinky goodness of a new top being popped from the far corners of the house!!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Flower Friday: Shrinking Violet....

Ohhh are we excited about today 

with Dory 

Long story short..our house faces North.  We only have one window that gets several hours of sun and also has a table near by  to sit a plant.   This is our only house plant...
In October of 2014, mom bought an African Violet aka Saintpaulias.  It was in full bloom and after the blooms died
it continued to grow new leaves so we were hopeful for more blooms October 2015.  It is in a special violet pot so you cannot 
love it (water it) too much and mom gave it violet food BUT
NOPE, Nada we had zilch no blooms

THEN in late March 2016 there was rejoicing in the house.
Mom spotted blooms...this is a close up of the first 3 bloooms.
I don't think you can see it here but the flowers look like 
they have glitter on them.  So pretty especially with the sun on them.

 This is the last photo mom took of it.  There are 6 flowers visible and one more about to open.  


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thinking Thursday

I haven't had a new box with fresh scents in furever...
Supper can wait!!

Mom has Pandora streaming through the 'puter in our Blog office.
She loves all the choices of music.  She ordered a Grace Digital Radio
so she can play Pandora downstairs too.

Breaking News
We know lots of you cannot attend the B.A.R. in June;
however, if you would like to have an Ussie with all of us there...
click here for the info on where/how to send your photo

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One word WEDNESDAY and Bonus


Bonus... Oh what a fun time I had at the April Birthday Pawty with my Cat Scout Pals.  The Theme was Japanese Tea Pawty
Here is a collage of delicious delights we enjoyed.

Ohhhh I just loved wearing this Kimono...but I had to remember to take baby steps.  Cat Scouts Tea Time was fab!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Tale: Cycles

Ohhh lookie this Diva has some Vintage wheels
It is an Indian Motorcycle 111
It is on display at the mall where my peeps walk every morning
Indian Motorcycle started in 1901. The company no long exist
too bad what a beautiful Cycle and it matches my eyes.

While you look at the close ups mom will till you a vintage tale from way back in the mid
1960's (I think dinosaurs were still roaming the earth too)
when she was a teenager.  Mom her bff Ann were both
dating not my dad, guyz who drove motorcycles.  Ann and mom tried every trick in the book
 to get their parent's permission to ride the motorcycles with the TEENAGE guyz.
They told their parents '*everybody is doing it'!!  When mom 
used that * phrase, her peeps would ask..'if everybody jumped off a roof would you do that too"?
 Mom's teenage guy even brought his cycle over for Mom's dad to see but still
there was no permission given. 
 Ann was going to the beach with my mom and her peeps for a week.
Unbeknownst to Mom and Ann, their peeps were cooking up a plan aka 
going to teach them a valuable lesson.
Lo and behold the first morning they woke up they saw it sitting outside.
There were teenage squeals that raised the roof.  
Mom's Dad rented a motorcycle for the entire week. Mom didn't even know her Dad knew how to drive a motorcycle.  Mom's Dad told them he would take them riding every day.
He was true to his word he did.  Since he liked riding the motorcycle it was
always a looooooong hot, sandy ride and of course he took one at a time so it 
took a chunk out of their days of surf and sun.  

By the time the week was over they were SICK and TIRED of motorcycles and 
both declared the never wanted to be on a motor cycle ever again....
That was the first and last time mom was on a motorcycle too.  
But seeing this gorgeous cycle brought back fond memories.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Ussies

Last week my adorable and smart gal pal Dory and her Bro Arty coined a new word...
USSIES: a selfie with two in it.

However, on 2nd thought this might just be an US...since it is only 1/2 of Mom and 1/2 of Dad.

What do you think Dory and Arty is this an Ussies or an Us?
Hugs Madi and Mom