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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Madi: Saturdary Yoga class

1. Stretching is important so take your time

2. find a nice roomy spot on the floor, gently move your head from an
upright position across your body to your long lovely tail
all the while breathing slowly in and out
3. slowly move you head back to the center of your body
while chanting uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm

4. Slowly move your head from an upright position
touch your nose to your bellybutton
5. If you can accomplish all of the moves...sternly look at your
peoples and say NO I AM NOT FAT!!!

Not bad for an almost 8 year old Diva Cat!!
Respectfully submitted,
Mistress Madi Yoga Cat

Friday, March 5, 2010

Madi presents: Friday Flashback

Milky-Way was the only cat out of the 6 cats who have been members of
the 'clan and extended clan' who actually L O V E D his kitty kab.
We left it in the family room most of the time with the door
open he wandered in an out at will. It always had lots of comfy towels
Even after all these years this sweet kitty still brings a smile to my face.

Milky-Way you are still remembered and loved!!! You were a fantastic kitty
thank you for paving the way for me....Madi, Mads, Madster ya da ya da ya da!!!
NOTE FROM MADI: If any of you visited our blog between 5:00 and 6:00 pm
on Thursday 3/4, and thought you saw a Green kitty wish you a good St. Patrick's did.
My assistant (the Mom) was working on a St. Patrick's Day post....and MESSED UP on the 'Post Options'. Mom noticed there were 2 comments on it but was so mortified at the mistake she changed the date quickly so that it would unpost.....we'll read your comments in 2 weeks
YES THERE WILL BE SERIOUS DEMERITS for this!!!! Of course it could have been
her way of getting me back for turning my back on her too....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Madi explains why she showed her back

Ok so here is the rest of the story.
If you enlarge this picture, you will see this is an innocent (NOT) paper wrapper from a
skein of yarn...that is until it falls into the hands of a Mom, the
shutter bug. The below pictures are why I had my back
turned to Mom and the flashy monster yesterday
I'm still not sure how/why/when she did this or thought it was a good idea
but I can tell you it happened quickly. It was large enough that
I didn't even know it was there for a nanosecond.
THEN I gave my tail a big swish and off it flew
only to get into her hands again.....Mom put it on my
head over one ear but as you see that didn't last long.

So raise your hand if you agree with my firm stand
yesterday of turning my back to the Mom and the flashy monster!!!

Madi only..I'm still not talking to the Mom and yes Mayzie there will be
demerits for this post. If you haven't met Mayzie, drop by she is one adorable brindle
pooch with lots to talk about.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Talk to the back....the front is mad
the reason for serious cat-a-tude will be explained tomorrow.
Note from Madi and Mom: One of us will be 8 in 8 days!!!!
Guess who?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Madi and Mom present Namesake Day

Happy Tuesday all,
Well according to that Whimsical Calendar today is Namesake Day.
Mom and I thought we'd tell you a little bit about our names.
First of all my Dad told my Mom it was easier to name my human sister than it was me. HA
When they adopted me, I was listed at kitty "M". At first they were not thinking of names that began with M. Mom wanted to name me Clancy, after the very first veternarian, Dr. Clancy, who examined me.....oh thank goodness Dad would not hear of that. He said it reminded him of a great big burly policeman not a sweet gray and white kitten. Then Mom said how about something to do with the color gray, like Gracie, or Ashely or Cinder....Nope none of those would do. Finally, one of them said how about a name beginning with "M".
As far as Mom can remember, there were no other choices as soon as she said
Madison and call her Madi....Dad said GOOD DEAL!!! You would think that was that, but
I cannot begin to tell you how many 'other' names I have.
All of you know she calls me The Diva, then there is Mads or my favorite invented by Dad Madster. Yep I love that name.
So happy day from Madi, the Diva, Mads or Madster.....but never Madison.

Now for Mom's name...(no this isn't my Mom)
This is a statue of St. Cecilia. The story is there were several names being tossed about for my (Madi's) mom before she was born, some were:
Garnet (she was born in January and that is the birthstone), Jan...again for January, Schyler (who knows why and thank goodness this one was not selected).
Thankfully Mom's Mom was reading a novel just before she was born...the Shrine of St. Cecilia was mentioned in the book....and are we all glad none of those other names were selected.
Our best,
Madi and Mom

Monday, March 1, 2010

Madi & Mom present Beer Day

Everyone pop a top on your favorite beverage!! Today is Beer Day according to Mom's
nutzo calendar (Twinkie's/Frankie's words you know that is how LA pups talk)
This is Poon!!! He recently became the newest member in a friend's home.
We are told he is a dynamo bouncing from one piece of furniture to another.
No he is not drinking...just helping hold it for Dad.
Thanks Nancy for the big smile and I send you lots of good wishes as you come to the realization that Poon will train WILL NOT train Poon!!! :-)
Note from Mom and Madi: One of us will be 8 in 10 days.....
Guess Who?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floral Design Day

Happy Sunday
According to our Whimiscal Calendar
Today is Floral Design Day
First a picture of Madi with a little twist.
She was lying on the rug. I rotated the picture
by mistake but liked the effect. It looks like she is sitting...
ok so I have a vivid imagination.

This lovely vase of roses is our tribute to Floral Design Day.

It was one of the gifts my sweet hubby gave me in honor of our

40th anniversary (2/14/70) and Valentine's Day.

Living with a cat we don't have fresh flowers in the house often.

Lucky for me I took a picture to use today.