Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Theme Song: By Seals & Croft

It is Thursday so we say thanks Hootin Anni for sponsoring
Thursday Theme Song
If Mom ever tells you I hog the blog,...that would be an untruth...'cause I'm sharing today with Mom and her best feathered friends...Hummingbirds. She was thrilled to find a song about these frisky little birds.  It was written in 1971 by James Seals. 
The first day they arrive in the Spring is a Mom's personal National Holiday.  This year's visitors have been extra special and very active.  Currently they are fueling up their tiny tanks for their annaul trip South.
Today's song is for them and she is already looking forward to their return in 2012.  Safe travels sweet friends.

Oh hummingbird, mankind was waiting for you to come flying along
Heavenly songbird, we were so wrong.  We've harmed you, oh hummingbird, lend us your wings. Let us soar in the atmosphere of Abha
Lift us up to the heaven of holiness, oh source of our being oh hummingbird.

 Hummingbirds don't fly away, fly away,
In you I've found a fragrance. I'll love you 'til I die
I just love you, love you love you.  I don't even know the reason why
Hummingbird don't fly away
 The sweetness of your nectar has drawn me like a fly
I just love you don't fly away
Haven't you noticed the days somehow keep geeting longer?
And the spirit voices whisper in us all
Haven't you noticed the rays? The spirit sun is stronger.
 The draught of understanding wisdom, peace and love is ours
and Mom ends it with
I know you have to fly away...but be sure to  remember your way
to my feeders in early DAY 2012.
Please click on the video below to hear this rather haunting song..... which is about a prophet named


  1. How sweet of you to share your blog with mom. We nefur knew there was a song about hummingbirds! It's time fur them to make their trek south. Bye bye hummingbirds! xoxo

  2. Awww, what a nice song. It won't be long before they come back again :)xx

  3. We thinks that a good song! You are very generous with your mom!

  4. Oops! We were so intent upon the song... we brought up another window and forgots that we had the song playing in the other window then forgots what we were saying! We had to say that mom has one little tiny hummingbird feather tucked away in a tiny little box!

  5. We know you are a very sharing kitty Miss Madi and you have a cute nose.

    I had forgotten all about this song, great choice. Your little hummers must be very happy with all those feeders to choose from. I suspect they are looking forward to returning to your yard come spring.

  6. Wonderful Song !
    I bet your mom sing for you, Miss Madi : )

  7. Great song.... Have a great day, Madi. Don't be chasing those hummingbirds now.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. I'll bet those hummers are to fast for you Madi, but have fun watching them! Lovies to my BFFF, Miss Mindy

  9. Hi there Madi Diva Cat and FERC Mom!

    Lucy better not know 'bout the humming bird - only she the family killer (2 thrushes, 3 frogs, a bumble bee and pigeon to date)..

    However I am nicer and Bonny too fat to catch anything.

    Lovely song Madi!


  10. Mee wishes we had hummers here. Butt it's too hot for dem in da summer. And if dey come in da fall, dey is just quickly passin' through. :o(

  11. That's a beautiful song. I'd never heard it before. No hummers here because I don't have the patience to wash the feeders out every couple of days.

  12. Great pics! Love those birdies and the song! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awwww Madi, you're so pretty!!

    Ruthie's mom

  14. Safe trip guys.

    I know you like watching them zip by Madi.

  15. Madi,

    Mom doesn't get to see many hummingbirds but when her does it makes her happy. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. Thank you for sharing with Mom today, Madi. I so enjoyed the hummers and the music. Thankfully, I still got to see you too!

  17. We see lots of hummingbirds out on our walks. For some reason they seem to like the area!

  18. OH we remember that song!
    Madi those are some beautiful hummingbirds, we bet that make your day too when you see them fly in.

  19. Such a pretty song Madi. I too am sad that my hummers have pretty much left. Only one or two hanging around still. And thank you for sharing!

  20. We love the little hummers, Madi! This year for some reason, we didn't have a lot of them coming around even though mom put her feeders out. Recently, one was coming by. We figure he was a travelling hummer, stopping by for a drink or two on his way down south. Maybe he'll stop by your place, Madi!

  21. Wow very nice of you to share your bloggie with your Mama and her birdies!!

    Dory, Jakey & Bilbo

  22. I had not heard this song before. I like humming birds. They can be difficult little critters to capture in a picture at times. Your photos are great and the song goes well with them.
    Glad Madi shared the Blog so that you could share them with us!!

  23. We don't have Hummingbirds here, but mum always watches out for the first swallow to arrive in the Spring. They have left us already this year which is very early. It may be a sign of a long hard winter.

  24. Madi, tell Mom I was thinking of her and wished she was with me in San Clemente on Sunday around 6 PM!
    My nephew's garden wedding was surrounded by Cape Honeysuckle, bright red blooms and dozens of hummers flitting about! I was in 7th heaven! BUT when the music started they ALL chimed in, it was magical! I don't know how he trained them to do that on que!! But they must have forgotten the lyrics because they only hummed the tune! :)


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