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Saturday, September 17, 2011



1. ARMOROFGD, Armor of God
2. SUNBURST, Sunburst on a yellow mini coop
3. ATCOM#1,not sure
4. UCONN'80, 1980 grad of U of Connecticut
5.GODSBABY, God's Baby
6.GIABELA, not sure
7. 1-BAD-KIA, A hot Kia 
8. GODGIVIN, God Giving
10. GIFTOFGOD, Gift of God
11. ZAR
12. GOTENN,Go Tennessee
13.SHARMZ, not sure
14. MATSKIB, no sure
15.MYO.02$, My own 2 cents, pretty cute
16. IVORYS, not sure other than Ivorys
17. CUBS08, Either a Chicago Cubs fan or a cub scout
18. GRRPACK, Great Pack
19. N-SPECTOR, Inspector
23. BRNTRUST, Brunt rust or Brown trust

Many of you have asked how in the world Mom can drive and write down the tags...well now that she is retired Dad is usually driving and if not she remembers the tag until she gets to a stop light.  She keeps a pad and pen in the car.
We hope you enjoyed today's list.
Hugs Madi

Friday, September 16, 2011


Happy Show and Tell Friday.
First I'd like to show you a Living wall Garden Dad saw last week.  He took Mom and her flashy beast back to get some photos.

 What a most beautiful addition to this brick wall
 And what a lovely verse on the dedication plaque.
 Notice in the picture below the connection for the hose to water the Living Garden

Dad suggested Mom take a pic from the side to give you all
a 3D view and to capture the shadows.

 This is just a bonus picture of some very pretty orange flowers.

Mom took this picture of the moon @ 10PM on Tuesday, September 13, 2011.
We submitted it to our friend Remington, who is the head researcher at the
RRC, Remington Research Center, for his use at the his RRC.
She especially liked how the evening clouds took on a pink hue.

Happy Weekend to you all,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Theme Song: By Seals & Croft

It is Thursday so we say thanks Hootin Anni for sponsoring
Thursday Theme Song
If Mom ever tells you I hog the blog,...that would be an untruth...'cause I'm sharing today with Mom and her best feathered friends...Hummingbirds. She was thrilled to find a song about these frisky little birds.  It was written in 1971 by James Seals. 
The first day they arrive in the Spring is a Mom's personal National Holiday.  This year's visitors have been extra special and very active.  Currently they are fueling up their tiny tanks for their annaul trip South.
Today's song is for them and she is already looking forward to their return in 2012.  Safe travels sweet friends.

Oh hummingbird, mankind was waiting for you to come flying along
Heavenly songbird, we were so wrong.  We've harmed you, oh hummingbird, lend us your wings. Let us soar in the atmosphere of Abha
Lift us up to the heaven of holiness, oh source of our being oh hummingbird.

 Hummingbirds don't fly away, fly away,
In you I've found a fragrance. I'll love you 'til I die
I just love you, love you love you.  I don't even know the reason why
Hummingbird don't fly away
 The sweetness of your nectar has drawn me like a fly
I just love you don't fly away
Haven't you noticed the days somehow keep geeting longer?
And the spirit voices whisper in us all
Haven't you noticed the rays? The spirit sun is stronger.
 The draught of understanding wisdom, peace and love is ours
and Mom ends it with
I know you have to fly away...but be sure to  remember your way
to my feeders in early DAY 2012.
Please click on the video below to hear this rather haunting song..... which is about a prophet named

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


to seclude, seize and hold
and that is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday.  Why? Because the painters had to paint our exterior doors and leave them open until they dried.
I was peacefully napping on on Tuesday when Mom seized gently picked me up to take me to my ' holding cell for the day'.
Notice my look of total dismay when she secluded me the 'puter room, then she recruited  Mr. Steamer to be the door sentry so that I could not pull it open
 Obviously if there are pictures of this Mom was in there with me
but I gave her the one eyed look that says, that DOES NOT MAKE IT OK!!
 She quickly pointed out that I had a litter box, food and water which was supposed to make me happy...but I don't like being put in one room.  I like to roam from room to room each day.
Mom doesn't have a litter box or food up here so I'll bid my time
until I can escape.

 Her idea of food was about 10 pieces of kibble (because I had already had my morning ration of noms)...MOL...I gobbled that right down and will most certainly demand more very soon.
 and told her if she expected me to stay in this room she better provide some colorful and enriching entertainment
 So she immediately showed me her Raspberry Rush piggies

the glitter on her piggies made my eyes hurt so I took myself to the
other side of the room to not sit quietly

Note from Mom:
Madi voiced her 100% disapproval of this situation for most of the day; however, my goal for the day was to keep her safe.  I had not planned to put her in the room quite so early.  However, as soon as she heard the painters arrive she ran under a bed. I had to get her while the gettin' was good. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A repairman came to my house....he left smell mail...
that I cannot identify so I'm just going to sit on it until
it smells like me.

Mom says, if I'd let her, if she measured me from the tip of my nose to the tip of tail, I'd probably be at least 3 feet long.


Monday, September 12, 2011


Knock, knock to my right
 Knock, knock in front of me
 Knock, knock to my left
 Knock, knock on my porch
 Who is there you ask...well since Thursday, September 8, there have been men all over my house playing knock, knock (taking the old wood siding off my house and I haven't had a decent nap in days.   

They are replacing the old siding with hardiplank siding (it comes with a yellow primer paint on it).  Hardiplank siding is a composite of cement and will last for at least 87 million years.

They finished playing knock, knock with us on Saturday afternoon.  As soon as they left, Mom found me taking a very long nap.  I have to rest up before Monday 'cause another bunch of men are coming to power wash our house and deck then
paint everything. 

Woe be unto me!! Mom assures me they will be finished by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
She said she'd post pictures of the finished product.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


...of all the victims of 9/11,  first responders and all the families. You will never be forgotten.  Thank you to our Armed Forces who protect our great Country.

This picture was taken in August 1987 when my mom and dad took my
human sis to New York City for her 16th birthday.