Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floral Design Day

Happy Sunday
According to our Whimiscal Calendar
Today is Floral Design Day
First a picture of Madi with a little twist.
She was lying on the rug. I rotated the picture
by mistake but liked the effect. It looks like she is sitting...
ok so I have a vivid imagination.

This lovely vase of roses is our tribute to Floral Design Day.

It was one of the gifts my sweet hubby gave me in honor of our

40th anniversary (2/14/70) and Valentine's Day.

Living with a cat we don't have fresh flowers in the house often.

Lucky for me I took a picture to use today.


  1. We likes the sitting twist!

    And the flowers are lovely! Such a nice husband your mom has!

  2. Madi, you are precious in any position!...Pretty flowers...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Owwwww Madi
    Your Daddy is so sweet
    to give your Mom roses......
    sound soooooooooo romantic :-)

    Have a relaxing sunday

    Hugs Purrss Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Happy Sunday!
    You look funny in that picture, Madi!
    The flowers are beautiful!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Oh Madi, we so hope you are not dizzy after your mom did that rotating thingie!
    Pretty flowers but not as pretty as Madi.
    Have a great Sunday you guys - we are in bed having a long lie whilst Dad is out digging out the cars!
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  6. Those flowers are so pretty I think I can smell them!! And as for the picture rotating situation, I think it looks appropriately 'whimsical'!! I think its fun to rotate pictures...did that on one of the ones I posted today...everything can look so different! Have a great Sunday!!
    Lautrec and Tiny and Cat

  7. Just like a Merry go round, huh Madi? Nice Daddy you have.

  8. Cute pose, Madi!
    Such gorgeous roses Daddy gave Mom!
    Why wouldn't there be fresh flowers around with a kitty in the house?! Do you eat them?!
    Happy Sunday to you!
    PS We have snow in the desert out our back window on the mountain! Weird winter this year!

  9. Madi you are the best! And the flowers are lovely. I can smell them from here! Very nice of your hubby to have given them to you....true love....

  10. HI Madi!
    *wavin paws*

    Know what? Mom had to give up flowers because Ping and Gracie eat em. So no plants or flowers allowed in the house. As it is Ping taught Gracie how to eat the silk plants...*sigh* I don't know about that brofur of mine sometimes. But those were beautiful roses your Dad got your Mom!

    purry purrs

  11. 40 years!! Congratulations - and may you have at least 40 more!!!

  12. Hi Madi & Mom,

    We like your rotated pose Madi you look really cute. At least your Mom didn't rotate you upside down, MOL!

    The roses are beautiful, lucky Mom to have such a sweet guy.

    Hope you are having a great weekend. We are being purrfectly lazy here today.

    Cindi Lou

  13. Ay! Living with the katz we have no flowers either. Last friend sent us an Azalea and Jet got to work eating it...Poisonous. Luckily she threw up immediately. Watch out for my furiend :)

  14. Madi's mom, we don't have fresh flowers around her much either because we always try to eat them or knock the vase over...


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