Saturday, March 6, 2010

Madi: Saturdary Yoga class

1. Stretching is important so take your time

2. find a nice roomy spot on the floor, gently move your head from an
upright position across your body to your long lovely tail
all the while breathing slowly in and out
3. slowly move you head back to the center of your body
while chanting uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm

4. Slowly move your head from an upright position
touch your nose to your bellybutton
5. If you can accomplish all of the moves...sternly look at your
peoples and say NO I AM NOT FAT!!!

Not bad for an almost 8 year old Diva Cat!!
Respectfully submitted,
Mistress Madi Yoga Cat


  1. I think you have some very good tips on stretching. Yoga is good for you!

  2. Madi, you are in wonderful shape with the figue of a kitten.
    Now we can see why.
    Thank you so very much for that excellent demonstration. We are off to practice.
    We have such a bother with our waistlines - come to think of it we don't really have any waists!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. Hi Madi,

    Gee, you could teach yoga lessons, you are sooo limber! We would luuuv to be in your class!

    We luv you Madi, you slim, trim Diva!

    Riley and Star.

  4. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Very impressive moves Madi, we did not know that you were a Yoga Master. Your talents never cease to amaze us. Looking good girl friend.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  5. Oh my! You are in such good shape! And now at almost 8 years old you may start teaching yoga....I am impressed! I am only one year old and can't do those moves! You go girl!

  6. How cute!!...Madi, you are in great shape; no one could ever think you were fat!!...We really like your yoga moves and appreciate the demonstration; we need to pick up our workouts...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. That's right, Madi, you're not fat, you just have big fur!

  8. So cool Madi! But I have one question......What is a waist? LOL

  9. Hey Madsters...I tried to stretch like are REALLY good at it...that last move was more difficult and I have to admit that I might not quite have touched my bellybutton. You are a yoga queen!! I bow to you! Loves, Lautrec & Co.

  10. Oh my goodnesses, Madi. That is Most Impressive. I can do a few doga moves but nothing like that. I think I might falls over if I tried to touch my nose to my belly button. Gosh, I didn't even know I HAD a belly button til I read your post.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Wonderful tutorial, darling Madi. Have a totally pawsome Caturday....we love you. xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Rock on witchyer bad self, Madi! You are in PURRfect shape! Mom one time told her mom she had to lose some weight and get into shape. And ya know what Grammie said??? "Round is a shape!" MOL, MOL, MOL...

  13. great job stretching out there Madi. You are in wonderful shape


  14. You are quite the yoga diva, Madi! We learned a couple of good moves from you!

  15. Hi Madi
    GREAT to see you streching
    My mommy had make a post about yoga .... LOL
    Our Mommy 's are both very creative :-)
    Love your pictures
    you are my pretty girl .....

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Oh wow Madi.. our mom attempted to try out your positions and almost ended up in one giant knot!! I think she definitely need more yoga lessons from you...

  17. Awesome yoga moves Madi!!


  18. Madi I need to come and do yoga with you!


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