Saturday, November 7, 2009

Madi: Mom wants you all to meet Charlie

This is Charlie. He lives on our street. I have not met him; however, everytime
Mom takes a walk she comes back talking about Charlie. He stays in the house
unless his peeps are in the yard. Mom just happened to have her camera today.
When he sees Mom coming he gently walks up to her for a head rub.
His coat is absolutely like silk.
Mom says she has never heard him bark.
She beleives he is some type of bird dog?? Any thoughts??
Charlie is one lucky dog. His man-peep told Mom
that he was a rescue from the SPCA. The original
(bad) owners told the SPCA he was ill behaved.
That is a BIG FAT LIE, (that is how Mom talks when she is mad) shame on them.
The folks at the SPCA said he was one of the best
dogs they ever took into the Shelter

Mom says she always tells Charlie 'he is looking
very handsome today and thanks him for
coming up to greet her'.
Bye Charlie Mom will see you soon.


  1. Hi Madi, Rescue Dogs Rock!!!
    We think Charlie looks adorable - some humans are bad!
    We are not sure what kind of dog he is but he has a gentle face.
    You can tell a lot about a dog from his face!You would not believe what Bailey's owner said about her! The rescue didn't think anyone would want her but mum looked at her face and knew she was a good dog! Well a little narky at times.......
    We are glad he has a new forever home where he is loved and also good neighbours to pat and fuss over him.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. Hi, Madi!
    People make excuses to get rid of dogs, right??
    Thankfully Charlie found a nice family who I am sure love him a lot!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Nice to meet you Charlie! I am happy he was he will be happy and get lots of love and treats!

  4. Charlie is very handsome (for a dog, that is)!

  5. Nice story, NICE doggie! Sure glad he has a nice fur-ever home! Thanks for the intro Madi and Mom!

  6. Hi Madi!

    Well some of the two leggers don't have the first clue how to treat any animals.
    All a dog really wants to do is please it's owner and to know they are loved, how ever some people are to self involved to enjoy an animal for what they are.

  7. Hi Madi
    Thank you for introducing us to Charlie. He looks like a very friendly woofie. Shame on his former owners for being the ones who were badly behaved! It sounds like Charlie was really the fortunate one in this whole deal. Did you know that is almost exactly my story too? My former owner did not like me and just gave me away. Thankfully the person was my forever Mom and she loves forever and ever and ever.

  8. Although I understand that sometimes it might be necessary, I just can't imagine taking a pet to an animal shelter. I think I would rather go hungry first.

  9. Hi Madi and Mom,
    We liked the pictures of Charlie!! He does have a kind face.
    Bambi had been brought back two times to the shelter that I got her from. Like the vet told her on day two of her forever home, you have won the lottery girl you hit the jack pot!!

  10. Hi Madi!
    Charlie sure looks like a nice woofie! How could possibly be ill behaved?? We think it was his former (and we emphasize former!) humans that were ill behaved!! We're happy he has a good home now!

  11. Charlie looks like a nice dog, big sad brown eyes! Good thing he got a new mom and dad that love him. I know the feeling of being unwanted TWICE!
    First the little girl I was suppose to be given to didn't want me and then the second adoptive family didn't want me because I was sick!
    But I know I got the best deal and home, even if it has wheels! lol

  12. Re: Jack's boomerball

    Some puppies, especially Labradors, have a 'tendency' to chew things. Unless it is pretty indestructible, Jack will have it taken apart in just a few minutes (I have several $20.00 toys from the pet store to prove it!) So, I have to find things that he can play with and not chew apart, rip apart, or otherwise destroy. So far the only things I've found are Nylabones, some (but not all) of the Kong toys and the boomerball (although there are several gouges in it where he's tried to chew it!)
    But not all puppies are chewers, so it depends on the puppy!

  13. What a handsome fella! We are glad he is in a better, loving forever home now.

  14. HiC,
    What a beauty!
    Give Charlie a rub for me!!!!

  15. Cecilia, Love your idea of keeping left-overs in the freezer. We do that for the coons and ect. We make a left-overs and rice dinner every week for them, all the critters that come to eat. Even the birds like it! Crazy ah!! Love the animals all of them.
    Love you too, Fern

  16. OH my!!! Charlie sure is one cute woofie!!! He does look furry soft too! We have some pretty neat~o new ourselves! We have a NEW SISFUR!!!

  17. He is a good looking dog
    I Love him :))))))
    So beautiful white fur !!!

  18. Aw, Charlie looks like a sweetheart. Tell your mom to say "hi" to him fur us. :-)



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