Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween: C(at) S(leuth) I(nvestigator): Madi

This was not my intended post for today. However, we had a mystery here last night. CSI Madi is on the job. As you can see from my below picture, I'm disgusted about the entire event. I told Dad I would get right on the investigation to try to determine the cause of the death of our street sign. After checking it out from several different windows, I determined we were 'tricked' last night.
When Dad went out to get newspaper this morning, it was dark and raining pretty hard. Shortly after daylight, he comes into kitchen to tell Mom.....our street sign is in the middle of the street. He wonders how in the world cars have avoided hitting it in the rain and darkness. By the time he could get dressed to check things out.....
someone had moved it from the street into our yard which is on the corner. At least it is out of the street. Mom and Dad tried to put it back up in the midst of some pretty heavy rain. Dad says he is going to have to wait until the rain ends before he can get it back in place.

We all wonder why this seemed like a good idea to someone. This is a very heavy sign so we know it had to be done by older and stronger people than those who came trick or treating. TO THEM WE SAY 'GROW UP'....this is very aggravating.

Note: to those who asked about the shot of the moon last night. Mom took it with her Nikon, CoolPix 3200 using the night landscape setting, she also zoomed in on the moon to avoid the tall pine trees in our yard. This was her 1st picture using this setting. She calls it BEGINNER'S Luck


  1. Hi Madi
    How can they moved it from the street ??????
    Its a Halloween trick I think ;)
    (Mom your shot from yesterday was UNIQUE, my compliments ;)
    Have a relaxing sunday ...

    hugs from Kareltje =^.^=
    greetings Anya :)

  2. Wow! You're's lucky no one hit that sign when it was in the street! Does it look like someone actually pulled it up out of the ground?? Had to be several people to do something like that! Or could someone have hit it and knocked it over? Humans just amaze us with the stupid things they do sometimes....

    Hope your dad can get it back up...

  3. Hi, Madi!
    Of course that was not a funny "trick"!
    Someone had too much time in his hands!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. HUMANS! They had entirely TOO much sugar to do something as dum-dum as that! Maybe your city can help your Dad put it back up? It's great CSI:Madi was on the case!

  5. Hi Madi!

    That was a bad trick to play if it was a trick, you never know what some human are thinking, but maybe somebody hit it with their car.

  6. I bet it was Deerfoot! He came to your house! Keep a look out -- he's sneaky.
    I love the full moon pic. Your mom does a nice job in taking all the pictures.

  7. Hey Madi, I just love your CSI story! Man you are just so smart! Sure hope you can eventually figure the entire story out. Keep up the great work, and mom the great photography!!!!

  8. Peoples can be stupid (I started to put silly, but moving a street sign is stupid!) sometimes. I'm glad your dad can put it back!

  9. Madi,
    I can see you are really on the job!!!!!
    Madi the sleuth!!!
    LOve you Madi, Bambi and Fern

  10. Sounds like teenagers, to big to trick or treat, so they play mean pranks!
    Amazing that nobody hit it in the street
    during the night!!
    That would have been really bad!
    CSI Madi, your name is getting longer, if you add in Island Princess Diva Cat! lol

  11. Hi friends! We had to come by and introduce ourselves because we noticed you guys are also from NC!! We live on the NC coast! It is so nice to meet fellow North Carolinians!

  12. Hi Madi, we find that some humans are easily amused!
    We are glad you are on the case to uncover 'who done it'.
    With you on the case the mystery will soon be solved. In the meantime it is good that nobody damaged their car!!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  13. That's just plain ole WRONG!!! People just really need to grow up!!! Oh yeah, our GrandmaBean works at the Wake Forest PetSmart. :o)

  14. My dear Cecilia,
    Oh yes, I too love those old pictures!!! The ones of the animals are a specially great!!
    The kids when they were small, I love too!!
    I just came in from feeding the coons!! They are so cute!
    Love you, Fern

  15. Hmmmmmm...sounds like a ghost got it to me MAdi!



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