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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Madi: Mom wants you all to meet Charlie

This is Charlie. He lives on our street. I have not met him; however, everytime
Mom takes a walk she comes back talking about Charlie. He stays in the house
unless his peeps are in the yard. Mom just happened to have her camera today.
When he sees Mom coming he gently walks up to her for a head rub.
His coat is absolutely like silk.
Mom says she has never heard him bark.
She beleives he is some type of bird dog?? Any thoughts??
Charlie is one lucky dog. His man-peep told Mom
that he was a rescue from the SPCA. The original
(bad) owners told the SPCA he was ill behaved.
That is a BIG FAT LIE, (that is how Mom talks when she is mad) shame on them.
The folks at the SPCA said he was one of the best
dogs they ever took into the Shelter

Mom says she always tells Charlie 'he is looking
very handsome today and thanks him for
coming up to greet her'.
Bye Charlie Mom will see you soon.

Where is the Kitty

Can you find Madi in this picture?

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

This time of year, one of her favorite spots to
sleep is under the comforter in our extra bedroom.

She worms her way behind the pillows
then wiggles under the comforter.

Yep that big lump is the Diva.

Many thanks to Madi's Dad for taking this picture.

I say hire him, Madi says fire him. He cannot keep a secret!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Madi's Level of curiosity is low for a CSI agent

Looks like another mystery for CSI Madi, or so I thought!!
Thankfully there was nothing perishable or dangerous in it.
Notice the bag is from the our trip to Biltmore. We returned on 10/19/09 she decided to
inspect it on 10/28/09...11 days later.
Madi is a paper bag freak; but extremely afraid of plastic bags one crinkle from
a plastic bag and she'll bolt.
I left it right there for her expecting her to jump right in it head first.
Nope once again the best laid plans of mom were foiled.

From Madi:
I like to pace myself on my activities. I'm a busy Diva Island Princess. I have
lots of blogs to read and pictures to pose for, no use to do everything at once.
I learned that from Dad he is retired. He says it is best
to ponder everything before taking action. We
believe there is always an alternative to avoid wasting our energy.

I pass by it umpteen times a day. Time to check it out.
Yes it was left there to test the level of her curiosity...
Evidently she has none.

No sense in wasting all my CSI skills on an empty shopping bag.
I don't see or smell anything of interest. There are bigger
fish to fry. Yummy did I say fish???
Maybe I'll jump on the 7' secretary again!!!
Everyone have a good weekend,
Madi and Mom

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Madi: Meet the little green man from Mars

I might be 7.5 years old...but I have my moments of pure kittenhood.
I go to my toy basket, look around for just the right toy..
ah here it is my Green man from Mars...Mom says I like it because it is small....

which makes carrying it around much easier. I like swatting it then
watching it spin, turn and bump...I'm a closet NASCAR FANNY

I watch it carefully, not letting it out of my sight then...

POUNCE...I'm on it and it is no longer a threat

In spite of my best attack, it has mutated...behind me in the form of a
little green ring.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Madi presents: Lake Johnson @ fall

In Mom's continuing quest for fall colors, she and Dad took a trip out to Lake Johnson. Unfortunately, it was cloudy but Mom (bless her heart) found the silver lining in the clouds or so she thought.
From a distance, she thought this was an ice cream machine. As you can see it says, 'Live Bait and Tackle'. Dad offer her money for the machine but she declined. What a guy.
LOL mom you are so silly and you say I'm always thinking of food!!!
Although paddle boat season is over, they are very pretty sitting there in a row

Mom said she 'was sorry' the sun wasn't out...the colors would have been prettier

Lake Johnson has a beautiful covered porch with rocking chairs.

It was a little too cool and windy to sit, rock and ponder.

There were lots of puppies and their people walking on the boardwalk. Sorry no pictures of the puppies. Mom thought that it would be very rude to take pictures of puppies and their peoples w/o their consent. If she had asked every people for permission, she said she would still be there.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:

"People who don't like cats haven't met the right one yet."

Deborah A. Edwards, D. V. M.

Dedicated to Madi,
our RIGHT cat
Note to all: Thanks for asking about our sign it is once again standing proudly on our corner.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Madi: My favorite hiding place

As you all know...Dad is retired so he and I hang out together all day every day!!!

We have our routines. One of my FAVORITE things to do is go in the bathroom with him while he gets ready every morning. I either sit on the shower mat, basking in the steam or crawl into the vanity where I nap on the towels. The heating vent is under the vanity so you can imagine how warm and toasty it is in here. Finally, I did this on the weekend when the shutterbug (aka Mom) was home.

Gee mom do you have to take a picture of EVERYTHING I DO
this is my secret spot now everyone know where I am.

CSI Madi here...upon closer inspection and under my supervision, Dad was able to determine the metal sleeve the sign fits in was bent during the vandalism so we have called the city.
I told Mom to stress to the city that this was a safety issue. A nice lady from the sign department called Mom within about 45 minutes. She said the sign should be fixed today.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween: C(at) S(leuth) I(nvestigator): Madi

This was not my intended post for today. However, we had a mystery here last night. CSI Madi is on the job. As you can see from my below picture, I'm disgusted about the entire event. I told Dad I would get right on the investigation to try to determine the cause of the death of our street sign. After checking it out from several different windows, I determined we were 'tricked' last night.
When Dad went out to get newspaper this morning, it was dark and raining pretty hard. Shortly after daylight, he comes into kitchen to tell Mom.....our street sign is in the middle of the street. He wonders how in the world cars have avoided hitting it in the rain and darkness. By the time he could get dressed to check things out.....
someone had moved it from the street into our yard which is on the corner. At least it is out of the street. Mom and Dad tried to put it back up in the midst of some pretty heavy rain. Dad says he is going to have to wait until the rain ends before he can get it back in place.

We all wonder why this seemed like a good idea to someone. This is a very heavy sign so we know it had to be done by older and stronger people than those who came trick or treating. TO THEM WE SAY 'GROW UP'....this is very aggravating.

Note: to those who asked about the shot of the moon last night. Mom took it with her Nikon, CoolPix 3200 using the night landscape setting, she also zoomed in on the moon to avoid the tall pine trees in our yard. This was her 1st picture using this setting. She calls it BEGINNER'S Luck