Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Madi presents: Lake Johnson @ fall

In Mom's continuing quest for fall colors, she and Dad took a trip out to Lake Johnson. Unfortunately, it was cloudy but Mom (bless her heart) found the silver lining in the clouds or so she thought.
From a distance, she thought this was an ice cream machine. As you can see it says, 'Live Bait and Tackle'. Dad offer her money for the machine but she declined. What a guy.
LOL mom you are so silly and you say I'm always thinking of food!!!
Although paddle boat season is over, they are very pretty sitting there in a row

Mom said she 'was sorry' the sun wasn't out...the colors would have been prettier

Lake Johnson has a beautiful covered porch with rocking chairs.

It was a little too cool and windy to sit, rock and ponder.

There were lots of puppies and their people walking on the boardwalk. Sorry no pictures of the puppies. Mom thought that it would be very rude to take pictures of puppies and their peoples w/o their consent. If she had asked every people for permission, she said she would still be there.


  1. Hi Madi!

    Such nice pictures, it looks like a nice lake.

    Oh, by the way, wanna go fishing?

  2. That sure does look like Ice Cream!!! We woulda thought the same thing! What a purrty lake. We hafta tell mom about it for when she comes down next spring, maybe they can all go there. Who knows...maybe she'll came say hi to you!!! That would be furry kewl! The pictures look great, sun or no sun. All of our leaves fell down! :o( But they're sure fun to watch blowing all offur the place!

  3. Wow that looks like a great place to visit. The paddle boats look very cool all lined up.

    And the live bait machine - well when I was in high school there was a radio guy who sometimes talked about them, and how there was one not far from where I lived. It was our goal to find it (not that we fish or anything - we just were fascinated by the concept) and then once we did, we would cheer for the live bait machine every time we went by. We were very sad when they got rid of it.

  4. Lake Johnson looks so peaceful :)
    I wish I could walk there .....
    Thanks for sharing
    so many pictures from your trip :)
    Have a wonderful day
    Anya :)

    Hugs to Madi from Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Looks like a lovely place to visit. A live bait machine????? Sure look like it coulda been ice cream to me too!

  6. I think the pictures look wonderful. Sometimes the colors pop so much more when the sun is behind the gray!

    The Mama

  7. Oh wow, what a beautiful place to visit! Can you believe we live in NC and have never been to Lake Johnson. We really need to get out more, huh! By the way, I am Maggie May. I am The Creek Cats sister and I have my own blog that journals my journey through 3 knee surgeries. Come and see me sometime, I love company!
    Maggie May of The Creek Cats

  8. Madi
    That looks like a great place to visit. Too bad your Mom and Dad didn't take you. Well then again maybe it was better they didn't. If you're like me, I don't like getting in the car.


  9. That looks so nice. You should buy a house there and invite all of us to come visit! :)

  10. Hi Cecilia,
    Great pictures! You do a real good job taking pictures!!I wish I could do half as good.
    The Lake is a beautiful place, too bad it was cool and windy.
    Very nice post.
    Love ya ,Fern

  11. Sure that is a pawesome place!
    I thought it was an ice cream machine!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hi Madi, Lake Johnson looked very pretty with the lovely autumnal colours.
    Our mum always likes sunshine for pics too but we thought the pics were great.
    We were very impressed with you Dad's gesture and can't understand why your mom didn't purchase some nice live bait - a few maggots would have been very nutritious and much less in the way of calories and fat content than ice cream.
    Your mom is lucky to have found your Dad!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  13. Great pics! I love fall colors....

  14. Hi
    My voice looks so different on a video.
    its a very weird sound :(
    But so many had ask me !!!
    When I translate the name Kareltje in English my translater says "Charles"....... :)
    You can never trust a translater !!!
    Its only fun :)))))

    Have a nice day
    Anya :)

  15. Hay Cecilia,
    I thought you did a post after this one.? This is Sunday's post and my computer thinks it is your latest. I know I have seen 2 others, right?
    My computer is really acting badly. I hope it will not have to go in the shop again!!!
    Love you, Fern

  16. Ice Cream!

    Pretty fall colors and colorful paddle boats.....snazzy.


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